Is It Safe To Use Baby Soap For Bathing My Baby?

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Being a new parent brings so many new responsibilities. Even simple tasks related to them can keep you confused for various reasons. One of such task is bath time of your baby. Not only it’s a nerve wrecking experience, but it can also keep you speculating or marveling about safety of your child from using soap on your baby’s fragile and beautiful skin. Does Is It Safe To Use Baby Soap For Bathing My Baby? is the worrysome question? This blog will help you.
Many times parents get confused about the varieties of skin care products present in the market. Use of wrong products can give rise to various unhealthy skin conditions. Here is some important information about use of soap on babies that every new parent can use for proper baby’s skin care.
Are baby soaps safe

Is Using Baby Soap Safe For My Baby?
How Will My Baby Get Cleaned If I Do Not Use Any Soap?
When Can I Start Using Baby Soap For Bathing The Baby?
Are There Any Harmful Effects Of Using Baby Soap Daily?
What Should I Consider When Buying Baby Soap For The Baby?

Is It Safe To Use Baby Soap For Bathing My Baby??

Usually, there is no need of any soap for bathing your baby as babies skin doesn’t get that dirty. Many pediatricians advise against the use of any soap for bathing the baby. Because the babies’ skin is not grimy, scrubbing with soap will only end up drying the baby’s skin by taking away the natural body oils. Often over using of baby soap becomes the most common reason of eczema in babies.
It’s important to preserve the moisture of your baby’s skin, especially if you live in a dry area, but if in case you are living in an area containing hard-water, it may be alright to use a mild, liquid baby soap. So there is no need for using baby soap to bathe your baby, well, unless the baby has been in some mud and grease.

How Will My Baby Get Cleaned If I Do Not Use Any Soap?

You can wash your baby with just plain lukewarm water. Babies love being in warm water, it helps them to relax and enjoy the process. Splashing the water or just staying in some nice, warm water will get babies clean. You can use a soft washcloth to clean the inner folds of skin, and rub it slightly at the bottom areas.

When Can I Start Using Baby Soap For My Baby?

If she doesn’t have eczema then you can start using soap once she starts eating solid food. Most of the time babies only need soap for cleaning their bottom or folds of skin in thighs and arms. Once your baby is 12 months old you can start using mild soap especially designed for babies for cleaning his neck, underarms, and thigh folds. Some pediatricians advise not to use soap for the first two years of life.

Are There Any Harmful Effects Of Using Baby Soap Daily?

Using a soap daily on the baby’s sensitive skin can have the following harmful effects:

  • Frequent use of baby soaps can make your baby’s skin dry
  • If your baby has eczema then she may be particularly sensitive towards the ingredients present in soaps
  • While buying baby soaps, check it’s ingredients as they may contain toxic substance which can harm your baby’s skin. Stay away from the ingredients that contain the letters such as polyethylene and polyethylene glycol, they are known harmful toxic substance present in baby products
  • Steer clear of fragranced soaps or the ones that have parabens
  • Using regular shampoo can be harsh and can irritate the skin of your newborn
  • Swallowing baby soaps containing any toxic substance can have negative impact on their health as well
  • Soaking your babies in a soap water for a long time can irritate urethra and can cause urinary tract infections especially in girl children

Baby Bath

What Should I Consider When Buying Soap For The Baby?

  • Go for natural solutions – It’s important to go for natural ingredients which you recognize for example, there are various soaps, which contains particular herbs which are beneficial for your baby’s skin
  • Look for mild baby soaps, especially which are fragrance free as they will not have any chemicals and will not disrupt your baby’s natural skin barrier
  • When you buy any new baby soap first try a little bit on your bay’s arm and then wait for some hours to see if any skin reaction is there
  • Please keep in mind using less baby products on your baby’s skin is beneficial for her

It’s important to realize that your baby’s skin is better off without any interventions of baby beauty products such as talc, lotions, shampoos, soaps and fragrance containing baby wipes. You can use simpler and homemade products for reducing toxic exposure in your child.
Having information and knowledge about what’s inside your baby’s skin and hair care products is good, but don’t overdo it, there is no need to become obsessive about every single ingredient in your baby’s soap, and other skin care products. Just try to make little positive changes in your baby’s skin care regime and just be vigilant.


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