5 Careers for Fathers Who Want to Spend Time with Their Child

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Parents of young children usually want to stay close to home. This includes trying to find a career that will let them spend time with their children and make money to take care of them. Moms have been doing it for quite some time, and now, dads also want in on this opportunity.

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Are you a father looking to start a career that doesn’t get in the way of bonding with your children? Though there are a lot of different careers to choose from, the five listed are some of the ones we like the best.

1. Contractor

If you’re a contractor, you get to decide your schedule. You also get to decide the clients you work for. A contractor is able to work for individual clients as well as companies. You have complete control.

That means more time to see your child. Becoming a contractor requires obtaining a license. Luckily, there are high-quality contractor academies that lead you through every step until your exam. License requirements can differ place to place so always check what you need to do to obtain one.

After obtaining your license, you can create your schedule and easily divide your time between home and work. You become a contractor dad superhero, able to tackle work and childcare at the same time.

2. Freelance Writer/Editor

Maybe you want to be a stay-at-home dad? There’s nothing wrong with that. Finding a job that you can do from home can be really helpful in this situation. That way you can care for your child and earn some income for the family.

Being a freelance writer or editor can easily be done at home. Whether it’s writing/editing articles or novels, most of the work only requires a computer. So, you can be there for your child’s crucial moments and never miss a thing.

3. IT

IT is all about technology. There’s a wide array of careers that you could follow as an IT guy. You could design websites, solve troubleshoot issues, and even manage networks. This could all be done from the comfort of your home. Again, all you need is a computer.

If you know how to use different coding languages, programming could also be a route you follow. Most of these positions can easily be remote. Who knows, maybe you’ll raise a computer genius because of your work?

4. Analyst

An analyst looks at systems and improves them. These jobs are private or government sector, so there’s a lot of wiggle room. Becoming a strategy analyst is based in the private sector. The role you take will vary greatly depending on your employer. You might lead a team and plan their strategy.

With the position of analyst, you get to be more flexible with your schedule. Since you usually take on the role of supervisor, you’re closer to the top of the chain. This means you can plan your work schedule around quality time with your kids.

5. Finance Manager

Finance managers handle either individual accounts or company accounts. You sort of work like a contractor, except you are hired to improve your client’s funds. This could range from helping maximize client savings to forming a loan payment plan for them to follow.

Finance managers work with a lot of files and money. They are responsible for preparing financial statements and analyzing client accounts. Following this career might give you some good advice for your child as they grow up.

Being a dad is tough. The expectation of being a breadwinner is slowly dying which is great. There’s no reason you need to stay away from the house working all day and night. You can balance a career with being an active father.

Don’t worry about taking some of the childcare weight off your spouse. She definitely won’t mind you stepping in to help out sometimes.

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