Top 10 Famous Stories By Ruskin Bond For Children

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Stories By Ruskin Bond For Children

Is your kid developing a new habit of reading books? It would be best if you introduced them to good authors and the correct stories. With the advent of the technological era, we cannot avoid the screen time that the kids tend to dwell upon. Encouraging your kids to read books not only helps them avoid screen time but develops knowledge and grooms them to be well-mannered people in society.

There are so many authors who have written books for children. But, there is one person whom we all know and read about in our schools. Yes. Ruskin Bond. Our memories strike down the lane when we hear his name. Every one of us has read some of his short stories at school and dreamt of being the characters he has described.

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Top 10 Great Stories By Ruskin Bond For Children

Ruskin Bond is one of the best authors to kindle the reader in your kid. He is an Indian author of British descent and a common household name in India. He has written more than 40 books and 500 short stories, essays, and novels for children. His books have always emphasized the importance of our natural resources, the preservation of our environment and nature. He never fails to keep us engrossed in his stories. Not just the little ones but also the kids inside the adults.

So, here we are to discuss the famous stories written by Ruskin Bond for children.

1. The Blue Umbrella

the blue umbrella

The name says it all. The Blue Umbrella begins with the story of a girl named Binya who lives with her mother and elder brother Bijju in a beautiful village along the hillside of Himachal Pradesh. One day, Binya found a Blue Umbrella owned by a group of Japanese tourists who had been to the valley. She was fascinated by the umbrella and was overwhelmed when the tourist offered to trade the umbrella for her leopard-claw pendant.

The Blue umbrella caught the eyes of an envious local shopkeeper, Ram Bharosa, who plans to steal the umbrella. How he steals the umbrella and what happens at the end will melt the reader’s heart. The story carries us over to the beautiful valley of Himachal Pradesh. It also teaches us the ill effects of being envious and how being kind and caring help a person stand out and succeed in life.

2. The Cherry Tree

the cherry tree Stories By Ruskin Bond For Children

The Cherry tree is a simple story that unleashes an enormous love for nature. The story revolves around Rakesh – a small boy living with his grandfather in Mussoorie. One day, he plants a cherry seed in his garden and forgets about it. One day, he notices that the seed has just sprouted and begins to protect the plant from various disasters; alongside the multiple seasons and climatic changes, he shields the plant and showers his love. When Rakesh turns 9, the plant gives its first fruit as the most significant gift.

The story strives to emphasize that hard work and perseverance never fail. It also nurtures the quality of love towards nature. Your kid will learn to work hard and not depend on shortcuts.

3. The Thief

the thief Stories By Ruskin Bond For Children

The Thief is all about a 15-year-old boy, a thief who happens to be the story’s narrator. Accidentally he meets a man – Arun – in a wrestling match. Arun makes an effort to provide the thief with a good life. The thief begins to live with Arun and does all the household chores. Arun, in return, teaches the thief to read and write. One fine day, the thief robs Arun and tries to run away. But the love and trust that Arun had immensely poured into the thief brings him back home. That is when the author makes us realize the power of trust and love that changes the people around us.

4. Ghost Trouble

ghost trouble Stories By Ruskin Bond For Children

Ghost trouble is a story about a naughty ghost – pret who lives in a peepal tree. Pret plays random mischievous pranks over the people who come around. One fine day, the peepal tree is cut down in the name of commercialization and development. That is when Pret gets stranded as a refugee and enters a house. Pret builds a bond with a small boy in the house and starts playing pranks with the people in the house.

Though initially, the people of the house get scared, gradually they understand that Pret has no intentions to harm anyone and accept him as one among them in the family. This story drives the wild imaginations of your kids, where they imagine and picture. Pret and his naughty pranks.

It also teaches us the most important lesson about how bad it could be to damage nature in the name of development.

5. Grandfather’s Private Zoo

grandfather private zoo

Grandfather’s Private Zoo is a collection of ten short stories that revolve around a small boy. The small boy lives with his grandparents. His grandfather is an ardent animal lover and maintains a private zoo – which introduces us to characters like Toto – the monkey, a python, Caesar – the crow, hornbill, and Harold. His grandmother, though not an animal lover, is a very kind-hearted person. Well, read this book and learn what the author tries to convey.

