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Amazing Tips To Tackle Eating Disorders In Toddlers

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Toddlers may not be able to control everything in their life as yet, but they can exercise their control on what they put in their mouths. And when it comes to being opinionated, food is generally the first to brace up. Your toddler may develop a liking for some foods, and then disregard them completely the next week. No, this is not absurd, but typical toddler behavior.
Toddler does not want to eat

Why Does My Toddler Refuse To Eat Meals?

Having a toddler who refuses to have regular meals can turn out to be a real nightmare especially if this continues for a prolonged period. As a parent, one becomes completely agitated about the baby’s health. This is specially so if you have tried out all kinds of tactics and have failed miserably. It becomes important for you to embrace a nutritious and healthy diet for your child; something that can help him or her overcome this disorder and put your mind at rest. However you need to ensure you handle this issue sensitively and come up with effective methods to put an end to this problem once and for all.

How Can I Help My Child Who Refuses To Eat?

Firstly you need to point out what kind of eating disorder your little one is experiencing. Given below are some of the most common among them in little kids.

  • Your toddler does not eat anything at all
  • Your child refuses to eat solids
  • Your toddler is extremely fussy
  • He or she is unable to chew food
  • Your little one does not eat any dinner

You need to make sure your precious bundle’s diet comprises of

  • Nutritious fruits and veggies
  • Dry fruits and nuts
  • Grains and cereals
  • Fish and lean meats
  • Dairy products

How Can I Handle A Fussy Toddler Get Best Nutrition?

The trick lies in preparing lip smacking and dishes your toddler will be attracted to and unable to resist. This is not as easy as you imagine as getting a stubborn toddler to eat healthy meals is not an easy task.
Whatever be the issue, it is absolutely necessary to get to the root of the problem as there are chances this may lead to behavioral problem if left neglected. Here are some amazing pointers which are to be a sure hit in handling your toddler’s eating disorder smoothly.
Fussy Toddlers

  1. Try enticing your toddler with finger foods: This is one amazing tip which can really help your child overcome this problem. Try cooking finger food which your little one can eat own his own without you feeding him. Finger foods are your best bet as they look attractive and do not come served as ‘food’
  2. Introduce variety into your child’s menu: There may be a lot of foods your little baby does not like eating. Instead of trying repeatedly to force them on him or her, try to indulge your little one with different and lip smacking but healthy alternatives which add variety to the baby’s menu
  3. Make sure you serve hot and evenly textured food: It is extremely important you feed you little one with warm food which is evenly textured. The aroma of food that is fresh and appeals visually will make your child eat it too
  4. Introduce colorful foods which make it appealing to your toddler:
    Colors appeal a lot to little kids and the trick lies in offering colorful foods to your baby. You can even play games with your child and ask him to identify colors
  5. Never force food on your child: This is a big NO which you should never try attempting. Your child may develop an aversion to eating altogether if you force food down your child’s throat. Also never set strict eating etiquettes at such a young age which makes them feel extremely claustrophobic at the dining table. Read more on the subject here
  6. Fix regular timings for food: It is important your toddler has her food everyday at the same time. This will attune their system to eat food at correct intervals which is vital for your baby’s health
  7. Give your toddler the right to choose what he or she wants: This provides them the assurance they are eating what they like and nothing is being forced on them, as no child likes being dominated over food matters
  8. Never indulge overeating: You need to watch for over eating habits in your toddler and put a gentle stop to this habit eventually. This is something which can turn out to be a big issue if ignored. Overeating can be a serious health problem when your toddler grows up
  9. Let your child enjoy what he eats: When your toddler relishes what he eats, it becomes so much easier to feed your toddler effortlessly
  10. Let him choose how much he wants to eat: If your child is allowed to choose how much he wants to eat, they become so much easier to handle

The above mentioned tips are sure to be of great help in helping your little one overcome his eating problem and bringing back the smile on your face. So go ahead and try out these simple guidelines today.

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