An Upset Stomach Is Common During Pregnancy

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Stomach Pain
Pregnancy is hugely complex. One can find no single pattern of issues that can define pregnancy! The conditions vary from one woman to another, and, if truth be said, an uncomplicated delivery is actually rare. Expectant mothers go through all kinds of drastic body changes and it is quite natural to develop complications en route through the trimesters.
The issues vary widely and are sometimes very opposite! So, some women may experience constipation while other folks may have to put up with stomach upsets! In fact, digestive problems are actually the commonest of pregnancy issues and they can continue throughout the term (or subside in some days).

  • Consulting the doctor For an upset stomach during pregnancy
  • Is it ‘natural’ in all trimesters?
  • How to adjust your digestive system During Pregancy?

Consulting the doctor For an upset stomach during pregnancy

However, it is unwise to neglect the situation as well, especially when the toilet runs do not seem to cease. Do remember that excess diarrhea can lead to severe dehydration, which in turn can be the cause for premature labor. Also, stomach upset due to food poisoning, intestinal parasites, or stomach flu can affect the health of the expectant mother. You need to know when the diarrhea is ‘normal’ and when does it require specialist care. Nevertheless, do not ever hesitate to consult the doctor anytime you feel unwell during pregnancy.

Is it ‘natural’ in all trimesters?

During the first trimester, your body undergoes an upsurge of pregnancy hormones. You also naturally change your diet to cope with the drastic changes taking place in your body. Both these factors can induce diarrhea. Besides, morning sickness is also a common issue during the first trimester, and it does really include stomach upsets in its list of symptoms.
upset stomach in pregnancy
The conditions may persist during the second trimester because your body is constantly adapting with a growing baby. During this phase, a bacterial or viral infection is usually the culprit. Liquid bowel movement during the third trimester is actually good because your body is flushing itself completely to make room for the delivery.
You can keep all these conditions under control simply by making some necessary changes in your diet and dosages of pregnancy pills or vitamins. Stay in touch with your doctor always. The specialist will note your symptoms and suggest effective diet besides providing you with the right medication. The following symptoms should tell when you must contact your doctor immediately.

  • Presence of mucus in feces
  • Bloody diarrhea
  • Black diarrhea
  • Green diarrhea
  • Constant vomiting and cramping
  • Uncontrollable and repeated watery diarrhea

How to adjust your digestive system During Pregnancy?

Being pregnant introduces dramatic changes in the body. During the first trimester, your body may begin to recognize certain foods as unhealthy. These same foods may have been perfectly alright before. Think of it in this way: during pregnancy, your body has a mind of her own! She rejects all the usual stuff because her changed balance cannot adjust with your ‘normal’ routine. Be a friend to your body and do not try to force-feed yourself.

  • No to alcohol:Alcohol has a gag reflex always, even when you are not pregnant or anything! While pregnant, you are super-sensitive to anything you eat. Additionally, drinks do aggravate toxin secretion in the body besides the aggressive acid reflux in the stomach. Since processed foods do not serve any real nutritional purpose and also consist of chemical food preservatives, your growing mama body obviously rejects it
  • Water- the magic drink: Keep drinking a lot of water to balance the loss of fluid. It is great if you can try the diet of fruit and veggie juices. These can replace coffee and alcohol apart from replenishing the demands of your pregnant body. Try them in short sips first if you find it difficult to adjust. These also flush the toxins, thereby creating a safe internal environment. Have plenty rest and consider probiotic drinks. If you feel the urge to throw up, take your food in small amounts to help the body adjust. Avoid certain prenatal vitamins or take alternate ones. Ginger and herbal teas can help stabilize your digestive system
  • Other aspects of treatment: You need to follow good hygiene. Clean the toilet seats, wash your hands properly, and be careful to avoid infections in your stomach. However, do not fret if your body has the infection. Doctors say the pregnant body has sufficient protective mechanisms surrounding the baby. Still, the mother should be in the best health! If the problem is caused due to a hormonal imbalance, the doctor will suggest the safe medications during the term. The diarrhea ceases by itself most of the times. The doctor is always there to help

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