Benefits Of Poha During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a time one develops different tastes for food and always searches for healthy options. Here comes great news for the expected mothers with respect to their cravings and health. Get a pack of poha from your nearest store. Surprised? Poha during pregnancy is a secret sauce for your health when you know how to make it.

This flattened rice is available in different healthy options. Check out how helpful it is in providing all the required nutrients for your loved baby.

poha during pregnancy

What is Poha?

Poha is the other name for flattened rice. These look like flakes that are flat and dry. Rice is flattened into these dry and light flakes. There are different variations in their thickness.

What are the Types of Poha Available?

Poha is made from white rice, brown rice, and red rice. Therefore, three different colored pohas are available in the market.

  • White Poha: White poha comes with completely removed bran and it is a good source of carbohydrates. This is very easy to digest and rich in fiber and iron.
  • Red Poha: Red poha is packed with antioxidants and a great source of iron. If you like the nutty taste, then you must try this poha, which takes usually a longer time to cook when compared to white poha.
  • Brown Poha: Brown poha is made from brown rice and has iron, potassium, and fiber.

Usually, brown and red poha is healthier when compared to white poha. All three can be equally used to make different recipes.

Is Poha Safe During Pregnancy?

Yes, Poha is safe for pregnant and even for lactating mothers. It counts as a healthy snack for expecting mothers. Poha is flattened rice, which is passed through iron machines.

So, they have some retains of iron, which is helpful for women with the risk of anemia. Add lemon to the bowl of cooked poha recipes which helps to absorb iron better. It contains zero cholesterol and Transfat.

Which Poha is More Beneficial, White or Red?

Red poha is available from the beaten red rice, which is not processed. There are immense health benefits with red rice. So when compared to white poha, red poha is a healthier option.

The red color is because of anthocyanin. This is a flavonoid that is rich in minerals, zinc, iron, manganese, and many other rich components.

8 Surprising Benefits of Eating Poha During Pregnancy?

poha in black bowl

Here are the 8 amazing benefits of eating poha during pregnancy

1. Maintains Blood Sugar Level

Poha is known to control blood sugar levels. It is rich in fiber. Therefore, it will release sugar little by little into the blood.

Hence, there will not be a sudden increase in blood sugar levels. Thus, expecting mothers who are experiencing gestational diabetes can also have this food.

2. Boosts Energy

While you are trying for options to get all nutrients and energy in just one serving, then you must prefer poha. Being a good source of healthy carbohydrates, poha provides energy for expecting mothers to accomplish daily functions.

3. Controls Weight Gain

While you are on a diet, you can have poha which is power-packed with nutrients and fiber. They let you feel full of great taste. It helps in suppressing hunger and is suggested by many dieticians.

4. An Excellent Breakfast Option and a Complete Meal

Poha is used as a great breakfast option as there are chances to have it in many ways. Depending on your craving, you can either make some sweet or spicy recipes with it. These poha recipes are nutritious and tastier as well.

5. Combats Gestational Anemia

Pregnant ladies who struggle with Gestational Anemia can have these flakes of rice. Poha is flattened in iron rollers, which lets them get Iron.

6. Act as an Excellent Probiotic

The most popular poha breakfast across the nation is good probiotic food.

7. Poha is Easy to Digest

Poha is very easy to digest as they are light and has less pH value. When poha is cooked, the acidic factors which are 6.2 are reduced and perfect to have. Therefore, you can opt poha as the first-morning meal or as a light evening meal.

8. Poha is Very Low in Gluten

While you are on a gluten-free diet and wanted to eat gluten-free food, your list must entail poha. This is used to make many different and yummy varieties. If you are allergic to wheat products, make this food a priority.


5 Reasons that Makes Poha Perfect Breakfast Food and Snack During Pregnancy?

Poha is counted as a healthy breakfast and perfect snack during pregnancy due to five main reasons:

1. Availability

You don’t have to search a lot to buy this nutritious food item. It is easily available in your near store.

2. Poha is Economical

It will not empty your wallet. Poha costs less when compared to other nutritious food.

3. Easy to Prepare

Even if you are a new cook, dishes that are made with poha will not be a challenge for you.

4. It is Versatile

You can prepare Poha dishes by adding mixed vegetables and nuts. You can even add soya or boiled egg to Poha and make a well-balanced and high-protein meal. This makes Poha more nutritious and filling.

5. You Can Avoid Monotony Food

As you can prepare different types of dishes, you will not get bored with repeating tastes. Monotony food is not a good idea during pregnancy.

How to Select Poha During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a time we don’t have to take chances. Therefore, always choose poha made from best quality organic red rice. Make sure the poha you choose is sortex cleaned. The best poha maintains its taste and aroma for a long period. Always buy poha packed in transparent covers which display product quality.

3 Easy to Prepare Poha Recipes for Expecting Mothers

sweet poha

Following are some easy to prepare poha recipes you can try during pregnancy:

1. Poha with Lemon

Soak poha for 10 minutes after washing them twice. As oil gets heated in Kadai, add tempering spices (one spoon each of mustard, jeera, urad dhal, and green chilies) and potato. Once the potato gets fried add some turmeric, salt soaked poha, and mix all together. Once you turn off the flame, add lemon and mix it.

2. Poha with Curd

Add soaked poha, salt, ginger, and green chili paste to curd. Mix all together and have it after setting it for five minutes.

3. Sweet Poha

Add mashed banana, grated groundnut, and the required amount of honey to soaked poha. You can also add some nuts for that crunchy taste and mix all the ingredients. This is a tasty and healthy recipe that can be prepared in less time.

There are hundreds of recipes that are done with poha. So always think of this as an option for your breakfast, lunch, snacks or even for dinner. Try out different nutritious and healthy recipes which are rich in nutrients.

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