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10 Simple Baby Shower Games

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You may decide to host an Indian traditional baby shower, referred to as ‘godh bharai’ in the northern parts of the country, a theme-based,casual baby shower inspired by the West or both. Keeping your guests from drifting away with aimless chatter and passing over years of wisdom to you on your impending motherhood can be a challenge. We have listed some fun activities and games that you could consider for keeping your guests entertained and engaged on your special day!
Baby Shower Games
10 simple baby shower games:

  1. Baby’s portrait:

    Pass some sturdy paper plates around and ask your guests to hold them up to their forehead. Then pass around some markers and ask them to sketch the baby on the paper plates in say, 60-90 seconds. It is a lot of fun to watch your friends and family struggle to doodle without looking. You then get to pick the best first portrait of your baby!

  2. Don’t say baby:

    This is one super-fun game that you must play on your baby shower. Make cutesy pins or badges for all your guests and hand them one each as they arrive to pin up on their chests. The game entails guests not to utter the word ‘baby’ in the duration of the entire party. The one who catches the other saying ‘baby’ can take their pin and add it to their collection. In the end, the one with the maximum number of pins wins!

  3. Guess the baby food:

    Fill a couple of jars with some interesting-looking and colorful baby foods. Number the lids on the jars. But do not forget to tear off their name labels. Get your guests to sample the contents within all the jars and guess the baby food present in it. Needless to say, the one who guesses the maximum names, wins!

  4. Beautify the onesies:

    This one is a must-have game on your baby shower. Buy several onesies of varying size, some fabric paint, some fabric glitter and some more baby-friendly craft and decorative supplies. Ask your guests to decorate one onesie each. This will be one of the most memorable gifts your baby will have received even before it is born! Simple Baby Shower Games

  5. Diaper raffle:

    Did you know that your newborn uses close to 70 fresh diapers every week for all their poos and pees? But you certainly know how expensive they are. So, let your guests know that you will have a surprise raffle gift for someone at the party, and that they get a raffle ticket if they get you a pack of diapers. On the day of the shower you’ll be surprised and thankful for having received a good supply of diapers from all of your guests. Oh yes, do make arrangements for the promised surprise raffle gift!

  6. Play Doh babies:

    Give your guests small colorful blobs of Play Doh, place some plastic knives, spoons and pencils in the center, and ask them to make cute, miniature versions of Play Doh babies. But of course, the best little clay baby-maker wins!

  7. The animal-baby game: How about having some fun knowledge-led games on your baby shower? On a sheet of paper folded at the center, write down animal names on the left side and animal young-ones’ names on the right, but not in the corresponding order. Ask your guests to match animals with their young ones. More matched pairs – they win!
  8. Complete the nursery rhyme:

    It’s been several years since we graduated from kindergarten. We know our rhymes but do not remember all the words. Write some nursery rhymes of sheets of paper and hand them out to all your guests. Ask the guests to complete some rhymes and fill in the blanks in a few others. As always, more correct answers help one guest win a prize!

  9. Guess the baby tune:

    Play some baby songs and ask your guests to correctly guess the names of these songs. Keep a track of who accurately guessed the names!

  10. The baby bucket list:

    Ask your guests to write down a list of five things that they would like you to do in your baby’s first year. Get them to include trips to take, advice, change jobs, switch careers and the likes!

Have a beautiful baby shower and wonderful pregnancy!

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