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20 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Cry

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If there are generally 100 reasons why normal people cry, then there are a billion reasons why pregnant women cry. No, really. If you have already gone through pregnancy once, you know what we are talking about. If not, you would have seen movies where a preggy lady is sobbing, as she cannot find an ice cream flavor of her choice “because I need to have caramelized banana ice cream ONLY”. This, unfortunately for both the pregnant woman and onlookers, is not far from truth. A pregnant woman is easily susceptible to tears. And why is that? Let’s find out!
pregnant woman crying

Hormonal Play That Makes Pregnant Women Cry

As you would already be aware, a pregnant woman’s body is a circus of hormonal changes. And even these hormonal changes “keep changing” from one trimester to another. The rising levels of certain hormones can directly trigger various neurotransmitters in the brain. One of these neurotransmitters called serotonin is responsible for regulating one’s mood. And this is why you have (increased number of) mood swings and crying episodes during pregnancy. There! We have put science behind your tears!

Top 20 Reasons Why Pregnant Women Cry

For a bit of humor, and for reassuring you that you are not abnormal, we have put together below a list of 20 reasons why pregnant women cry:

    1. The top reason is advertisement that features infants, babies or cute toddlers! You see a mumma touching her infant baby with all love and anxiety in an advert, and chances are you have reached for the tissue box already
    2. Next on list are advertisements that have pets in them, especially baby animals – be it puppies, kittens or tiger cubs. They have an inherent cuteness in them that will spike your maternal instincts and make you cry. Oh, and are they showing abandoned pets? That calls for uncontrollable weeping!
    3. It does not stop at advertisements. You see a mother bonding with her child – whichever species they belong to, mind you – and your heart feels overwhelmed with love for your own child and bham! Down come the tears
    4. Kindness from strangers touches anyone’s heart. But it also triggers tears in pregnant woman. A stranger offered you seat in a bus or metro? Someone stopped his car and let you pass while you were crossing the road? The security guard kept the door open for you? Chances are you are fighting back tears as you mumble thank you to them
    5. Just like strangers, a show of love from loved ones will also make a pregnant woman cry. So, if the lady cries when the spouse brings her bouquet, it is not because she does not like flowers!
    6. Another reason that will make even non-pregnant women cry, is having no clothes that fit. You try top after top and everything makes you look like a 5 kg sack into which 10 kg rice is stuffed. You need something to wear other than spouse’s tees!
    7. While we are talking about clothes, another reason that makes an expecting woman whimper is baby clothes. And you will be seeing a lot of them as you scout mom & baby shops in preparation for your baby. Those soft adorable onesies and frocks – who can hold back their tears, right? Actually, most can. Except pregnant woman!
    8. Many to-be-moms cry during their first scan when they hear their baby’s heart beat for the first time. Many cry every time they hear it too. Yes, it is not easy to be a radiologist!

expecting woman crying

  1. Just like the heartbeat tears, many at times, pregnant women just have happy tears. Baby kicked you inside? Tears. Baby rolled over as if on cue to what you said? Tears. Baby moved quite a bit when you had chocolate cake? Tears. Baby responded to your song? Tears!
  2. A pregnant woman’s mother can trigger tears in her daughter easily. This could be by narrating her own experience of giving birth, bringing over the receiving blanket that was used when her daughter was born or by even making the daughter’s favorite snack
  3. While on food, craving badly for a certain food and not getting it can make pregnant women cry. To all the hubbys out there, make sure your expecting wife gets what she wants to eat when she wants to eat
  4. And so will, not knowing what to eat. This is especially true if you have a bad bout of morning sickness
  5. If you have had a bad day, then by evening you think that the universe is conspiring against you and start weeping. If you have had a good day, you think universe is being too kind to you and start weeping. Sounds logical, when you think about it!
  6. A more serious reason for the crying could be anxiety. You might be very very scared about what lies ahead – not just the delivery bit, but the life ahead
  7. You might also be genuinely sad that you are missing out on quite a few things and parties because of your pregnancy. In fact, if you are the first pregnant woman in your friend’s circle, then you might actually feel left out quite a bit
  8. Crying can induce further crying. You are so tired of crying all the time that you…well, cry a little bit more!
  9. Setting up the nursery can be another touching moment for you. Selecting the cot and crib, selecting baby mattresses and prams – all can make motherhood feel more real to you
  10. Many pregnant women say that being given the wrong food in restaurants upsets them quite a bit
  11. This is our most favorite reason of all. Pregnant women cry for no reason at all. That’s right. You read it right. Sometimes a preggy woman breaks into tears for absolutely no reason. While the confused husband looks around trying to figure out what his wife has saw or heard, she would cry further because she has “no idea why I am crying!”
  12. And finally, you will cry when you are in labor. But this one is totally justified!
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