Your kid will have a roller coaster ride of all the animals and how they behave. They may come across various animals which they have never heard about. It is all about how the animals behave, the troubles they create, and in the end, how the boy becomes a good friend of those.

6. Cricket For the Crocodile

cricket for the crocodile

Cricket for the Crocodile is a hilarious plot where the author explains how important it is for human beings to coexist with wildlife. The story is about a lazy crocodile in a village called Nakoo, and he never likes being disturbed by human beings. The boys in the city and village, along with a few other characters, play cricket near the river banks in which Nakoo resides.

When Nakoo gets disturbed by the game of humans, it comes out to play its own game with humans. The plot portrays not only hilarity but also empathy towards fellow living species.

7. Rusty, The Boy From The Hills

rusty the boy from the hills

Rusty is a famous fictional character by the author. The books consist of several short stories about Rusty, who lives with his grandparents. He is sensitive, docile, and an adventurous boy who encounters unusual experiences.

This book gives your kid a roller coaster ride that kindles the kids’ imagination to think outside the box—from the pet python, surviving an air crash, encountering a ghost, and many more experiences that never fail to touch the tip of your kid. This book might be a bit early for your kid to take up, but make sure you include this in their collection shortly.

8. Dust on the Mountain

dust on the mountain

Dust On the Mountain is about a simple young boy Binsu, who loves nature and his village. He takes different odd jobs from other places to support his family. He meets different people alongside the travel, makes new friends, and always stays optimistic.

Once he comes across the limestone quarry that destroys nature in the name of development and commercialization, he realizes his inbound love for nature and the need to protect it. He has to either stay in the city to support his family or return home to protect nature. Please read the story to know what he decides and overcomes to preserve mother nature.

This story again emphasizes the need to preserve our mother nature. It also builds within the kids the perseverance and optimistic character to build upon to stay positive throughout the obstacles that they may face in life.

9. The Tiger in the Tunnel

tiger in the tunnel

The Tiger in the Tunnel showcases the story of a low-income family. The story’s theme dwells upon the protection of the family and society. Baldeo is the father of the family, who works in the railways to ensure that the tunnel is free from any obstruction when the train passes through.

Tembu is the son who stands in the same shoes as his father and wears the same attire of confidence, determination, and courage. The author emphasizes the importance of tradition, strength, and pride.

The story gives both a sad and a comforting feel to the readers. The courage of Baldeo while fighting with the Tiger and the same courage Tembu, his mother, and his sister showcased when they lost Baldeo, and the pride Tembu takes in when following the same traditional work of his father, gives a mixed feel to the readers.

10. The Night Train at Deoli

the night train at deoli

The Night Train at Deoli is partly an autobiography, where the author tries to visualize his own experience with a pitch of imagination. This author describes his own experience during his journeys to his grandmother’s place in Dehradun. He meets a girl who sells baskets and falls for her.

Through a brief encounter, the author continues traveling to various places in the hope of seeing her one more day. This story emphasizes the power of affection and love, and the story forms part of several other short stories which are partly autobiographical.


Books are the way kids can visualize the thoughts of the author. To build an excellent imaginary world, there must be a good author. Ruskin Bond is one such author who kindles the imagination and builds up the best character in your child. Book is not just for reading but for taking away the values. As a parent, you are indeed responsible for introducing good books at the right time to your kids. Go ahead and help your kids enrich their childhood and build wonderful lifetime memories.

Happy Story Time to your kids!


1. Which is the Best Story of Ruskin Bond?

Ruskin Bond has written several stories that emphasize several good values and qualities to the children. To pick one from the lot is undoubtedly tricky and unfair. All the books that we have discussed above are some of the best stories of Ruskin Bond. A few others include the following:

  • Time Stops at Shamli
  • The Women at Platform 8
  • Delhi is not Far
  • The Room On The Roof
  • Death of The Trees
  • A Flight of Pigeons
  • When Darkness Falls
  • The Hidden Pool
  • The Day Grandfather Tickled a Tiger
  • Crazy Times with Uncle Ken

2. What Age is Ruskin Bond Books For?

Ruskin Bond is a versatile writer and freelancer who writes books for children to adults. Your child can begin reading his books at the base age of approximately six to seven years.

3. What is the Name of Ruskin Bond Popular Children’s Fiction?

As mentioned above, Rusty is a popular functional character created by Ruskin Bond for Children’s Fiction.

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