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Make It YOUR Decision

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In The Creation Of a Baby, Be One, Be Together

In The Creation Of a Baby, Be One, Be Together

[blockquote style=”1″]Be In It, Together, As Partners[/blockquote]

Planning a baby is a huge decision, and as a husband and wife take this plunge to the next level in their relationship, they should be in it together – as equal partners, not just in sharing the joys of parenthood but also for all the responsibility and challenges that this new creation may bring about in your lives. A couple’s life gets transformed after becoming parents. A baby should be planned by the couples only after mutual agreement on this topic. They should think about having a kid when they both are ready to welcome it and take care of it. It should not be just due to pressure from other members in the house or just because your marriage is 4-5 years old. When a couple decides to become parents there are many changes their life goes through. Your lifestyle gets completely altered. One needs to find a work life balance. Financial challenges have to be met. Expecting mothers needs to follow healthy and balanced lifestyle

for the wellbeing of a baby. Husbands need to support their wife in each and every stage of pregnancy. Thus, the decision should be taken by choice and not by chance.

When a woman becomes pregnant, sometimes in some specific cases doctor may advice to take complete bed rest. In such circumstances, the man should make sure she is taking proper rest, diet etc. If your wife is working and is advised complete bed rest, she might need to go for a long leave or may have to quit a job. This may lead to an additional financial burden on husband. It is the duty of wife to make sure her life partner is ready to take these responsibilities. In many cases women are not physically and mentally ready to be a mother. This may be due to some after-effect of the pregnancy or may be because a woman wants to give priority to her career. The husband should also respect her thoughts and must not force her for a baby.

If you are already parents and have a kid or kids, think mutually before planning for the baby again. Are you both in mental state to handle one more kid? Are you financial sound to grow up new baby? Would both of you want this baby? It is very necessary to find the answers for these questions by both of you so that none of you will take it as burden.

One more perception is seen especially in Indian families according to which after 3-4 years of marriage a couple should have a baby. Though this thinking is changing but slowly, there is no set rule on this! As a couple, avoid getting influenced by such thoughts and make your decision with mutual understanding. If one of you thinks it is high time to plan a baby, and the other partner disagrees, understand the reasons and talk to each other of the pros and cons, don’t arrive or jump to hasty decisions on your own.
Research shows that children born out of choice are far better raised than those by chance. The children who grow up with the equal support and care of their mother and father both are filled with lots of positivity and enthusiasm towards life.

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