Top 10 Most Popular Craft Books For Kids

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Smita Srivastava

Craft Books For Kids

Kids love to work with their hands and fingers. It not only improves their fine motor skills, but it helps develop their creativity and many other skills too. Craftwork gives children the space to be themselves and get creative, which is very important for cognitive development. While you can let them do random crafts, using the most popular craft books for children can help them learn age-appropriate skills.

Today, with the advancement of technology, you can see many craft videos. Children can watch a person doing the craft work and follow the steps at their own pace. However, when it is a book, it stimulates the child to think and understand the steps. It encourages independent thinking rather than just blindly following the instructions on screen.

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Why is Crafting Important For Child Development?

Crafting requires a child to read the book, understand the instructions, remember the steps, and recreate the item with their own hands. Their fingers get to work on various items and create something from nothing.

Children’s brains love arts and crafts and they can benefit in the following ways through crafting:

  • Making new things from scratch encourages and facilitates creativity
  • Using fingers improves fine motor skills
  • Learning to find ways to complete tricky steps develops problem-solving abilities
  • When they do craft projects with friends or at school, it teaches them to work in teams
  • Following instructions and making craft items improves focus and observational skills
  • When they need help or don’t understand a step, they learn to ask for help
  • They listen to instructions and follow them. All these help improve communication skills
  • Working with hands can help reduce stress and relax, thus aiding their mental health
  • They learn to use various items like scissors, glue, ruler, etc. all in one activity
  • Theme-based crafts can be very informative and educational. You can introduce age-appropriate concepts through craft projects
  • When they make beautiful things using just paper and other simple materials, it improves their self-confidence. Completing a project or being appreciated for their efforts will encourage them to do more

Here are some of the best craft books for children of different age groups-

1. Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids

Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids

(Image Source)

Brief About The Book – An interesting book with 175 craft projects for kids of various age groups. Kids can build, design, create, explore, and make exciting things with their own hands. It can be a wonderful gift for your own child or other children too. Kids can learn to stick, cut, sew, and even knit through these craft activities.

Age Suitable – 3 years and up

Author – Martha Stewart

2. Kid Made Modern

Kid Made Modern By Todd Oldham

(Image Source)

Brief About The Book – This arts and crafts box is full of craft supplies your kid can use to create wonderful things. Various materials in different colors, shapes, and textures allow children to get creative and busy with no boundaries. They can use these materials in various craft projects.

Age Suitable – 8 to 11 years

Author – Todd Oldham

3. Sneaky Art: Crafty Surprises to Hide in Plain Sight

Sneaky Art Crafty Surprises to Hide in Plain Sight

(Image Source)

Brief About The Book – Art can be fun as well as funny when you have the right book teaching you the right set of crafts. This book teaches young children to make interesting things using materials that are easy to find. They are all things one can display with pride and get compliments for.

Age Suitable – 8 to 12 years

Author – Marthe Jocelyn

4. Red Ted Alert: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids

Red Ted Alert: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids

(Image Source)

Brief About The Book – An interesting one-of-a-kind book that teaches kids to make crafts using recycled materials. This book can not only engage your child and stimulate their creativity, it can teach them the importance of recycling too. Teaching the younger generation to recycle can make a big impact on Earth tomorrow.

Age Suitable – 7 to 9 years

Author – Margarita Woodley

5. Low-Mess Crafts For Kids: 72 Projects to Create Your Own Magical Worlds

Low-Mess Crafts For Kids by Debbie Chapman

(Image Source)

Brief About The Book – 72 wonderful ideas to help your kid make impressive items without all the mess for you to clean up. If you are worried about screen time and a messy house, due to craft projects, this is just what you want. Written by another mother, these craft projects are suitable for young children and do not require much space or many materials. They are easy to do and easy to clean as well.

Age Suitable – 8 to 12 years

Author – Debbie Chapman

6. Crafting Fun For Kids of All Ages

Crafting Fun For Kids of All Ages

(Image Source)

Brief About The Book – A wonderful book by a Pinterest parent with interesting craft ideas that are both kid-friendly and easy to make. They are not elaborate or time-consuming. The steps are simple to read and understand even for young children. Let your child create beautiful things using pom-poms, pipe cleaners, yarn string, and paper.

Age Suitable – 3 years and up

Author – Kim Uliana

7. Origami Made Simple: 40 Easy Models With Step-by-Step Instructions

Origami Made Simple. by Russell Wood

(Image Source)

Brief About The Book – Origami is an age-old art that can help improve focus and finger dexterity. Children can make simple yet colorful models following the instructions in this book. The steps are easy to follow and the illustrations help children check if they are on the right track.

Age Suitable – 7 years and up

Author – Russell Wood

8. Art Lab for Little Kids: 52 Player Projects for Preschoolers

Art Lab for Little Kids by Susan Schwake

(Image Source)

Brief About The Book – This book encourages young children to get creative using their fingers and colors. The book progresses from simple drawing to painting and then making paper collages. It slowly moves into mixed media. So, children with varied interests can use this book and can even get their first exposure to mixed media.

Age Suitable – 3 years and up

Author – Susan Schwake

9. 3D Paper Crafts for Kids: 26 Creative Projects to Make From A–Z

3D Paper Crafts for Kids by Helen Drew

(Image Source)

Brief About The Book – This book consists of 26 paper crafting projects that are easy to make, fun, and give your child a hands-on experience with crafting. The full-size templates and simple instructions enable even a 4-year-old to make crafts using easy-to-find materials. These projects can engage your child and make energetic toddlers sit in one place quietly.

Age Suitable – 4 to 8 years

Author – Helen Drew

10. Preschool Paper Crafts: 25 Creative Crafts to Practice Hand-Eye Coordination & Scissor Skills

Preschool Paper Crafts by Stefania Luca

(Image Source)

Brief About The Book – Preschoolers need fine motor skills to start writing and using their fingers when they go to school. This book has 25 simple craft projects that are easy for kids to do. You can teach your child to use the scissors, hold a pencil, and fold sheets as you bond over some quality time together. Little minds are always busy exploring and craft projects can help kindle their creativity and satisfy their curiosity.

Age Suitable – 3 to 5 years

Author – Stefania Luca

Crafting can be a great way to bond with your child. Young children need guidance and can be very playful. Some parents might find it tedious due to the sheer number of items in use and the clean-up after. Starting slow with simple items and progressing according to your comfort level and your child’s abilities can make this a fun activity for both children and parents.

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