Allergies : Stay Away

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[blockquote style=”1″]Allergies : Push Them Away[/blockquote]
Congratulations on your decision to start planning a baby. It is really important for eager couples to know that a pregnancy is going to bring a lot of new changes in their lives. Besides the fact that the woman’s body goes through a weekly change that is not only amazing but is also miraculous in its own right – a developing tiny human inside the woman.
The body of the woman goes through a lot when the baby starts adjusting itself and organs have to shift from their fulcrum to accommodate the baby. In such a situation it is worthwhile for the partner to try to make her as comfortable as possible. In order to ensure that the pregnancy is a comfortable one and does not cause any discomfort to the expectant moms, ensuring that she is in an environment that is healthy and conducive is essential. Also essential is the fact that the woman planning on conceiving is comfortable from preconception time to ensure a distressed pregnancy.
One of the basic requirements of relaxation is to avoid allergens.  Allergens are allergy causing substances that can cause minor to extreme allergies. Allergies can bring misery and pain besides being serious in some cases. What one needs to understand is how to avoid these allergy causing substances:


  1. Keep track of substances that cause you allergic reactions: Try to work out the substances that cause allergic symptoms. There are certain substances most of the people are sensitive to like dust and mould, pollen and spores, etc. but there are others like sunlight or peanuts that cause allergies to a smaller number of people. Nevertheless it is important to keep track of both the regular and more unusual type of substances to deal with allergies.
  2. Identifying Your Allergy symptoms: Try to dominate your allergies rather than be intimidated by them and let them control your life. Keep the symptoms at an arm’s length by researching the various substances that cause you allergies and also by understanding when you are experiencing an allergic reaction and what its symptoms are.
  3. Staying away from the triggers:  Avoiding allergens is the best idea. Limit your exposure as much as you can to ensure that your symptoms do not flare up. The trick to limiting exposure is by staying indoors during times when there is a high-allergen activity in the atmosphere like in autumn and spring. When moving outside; try to wear a mask to restrict the entry of allergens in your system. Take a vacation to a spot which is a comparatively allergen-free zone.
  4. Free your own habitat of dust: Try to ensure that your home is dust free as dust is one of the most common allergy causing substances. Avoid things like wall-to-wall carpeting, down blankets, feather pillows; heavy upholstery, stuffed animals, etc. Wash the bedding in hot water.

Take Care of yourself!

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