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50 Unique Baby Names for Boys Born In Autumn

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Due in autumn and looking for unique names to name your autumn baby? Worry not, we bring you some interesting option of names for your baby boy that are reminiscent of the autumn season.  Also find some unique baby names for girls born in autumn here
Autumn boys names

50 Unique Baby Names for Boys Born In Autumn

  1. Birch: The Birch tree blooms during autumn. Birch is a common name in Danish and Swedish cultures
  2. Divyansh: Autumn ushers in many festivals in India. One of them is Diwali; the name Divyansh means ‘Divine Light’ and symbolizes Diwali
  3. Leif: Leif is another form of the word Leaf. Since falling leaves is the sign of autumn, this can be the perfect name for your baby boy
  4. Manar: Since Diwali is the festival of lights. It is appropriate to name your autumn child Manar, which means ‘Light’ in Arabic
  5. Aspen: During autumn the leaves of Apsen tree turn golden, which is a lovely sight. Aspen is also a common name in Britain
  6. Navtej: This name has Hindu origin and it means ‘Bright Light’ which symbolizes Hindu autumnal festival, Diwali
  7. Zohar: Zohar is an Israeli name which means ‘Light’ which is synonymous with the festival of lights that is Diwali
  8. Om: Autumn is a season of auspicious festivals in India; naming your boy Om is hence perfect!
  9. Reed: The name Reed is a derivation of the name Red. Red is a prominent hue of the autumn/ fall season
  10. Zain: Since autumn is festive and holy season it makes sense to name your boy Zain which means ‘Godly light’
  11. Ashrith: The Hindu festival of Dhanteras also falls in autumn season. The name Ashrith pays homage to it, it means ‘ God of wealth’
  12. Rowan: Berry laden trees remind us of autumn. Rowan is a type of red berry that is harvested during autumn
  13. Ahaan: This name pays homage to Hindu New Year which is celebrated in autumn. New Year stands for new beginnings and the name Ahaan refers to ‘First ray of light’
  14. Chirag: During Diwali, houses are decorated with lights and lamps. The name Chirag reminds us exactly of that since it literally means ‘Lamp’
  15. Adam: The color red symbolizes autumn season. The name Adam means ‘Son of red earth’
  16. Blaze: This is yet another name that symbolizes the blazing red hue of the autumn season
  17. Radley: Radley means ‘Red meadow’ which is reminiscent of the autumn season
  18. Chard: Chard is a type of plant that blooms in autumn season. It is also a common English name
  19. Adeep: This name has Sanskrit origin which means ‘Light of Vishnu’. This name is perfect for Indian autumnal baby boys
  20. Luv: Since Diwali is Lord Rama’s festival it makes sense to name your son Luv, who was also the son of Lord Rama
  21. Kush: Kush was also the son of Lord Rama, in fact Luv and Kush were twins
  22. Luvraj:Luvraj is another name for Lord Rama’s son Luv. It has holy significance
  23. Oliver: The name Oliver is derived from ‘Olive Tree’ which is synonymous with autumn
  24. Sarth: This name literally means the ‘Season of Autumn’
  25. Aki: This name is of Japanese origin and it means ‘Autumn’
  26. Stav: This name is of Hebrew origin and it also means ‘Autumn’
  27. Ramees: Ramees is an Islamic name and it signifies winter autumn weather
  28. Laksh: Lakshman was the brother of Lord Rama who accompanied him to exile. Diwali is celebrated in the remembrance of their return. The name Laksh is the shorter version of Lakshman
  29. Harkin: This name is of Irish origin and it symbolizes the red hue of autumn
  30. Ajinkya: Since Diwali is about celebrating Lord Rama’s return home along with his victory over evil. The name Ajinkya is suitable for boys born during this time of the year. This name means ‘Victory over evil’
  31. Carlow: Carlow is ano ther name for Aster, an autumnal flower
  32. Darius: Paying tribute to the festival of Dhanteras that is celebrated in autumn is the name Dairus. It means ‘Wealthy’
  33. Linden: Linden means ‘Lime Trees’ which are in full bloom during autumn. This is an old English name for baby boys born in fall
  34. Ash: Ash is unisex name. This name is common among babies born in autumn
  35. Asher: Asher is the derivative of the name Ash
  36. Adair: Adair trees are the trees of the autumn. They also make an interesting choice of name for your autumn baby
  37. Rowan: Rowan is a type of Ash tree. It also signifies the color Red
  38. Ram: Since Diwali is celebrated in Autumn, it makes sense to name your baby after the valiant and just Lord Rama
  39. Ivar: Your autumn baby is surely going to bring happiness in your lives. It is only logically that his name symbolizes the joy he bring. Ivar is a Hebrew name that means ‘Spread Light’
  40. Aadish: Name your baby after the holy and enlightened Lord Rama. Aadish is a Hindu name which means ‘Enlightened’
  41. Aatish: Aatish literally means ‘Fireworks’. Fireworks are a huge part of Diwali celebrations
  42. Rory: Rory is another name that signifies the autumn color: Red. In fact it means ‘Red King’
  43. Flint: Flint is an old English name. Many babies in the autumn season were named Flint in the past
  44. Arindam: This name is of Hindu origin and it is yet another name of ‘Lord Rama’
  45. Jashn: The return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya was a huge celebration that lasted almost a fortnight. Jashn is a Hindu origin name which means celebration
  46. Aavish: According to scriptures Lord Rama is a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Paying homage to this fact you can name your baby boy Aavish means ‘Reincarnation in Sanskrit
  47. Maize: This name is inspired by a special type of corn used as home decor by indigenous people during autumn
  48. Bean: Bean is a common name now, thanks to the famous TV show. Since it is harvested in autumn, it another interesting name option for your boy
  49. Kale: The vegetable Kale is harvested during autumn, it also happens to be a popular boy name
  50. Bruno: Bruno is a derivative of the name Brown. Brown is one of the prominent hues of autumn season

Hope these 50 Unique Baby Names for Boys Born In Autumn is useful. More on baby names in our section here.

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