Top Hindu Lord Krishna Names For Your Baby Boy

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Lord Krishna Names For Your Baby Boy

Lord Krishna is very popular amongst all gods. His childhood was full of naughtiness and he was  adored by all. Lord Krishna is famous for his charm, power and his little antics. Lord Krishna is the ninth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and is also loved by all. He is mostly worshipped in his child form, also known as Gopal, Balakrishna, Natkhat Kanhaiyaa, etc., and is of the most popular gods in Hinduism. He is known for his beauty, charm, power, love and naughtiness. As the ninth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna is a collective favourite among Hindu believers.  Lord Krishna names for baby boy starting with A are very common as “A” is widely used. The second widely used being “S”, and so Lord Krishna baby names starting with S are also many in number.

Since Lord Krishna was worshipped as a baby as well when he grew up, many synonyms of Lord Krishna are used by parents as well. The naughty gopal names or laddu gopal names are also added to the list. As the god is worshipped in different parts of the country, names of Lord Krishna in Sanskrit, names of Lord Krishna for baby boy in Hindi, different names of Lord Krishna in Kannada, names of Krishna in Marathi can be found in the below list as well.

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Modern Names of Lord Krishna For Baby Boy

The parents of this age prefer to have names that are short, small, cute, sweet and easy to remember but with a profound meaning to them. There are more than 100 baby boy names pertaining to Lord Krishna  on the internet. Lord Krishna is known for his charm, naughtiness, music etc and few such trendy, modern and meaningful names of Lord Krishna are given in this table.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Abhijeet Victorious
2 Abjayoni Lord Brahma
3 Ajaya Undefeated
4 Akkrum Lord Buddha
5 Amitav Limitless
6 Anami Lord Buddha
7 Ananta Eternal
8 Anish A close friend
9 Aprameya Lord Krishna
10 Balakrishna Young Krishna
11 Balgopal Baby Krishna
12 Bali Brave and powerful
13 Balkrishan Young Krishna
14 Banbihari Lord Krishna
15 Bankim Crescent
16 Brajamohan Attractive
17 Brij Place of Lord Krishna
18 Brijesh God of the land of Brij
19 Chidakash Absolute
20 Damodar A name for Lord Krishna
21 Darsh Sight
22 Devakinandan Name of Lord Krishna
23 Devarajalu Buddha
24 Dhrupad Firm footed
25 Elumalai Lord of seven hills
26 Gadin Lord Krishna
27 Ghanshyam Black clouds
28 Giridhar Lord Krishna
29 Girivar Lord Krishna
30 Gogula Lord of serpents
31 Gopal Cowerd
32 Gopesh King of gopis
33 Gotam Lord Buddha
34 Govind Cowherd, Lord Krishna
35 Harekrishna Lord Krishna
36 Haresh Lord Shiva
37 Hari Another name for Shiva
38 Harigopal Lord Krishna
39 Harihar Lord Vishnu and Shiva together
40 Hemnath Early winter
41 Ilapataye Lord of the earth
42 Jagannatha King of universe
43 Jayi Victorious
44 Kanaiya Adolescent
45 Kanha Young Krishna
46 Kanhaiya Lord Krishna
47 Kanhaiyalal The beloved adolescent
48 Kanjalochana God with a lotus eye
49 Kannan Another name for Lord Krishna
50 Kanu Handsome
51 Kesava Name of Lord Krishna
52 Kesavan Lord venkateswara
53 Kishan Dark-skinned
54 Kishore Youthful
55 Krish Short form of Lord Krishna
56 Krishna Name of river
57 Krishnala Black or dark
58 Krishnendu Lord Krishna; Prince of Earth
59 Kunjabihari Enjoyer of Lakes
60 Madhav Sweet like honey
61 Makhesh Lord Krishna
62 Manhar One who attracts the mind
63 Manmohan Pleasing
64 Meghashyam Lord Krishna; Cloud dark
65 Mohnish Lord Krishna; Attractive God
66 Mukund Liberator
67 Munish Chief of sages
68 Murali Flute
69 Muralidhar Lord Krishna
70 Muralimanohan Lord Krishna
71 Murari Killer of the demon Mura
72 Murarilal The beloved
73 Murlidhar Lord Krishna
74 Naggar Lord Krishna
75 Nandakishore Son of Nanda
76 Nandan Pleasing
77 Neelesh Moon
78 Nilesh Lord Krishna
79 Niranjana The night of the full moon
80 Nityananda Always happy
81 Padmahasta Lotus handed
82 Padmaraj Another name for Lord Krishna
83 Prabudha Awakened
84 Pyaremohan Very much loved and attractive
85 Radhakanta Lord Krishna
86 Radhesh A name of Lord Krishna
87 Radheshyam Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha
88 Ramakrishna Combination of both Ram and Lord Krishna
89 Rasesh Lord Krishna; Lord of Joy
90 Rayirth Lord Brahma
91 Rohanlal Lord Krishna
92 Rukminesh Consort of Rukmini
93 Sachchit Truth
94 Saket Having the same intention
95 Sakyasinha The Lion of the Sakya
96 Samdarshi Unbiased who can see all
97 Sanwariya Dark complexioned
98 Sarojin Lotus-like
99 Sarva Complete
100 Saugata Another name of Gautama Buddha
101 Shaakya Lord Buddha
102 Shoubhit Brilliant and Handsome
103 Shrihari Lord Krishna
104 Shyam A name of Lord Krishna
105 Suri Sage
106 Tathagata Title of the Buddha
107 Tatharaj Lord Buddha
108 Thakarshi Lord Krishna
109 Thirumala Abode of Lord Krishna
110 Tirthayad Lord Krishna
111 Trigya Lord Buddha
112 Trigyesh Lord Buddha; Trigya with Esh as Ishwar
113 Trikay Lord Buddha
114 Vagish God of speech
115 Vamsidhar The bearer of the flute
116 Vanabihari Lord Krishna
117 Vardham Lord Mahavir
118 Veni The confluence of rivers
119 Venkatraman Lord venkateswara
120 Vibhav Omnipresent
121 Vishnu Lord Krishna
122 Vrajesh Lord of Vraj
123 Vrajmohan Lord Krishna
124 Vrajraj King of Vrindavan
125 Yadunath Protector of Yadus
126 Yaduraj King of Yadus
127 Yaduvir Brave man
128 Yog Lord Krishna
129 Yudhishthira Lord Krishna
130 Yoginampati Lord of Yogis

