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10 Tips to Hire Maalishwali (Masseuse) After Delivery

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Post delivery massage
Since times immemorial, new moms are encouraged to get full body massage after childbirth for at least two weeks. Here we are discussing 10 Tips to Hire Maalishwali (Masseuse) After Delivery.
This post childbirth massage is especially beneficial for the mother as it promotes the speedy recovery of the mother’s body. It is best done by a professional masseuse, japa amid or maalishwali (मालिशवाली). In many cultures, the massage is given to the new mother for the first 40 days on a daily basis, where the frequency is generally once a day.

  • Benefits Of Post Pregnancy Massage
  • Why New Mothers Need A Massage?
  • Why Should You Hire A Maalishwali?
  • Tips To Hire The Right Maalishwali (मालिशवाली)
  • Will The Same Maalishwali (मालिशवाली) Massage My Baby As Well?

Benefits Of Post Pregnancy Massage

Following are the benefits of a post pregnancy massage:

  • It soothes the sore spots
  • It relaxes muscles of the lower abdomen
  • Post pregnancy massage improves circulation of blood
  • It enhances joint mobility
  • It keeps your vitalized and rejuvenated
  • Post pregnancy massage stimulates the lymph flow and strengthens your immunity
  • Aches, spasms and cramps are also reduced by massage
  • It also helps you cope with problems like baby blues and postpartum depression
  • It surely is an amazing stress buster and mood elevator

Find out the postpartum massage techniques here

Why New Mothers Need A Massage?

The entire process of childbirth puts a lot of strain on your body, especially the lower abdomen, hips and lower back. Massage improves blood flow and oxygen supply to your body muscles. It helps you get rid of toxins form the body. It helps your body in reverting back to its pre-pregnant state. The stroking and kneading action helps in tightening and toning of your loose tummy area. Massage releases endorphins-‘feel good hormones’, from the brain. The release of oxytocins is also regulated by a massage, which in turn triggers the milk reflex. This is very important while breast feeding. Find out top 5 massage oils for post delivery here.
Proper milk reflex helps in clearing the blockage of milk ducts, loosens the otherwise hardened regions and decreases the threat of mastitis.
Some people feel that massages should be avoided if you had a cesarean section. Gently massaging the abdomen helps in speedy recovery of C-section

scar. Massage is also helpful in lightening the stretch marks which you dread to see. Read more about the subject here.
New mother massage

Why Should You Hire A Maalishwali?

Hiring a ‘maalishwali’ has been quite popular in the Indian subcontinent. Some of them will visit your house every day while others may stay-in with you for at-least 40 days. They also sometimes help with other chores of the baby. Giving massage services has been taken up as a family trade with many people and this has passed on from generation to generation. ‘Maalishwali’ or ‘daayi’ are a unique feature of Indian society. They are well versed with the traditional technique of giving post-delivery massages to moms.
Hiring the services of a masseuse is the right thing if you wish to relish the therapeutic and comforting benefits of massage at your home.
Try to find out an experienced ‘maalishwali’ who knows how to give a proper massage. You can even do little research while hiring her. Ask your neighbors, friends, relatives or elders about the best and most suitable masseuse.

10 Tips to Hire Maalishwali (Masseuse) After Delivery.

Getting the right ‘maalishwali’ is a painstaking task but a very important one. Consider the following points in mind while hiring a masseuse:

1. Verify security information:

Make a thorough inquiry about the authenticity of her address then only permit her to enter your home. Remember your security is of utmost importance. Take her ID proof, photograph and get it verified by the nearby police station. This is an important point which is usually neglected by most of the women

2. Look for her experience and training:

Find out about her experience and training because the majority of ‘maalishwalis‘ or masseuses learn the art of massaging either from their elders in the family or the establishment where they usually work. An untrained masseuse will be of no benefit to you. So, ensure she is trained and versed with massaging

3. Talk about hygiene standards:

Maintain proper hygiene is a very important aspect of massage. It is good to talk to your masseuse about personal hygiene, its significance and what all can happen in its absence. Tell her the following-

    • To wash her hands properly before giving you a massage
    • Trim her nails to avoid transferring infection to you while massaging
    • Wear clean and neat clothes
    • Use only the oil that you give her to
    • Use clean cloth or towel
    • Give her a hand sanitizer and ask her to use it often

4. Check availability:

Another important point to keep in consideration while hiring a Maalishwali, is her availability your convenient time.

5. Be clear:

Talk to her about what all you expect from her and her massage services. It is always better to discuss everything in advance, for example, what are her charges, how long will she give you the massage every day, etc.

6. Avoid talkative ones:

Make sure your masseuse is not a verbose else she is likely to waste most of her time talking about irrelevant things

7. Share your expectation:

Before you hire a maalishwali, it is best to explain what all you expect from her and the massage

8. Family background:

While hiring a maalishwali, inquire about her family-her husband, her children, etc. Do not hire her if she has a small child as it would be difficult for her to concentrate on you while her child is with her

9. Illness:

Health is also an important point to look for while hiring a masseuse. Ask her whether she or anyone in her household had any long illness such as cough, or breathing problems in the past. If yes, avoid hiring her as she could be a potential carrier of TB or asthma

10. Agency:

If you are hiring a masseuse from a beauty parlor or agency, inquire about the authenticity of the agency
Hiring a maalishwali

Will The Same Maalishwali (मालिशवाली) Massage My Baby As Well?

Many Indian families deploy the masseuse to massage the baby along with mother. This is more frequent in urban areas while in rural regions the mother usually massages the baby. However, try to massage the baby yourself and not by the ‘maalishwali‘ because she is not very literate and handing the newborn needs extra care and hygiene. Moreover, these small moments will help you establish a warm and strong bond with your baby. Find out how to massage a new born baby.
Hope the article on 10 Tips to Hire Maalishwali (Masseuse) After Delivery is helpful.  Happy massaging.

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