All Round Development of Your Toddler

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As infants turn into toddlers (1-3 years), they go through many changes in various aspects be it physical, social, mental or emotional. All these areas of growth are inter-linked and development in one area affects the other. Let us take a look at the changes and developments that toddlers go through different areas:

  • Physical Development:
  • Social and Emotional Developments:
  • Mental development:

1. Physical Development:

Toddlers, generally, have already learned to talk and walk which widens their sphere of interaction. They start developing their own will and want to do things on their own. They are full of energy and they are always curious to explore new things. They can walk, run, climb stairs, squat, kick a ball, eat and drink by themselves, open doors, etc.

  • Parents should spend more time with children at this stage to facilitate their development.
  • Encourage your child to do certain things by themselves and keep explaining their movements to them so that they learn faster and better.
  • Play a ball with them and engage in other activities like riding small wheeled cycles, playing on swings, etc.
  • Supervise their activities because they are still too young to do everything by themselves accurately and they might get hurt.

2. Social and Emotional Developments:

Social development means learning to get along well with others Emotional development means understanding and showing different types of feelings and emotions. Children generally learn things by observing what their parents do.

  • If you want them to respect others, then you will have to show them that you do the same.
  • Make them assist you in small household chores like picking up and bringing things.
  • They would like to play with other kids of their age and this is the time when you can teach them to share their things with other kids.
  • Your child might start throwing tantrums to get your attention but you should not scold them for that. Instead, ask them patiently what is bothering them and help solve their problem.
  • Try to be patient and provide positive reactions to your child to facilitate his/her development.
  • Your child at times might want to do something, which is not safe for him/her like jumping from a high place, etc. In such a case, instead of scolding  him  simply distract him and take him off that place
  • You should also listen and communicate with your children instead of simply giving orders to them.

3. Mental development:

This means that your toddler will learn to remember, imagine and think. He/she will develop the ability to judge and solve problems. Toddlers can memorize the names of common everyday objects, fruits, vegetables, colors, flowers, etc. They can also memorize short rhymes and songs. Your child will learn how to use specific things for specific purposes. They may also begin to learn the concept of counting at this age.

  • You should encourage your child during his/her learning sessions and keep interacting with him/her to enhance their learning.
  • You can read for them and help them understand different shapes, colors, numbers, etc.
  • Remember, they still have limited attention span, so it is necessary that you make learning fun for them. Also, your toddler will benefit the most from the time and attention you give him/her.

Patience, love and nurturing  go together in developing your toddler into a happy and well-groomed child. Parenting may require a lot of sacrifices, but to see your baby turn into well behaved, disciplined and socially viable children is something everyone is striving for. The rewards are unprecedented.

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