10 Paper Work Crafts Ideas For Children

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Children can learn in many ways, their education is not limited to the classroom. They can learn from the surrounding environment or even from games and activities. Art and craft is a fun way of sparking their creativity. Grab your art supplies and get ready to make some really amazing paper work crafts. You will be amazed by the enthusiasm with which your child takes part in these activities. We are suggesting you some very interesting yet simple paper work crafts for young minds to explore.
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10 Beautiful Paper Work Craft Ideas For Kids

    1. Tube House: Make a house of cardboard tube with these simple steps. The child learns to make creative things from waste by this craft.
      • Collect some tubes from the finished toilet roll
      • Color them in different colors and let them dry
      • Make two cuts at the bottom of the tube to make a door
      • Draw small windows on a different color paper, cut them and stick on the tube with a glue stick
      • Fold a piece of colorful scrap book paper which goes well with the cardboard tube and place it over the tube to make roof
    2. Paper Plate Cat Mask: These masks can be used in any children party.
      • Take a white paper plate and draw a cat’s face with sketch pen in the center of the plate
      • Cut narrow strips of any colored chart paper and stick on both left and right side of the paper plate
      • Make small holes and attach thin elastic which can be used to wear the mask on child’s face
    3. Paper Cup Gift Box: This is a very simple and cute craft which can be made using the paper cup. You can use these gift boxes in any children’s party.
      • Take a paper cup and cut the rim off
      • Now about an inch into the cup, start making cuts starting from top all around the cup. Make small cuts, not very deep
      • Fill the treats/chocolates or whatever you prefer and fold the panels you made, slightly overlapping the previous one
      • Tie the bundle up with a beautiful thread or ribbon.
    4. Christmas Tree: This simple activity of cutting along the drawn lines will increase their concentration levels and develop their fine motor skills.
      • With a pencil draw a Christmas tree on a dark green chart paper
      • Ask your child to cut along these lines
    5. Paper Cup Crown: You can use the paper cup to use more fun crafts. This one looks very beautiful when completed.
      • Cut off the rim of the paper cup
      • Draw continuous V shapes or triangle and cut with the help of scissors
      • On the tip of each triangle, stick colorful pompoms
      • Just above the base of the cup, make small hole on each side and thread a cute band along the holes for the kid to wear it on her head

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  1. Popsicle Puppets: This is another way by which the child will learn to creatively reuse the waste.
    • Trace out some cute animals like elephant, monkey or teddy on a chart paper in round shape
    • Draw the animal’s eyes, nose or you can stick buttons, cotton, pompoms etc.
    • Paint a used popsicle or ice cream stick with bright color
    • Stick the popsicle stick at the back side of animal face with glue stick
  2. Paper Cup Garland: This is an easy activity similar to the stringing beads activity at pre-schools. The child will surely love it.
    • Take 20-25 colorful paper cups and make holes at the bottom of each cup
    • Thread a string through the holes to make a garland
    • Tie the knot at both ends
  3. Paper Cup Shakers: Not only young but older kids like to play with shakers as well. Help them make their own.
    • Color two paper cups in two different colors like red and white, orange and blue
    • Decorate the cups the way you like, eg, you can use stickers of star, smileys, shapes, flowers
    • Fill one cup half with dries beans. Place the other cup upside down on top of the first one. Tie a colorful glue tape around the rims of the cups to secure it from falling off
  4. Paper Cup Fairy Lights: Your kid’s eyes will light up like stars after seeing these colorful fairy lights.
    • Take about 20 cups and poke a hole at the bottom of each one
    • Pop a small light bulb through the hole
    • Repeat the same with all the cups and hang upside down. You can use these lights indoors or outdoors. Plug in and switch it on
  5. Paper Collage: Most kids love to make collage and it’s a simple way to keep them busy.
    • Give them a chart paper and different colored papers and stickers
    • Ask them to cut the papers in the shapes they like and make a collage by sticking them on the chart paper with glue stick

Try these paper craft ideas to spend some fun time with your child. We are sure, you both will enjoy it to the core.

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