30 Unique Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boy With Meaning

Lord Krishna or laddu Gopal as a child was very famous due to his loveable naughtiness and being the Kanhaiya. Janmashtami is also celebrated the same way by adorning the baby form of Krishna and so there are many names that have been listed in the table below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Achuthan Lord Krishna
2 Aarjyansh Lord Krishna
3 Aarshabh Another name for Lord Krishna
4 Alpesa The subtle god
5 Areejeet Son of Lord Krishna
6 Balakrishna Young Krishna
7 Balinder Lord Krishna
8 Braj Place of Lord Krishna
9 Charuchandra Beautiful Moon
10 Daaruk Charioteer Of Krishna
11 Darsh Lord Krishna
12 Darshil Perfection
13 Devansh Part of God
14 Grahil Synonymn of Lord Krishna
15 Haresh Lord Krishna
16 Hirish Lord Krishna
17 Ishna Lord Krishna
18 Kiesh Great Joy
19 Kisa Lord Krishna
20 Kiyash Lord Krishna
21 Kriansh Part of Lord Krishna
22 Krishiv Lord Krishna+ Lord Shiva
23 Makhesh Lord Krishna
24 Naggar Lord Krishna
25 Parthan Courageous
26 Pradyumna Son of Lord Krishna
27 Radhu Lord Krishna
28 Rayaan Lord Krishna
29 Samarth Talented
30 Trishaan Lord Krishna

Names of Lord Krishna in Sanskrit For Baby Boy

baby boy dressed as Krishna

Sanskrit is the root for almost all languages and many words from Hindi are still used till date in the crude form. These names are also used for Lord Krishna and some of them are listed as below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Brij Place of Lord Krishna
2 Gopi Head of God
3 Hari Almighty
4 Kian Royal
5 Vasu Divine
6 Venu Lord Krishna
7 Vraj Place where Lord Krishna Lived
8 Anish Supreme
9 Atharv Name of Ved
10 Darsh Lord Krishna
11 Daruk Dark Skinned
12 Gadin Lord Krishna
13 Gopan Protection
14 Govin Lord Krishna
15 Krish Talented
16 Lalit Attractive
17 Mayur Fragments
18 Nimai Talented
19 Parth Emperor of the world
20 Saket Heaven
21 Subal Strong
22 Viaan Full of life
23 Vihaas Great smile
24 Grahil Synonymn of Lord Krishna
25 Harish Lord Krishna
26 Krivam Sun and Lord Krishna
27 Vasumat Lord Krishna
28 Vrajesh Lord Krishna
29 Yaduraj Lord Krishna
30 Yothvik God of Love

Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boy in Hindi

Names for Lord Krishna in Hindi Language are very popular ones. They have very strong, attractive and powerful meaning as well. Some such names are given as under:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Ariv King of wisdom
2 Arinjaya Winner
3 Adwait Indivisible entity
4 Anantjeet Winner
5 Anish Companion
6 Arijeet One who controls all enemies
7 Asuman Owner of breathing of all
8 Aswad Tree of wisdom
9 Aikeshwar The only God
10 Baleshwar God of all children
11 Davesh God of gods
12 Ganashaya One who gives shelter to all
13 Haresh One who solves all problems
14 Garishta One who is great
15 Gopesh Owner of all gopies

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Lord Krishna Different Names in Kannada

baby boy

Since Lord Krishna is worshipped in different parts of the country, we have compiled a list of the god’s name in Kannada as well.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Veni Lord Krishna
2 Keyur Armlet
3 Sarva Lord Krishna
4 Vamsi Name of Raaga
5 Vrisa Lord Krishna
6 Yadhu Lord Krishna
7 Akroor Kind
8 Kaanan Good Angel
9 Kayval Absolute
10 Musuri Lord Krishna
11 Nandhu Great Man
12 Satvat Lord Krishna
13 Venkat Great Man
14 Vihari Lord Krishna
15 Kaishav Lord Krishna

Top Lord Krishna Names For Baby Boy in Marathi

Lord Krishna names in Marathi are slightly different than other languages so a compilation of few such names is as under:

SL No Name Meaning
1 Trivesh One who knows the three Vedas
2 Sharvil Name of Lord Krishna
3 Syamesh Dark Blue
4 Kritish Work of Art
5 Vassumat Lord Krishna
6 Krishin Lord Krishna
7 Krishvik Hard worker
8 Vrund Basil
9 Aniket Lord Krishna
10 Annish Supreme
11 Gopish Lord Krishna
12 Kaival Absolute
13 Karush Attractive
14 Kriyan Lord Krishna
15 Nithik Master of Justice

Thus, keeping Lord Krishna names for your baby boy is an inspiration as he had vivid characteristics of an anchor, his charm, good deeds, virtuousness, naughtiness, innocence, a reason why many parents wish to keep their baby boy’s name after him. He has many forms, and every name is different and meaningful. He is also famous for Bhagvad Gita Shlokas. In other words, parents hope the child will become a leader just like Lord Krishna did.

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