Mayonnaise During Pregnancy Is It Safe To Eat?

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Mayonnaise during pregnancy

One of the major concerns of all moms-to-be is their diet and what can be eaten safely and what cannot. Although your doctor is the best person to advise you in this matter, you need to ensure you are consuming a wholesome and nutritious diet, which is ideal for both the mom to be and the baby. You need to exercise extra caution into what goes into your bread and ensure whatever you choose and crave for is perfectly safe for the little one growing inside you.

There is every chance you can acquire a craving for some particular foods during this period, and then you get tensed about whether it is safe to eat mayonnaise during pregnancy. Mayonnaise is one such food item that a lot of moms to enjoy during their pregnancy period but is hesitant before knowing whether this is safe for you in this period.

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What is Mayonnaise?

Thick, creamy, tasty popular dressing, mayonnaise has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. There is no argument about the fact mayonnaise is something that is scrumptious and can be added to bread or any roll to make it all the more yummy while hunger pangs strike you every now and then. Mayonnaise is a very common spread made from eggs, but nowadays, even egg-less mayonnaise is available in the market. Lecithin is one most commonly added emulsifiers that are used while preparing mayonnaise, which has eggs. Lecithin is mainly found in the yolk of the eggs.

Mayonnaise can be light white or creamy in color, containing oil, along with vinegar or lime and traditional flavors added to make it all the yummier. Mustard is yet another essential ingredient that goes into the recipe of mayonnaise in some countries like France, while some countries like Italy, Greece, and even Spain and Portugal use olive oil instead. With its creamy and thick consistency, it is just ideal for adding to any food you feel like having. Mayonnaise during pregnancy, is it safe to eat or not.

Nutritional Values in Mayonnaise

It is essential to know about the nutritional values and ingredients to make sure mayonnaise during pregnancy is healthy for you and your baby too. Here is the nutritional benefits of mayonnaise are given below:

  • Mayonnaise contains a very high level of calories. It contains nearly 700 Kcal per 100 grams or the 94 Kcal per spoon.
  • Mayonnaise contains fat content in a very high amount. One spoon of mayonnaise has 5 mg of cholesterol present.
  • One spoon of mayonnaise will contain up to 125 mg of sodium in it. The daily salt intake should not exceed 2 gm is recommended.
  • Mayonnaise also contains many vitamins A, D, E, K, B6, and B12.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Mayonnaise During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women can eat mayonnaise; it is made by using pasteurized eggs. Mayonnaise produces commercially is also safe since it is made of pasteurized eggs. Mayonnaise is made of egg yolk, lemon water or vinegar, and even vegetable oil. The lecithin and protein are present in the yolk act as emulsifiers and stabilizes it, keep all the ingredients, and blend it.

The main risk associated with eating raw eggs causes the food-borne disease, which due to salmonella bacteria. The condition is known as salmonellosis, and it causes some issues like nausea, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and abdominal cramps. It also causes other severe problems like bacteria in the bloodstream, extreme dehydration, reactive arthritis, and meningitis. This disease can transfer to the fetus also and causes many developmental defects.

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How Much Should You Consume Mayonnaise During Pregnancy?

You can consume mayonnaise during pregnancy by using it as a salad dressing or also use it on your bread pieces before making healthy veg or chicken sandwiches. If you were feeling adventurous, you can mix in other items with mayonnaise and make it has a dip for your carrot sticks, potato sticks, turning it into healthy snacks! You consume it in a limited amount during pregnancy.
Do keep in mind that you consume mayonnaise during pregnancy made of pasteurized eggs only (and eat in the limit). Eat it once in a while for a healthy pregnancy!

What Risks are Associated With Eating Mayonnaise During Pregnancy?

Mayonnaise for pregnant women

Since this product is mostly made with raw eggs, it is not advisable to consume this while during your pregnancy period. There stands a high risk of you contracting highly dangerous bacteria like salmonella that can cause gut damage and triggers severe food poisoning. Hence one needs to exert extreme caution before eating mayonnaise while pregnant with your baby.

Given below are some important checkpoints you need to go through before buying mayonnaise for consumption when you are carrying.

1. Carefully Read How This Was Made

You need to have the patience to discover how the particular brand of mayonnaise you intent buying was manufactured.

2. Remember to Read the Label

You should carefully read the label and see whether the particular product you intend buying comprises of raw eggs and if it says yes, steer clear of it. Suppose this is not mentioned, even then it would be better to try another brand that tells you what exactly goes into making the mayonnaise.

3. Always Choose a Mayonnaise Which is Prepared From Pasteurized Eggs

This would be the ideal choice during your conception period which makes it safe in every sense of the word.

4. Never Go For Homemade or Conventional Brands

It is advisable not to buy or use any homemade brands or items which are sold fresh in restaurants or food markets.

The above mentioned simple tips will go a long way in ensuring the mayonnaise you finally pick up is safe and healthy for you and your little one. If you would like to know more about how mayonnaise is manufactured, just read ahead.

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How is Homemade Mayonnaise Prepared?

  • If you want to prepare mayonnaise at home, it can be easily made with just a fork or pestle without much effort. The best option would be to put the ingredients in a mixer or hand blender.
  • First, take the egg yolks and add them to your oil till it blends smoothly. You have the option of mixing in mustard or whatever you choose along with the main ingredients. Some recipes require adding vinegar to the egg yolk directly that acts as an emulsifying agent and increases the mayonnaise quantity.

Large Scale Manufacturing of Mayonnaise

In this procedure, the eggs are first dispersed into liquid or powder form. Once emulsified, the next step includes adding the rest of the ingredients and mixing vigorously in a machine in order to ensure total hydration and dispersion. After the addition of oil, the product is passed through the normal industrial procedures before being bottled and reaching the supermarket shelves.

Now that you are aware of how this product mayonnaise is made, it is totally up to you whether to ask your doctor about how safe consumption of mayonnaise during pregnancy period is good or not. Although there are some excellent brands that use pasteurized eggs for preparation, we need to ensure the mayonnaise you finally choose to indulge is safe and perfectly healthy for both your baby and the mom to be.

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1. Can Eating Mayonnaise During Pregnancy Lead to Weight Gain?

Yes, it definitely can. It is very high in calories. do consume in moderate quantities only.

2. Can Consuming Mayonnaise During Pregnancy Lead to Indigestion?

Mayonnaise is high in cholesterol. Oil is one of the main ingredients, thus there will be a lot of it. A pregnant woman might find it difficult to digest it.

3. Can I Digest Mayonnaise When am Pregnant?

Yes, you can. If you eat in moderate quantities. Since it is high in calories and fats, it can take time to digest it.

4. Will Mayonnaise Impact the Fetus?

Raw egg is used in the making of mayonnaise. If the egg is infected, the mayo could be too. This could lead to many issues to both mother and baby.

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