Ageing parents need help? 6 things you can do!

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You might not know now, but seeing your parents’ age is one of the hardest things you will see. But it is the truth of life, and you cannot do anything but be with them and support them as they are reaching an end to their journey.

Your parents might not tell you, but this is the time when your parents need you the most. Here, we have rounded up a list of things you can do for your aging parents.

aged couple with daughter

1. Empathizing with your Parents:

All the philanthropists in the world are philanthropists because they know from first-hand experience what it is to come from the aged part of the society, and they empathize with them. Although I don’t believe helping your aging parents is philanthropy, instead, it is your duty. However, the first step to taking care of your parents is empathizing with them.

Empathy is not sympathy, but it is putting yourself in the shoes of the other person and feeling what they are going through. If we as a society empathize with each other, we will understand how each of our actions is justified for our own tiny little reasons. Once you start empathizing with your parents, you will be able to comprehend their emotions and decisions on a more justified ground.

2. Hear from them Regularly:

One of the simplest yet most valued things that you can do for your parents is to call them regularly. Our parents ask for very little and trust me, it’s insane how much relief it can bring to your parents if you just hear them out.

Further, this activity will also help keep you informed about their physical, mental, and emotional health on a regular basis. Although you shouldn’t need a reminder to speak to your parents regularly, for the initial days, set one so that you can develop a habit.

3. Look for Aged Care Facilities:

It is possible that you are in one part of the world because of your career, and your parents are in another. Then, there is not much you can do over calls. Or you can also have other possible restrictions, restricting you from taking direct care of your parents.

This is when you can look for 24/7 aged care facilities if your parents struggle to live on their own. In Australia, currently, 7% of those over 65 years of age are receiving residential aged care services. The city of Melbourne is quickly becoming known as building leading aged care facilities that carefully consider their future residents while offering flexible packages and service schemes.

nurse taking care of old women in old age home

4. Get all your Siblings on Board:

If your parents had multiple children, better you all come together and serve them as a team. Not that helping you can’t manage it alone but because if the rest of your family comes together, you will be able to do it a much better way.

Plus, your parents would love to see you all work together as a team. Coordinate visits and share responsibility, and you will see things falling in place really well.

5. Scrutinize the Surroundings:

As your parent’s age, they face a series of losses, in terms of health, wealth, friends, time, employment, independence, and even their ability to think rationally about potential problems.

This is when you will have to step in and scrutinize the environment. For instance, whether their current network needs repair, or do they need to enroll themselves in daily Yoga sessions, etc.

6. Assist Them:

Assist them to doctor appointments, assist them in weekly grocery shopping, assist them in morning and evening walks, assist them in the kitchen, or just assist them wherever they are.

At this point in their lives, they need you the most, so just be there for them. Advocate for them, so make sure you know how to look after them as the future unfolds.

Over to you…

There is nothing more important other than taking care of your parents. It is the most important thing, everything else comes second. I am sure your heart deep inside already knows this and so you are here, reading this article. Hope you find it helpful!

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