200 Top Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With V

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200 Baby girl names starting with V

Parents often look forward to naming their child, as this is an important milestone in the journey of parenthood. But as we all know, naming a baby girl in today’s era is not an easy task. Many parents seek help from numerology in deciding the first one or two alphabets for their baby. The position of the alphabet completely depends on the positions of certain tithi and nakshatras of the lunar calendar during the birth of the child. The letters of the baby’s name symbolize the potential qualities, character, and personality he or she may imbibe. In this article, we have mentioned 200 unique baby girl names starting with V.

The alphabet V symbolizes the planet Venus and is also closely related to the Moon. The letter V has a numerological value of 6 and indicates a strong personality for persuading others effortlessly. Baby girls whose names start with V are often considered to be practical, sensible, creative, and thoughtful. Let us take a look at the top 200 baby girl names in Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Marathi. 

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50 Baby Girl Names Starting With V in Sanskrit

50 Baby Girl Names Starting With V In Sanskrit

Sanskrit is one of the oldest languages and is often a choice for many parents with traditional beliefs. In the table below, we have listed unique and popular baby girl names starting with V in Sanskrit. Parents can find both short and long names and choose according to their preferences. The names are arranged in alphabetical order for easier reference.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vachya Name for Goddess Saraswati
2 Vaidya Doctor; Healer; Physician
3 Vaishali The name of a historical city
4 Vaishnavi A devotee of Lord Vishnu, Another name for Goddess Durga
5 Vaisu One who is wealthy
6 Valini Meaning Stars
7 Vamana Meaning powerful
8 Vamika Another name for Goddess Durga
9 Vamil One who is beautiful
10 Vandana Who is widely adored
11 Vandita One who is loved and praised
12 Vanhi Means fire
13 Vani An epithet of Goddess Saraswati; also means voice or speech
14 Vania A God’s gift
15 Vanini One who is soft-spoken
16 Vanita A graceful lady
17 Vanshika Means Flute
18 Vanu The queen of a forest
19 Vara Means blessing
20 Vari Means water
21 Varisha Another name for rain
22 Varnika The purity of gold
23 Vartika Means Lamp
24 Varunika The goddess of rain
25 Vatsala Who is kind and loving in nature
26 Veda One who is understanding; truthful; pious
27 Vedika Meaning consciousness
28 Venika Name of a holy river
29 Venu An epithet of Goddess Saraswati
30 Venuka Meaning flute
31 Venya Lovable and kind
32 Vitali Name of Goddess Durga
33 Vetri Victorious in nature
34 Via One who has a gentle and sweet nature, like a breeze
35 Vibhi One who is fearless
36 Vibhuti Another name for Goddess Laxmi
37 Vidhi The goddess of destiny
38 Vidisha Name of a river
39 Vidhu Bright as Moon
40 Vidya Means knowledge, and wisdom
41 Viha Meaning Heaven
42 Vijul Name of a silk-cotton tree
43 Vilina Meaning devoted or merged
44 Vina An Instrument
45 Vineeta Modest and Humble
46 Vipasa Name of a river
47 Vira Heroic in nature
48 Virupa Diversely shaped
49 Vithika Pathway or Road
50 Vrinda Name of Goddess Radha

30 Unique Indian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter V

30 Unique Baby Girl Names Starting With V

Many parents are often in search of unique names for their baby girls. We have listed below 30 unique baby girl names starting with V for parents to choose from. These baby girl names are not only uncommon but also hold great depth and signify certain characteristics.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Valentina The Latin name for strong and healthy
2 Valerie The brave and valiant woman
3 Valeska  One who is glorious
4 Vallabhi Name of a raga, the beloved one
5 Vallari Name of goddess Sita
6 Valli Wife of Lord Murugan
7 Vanessa Is the goddess of love in Greek mythology; the butterfly
8 Vanya The gracious gift of god
9 Vardah Another name for rose in Arabic
10 Varija Lotus flower
11 Varvara Foreign or Stranger
12 Vasanta Spring
13 Vasiliki Queen
14 Vasundhara Earth
15 Vatsha Daughter
16 Vedakshi Knowledgeable
17 Vedanti One who follows the Vedas
18 Veditha Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
19 Vedvika One who transfers sacred knowledge
20 Veliane Companion
21 Velma Valley; valiant protector; sweet in nature
22 Velouette Soft-spoken woman
23 Venette Woman of Venice
24 Verochka Verity; Truth, Defender
25 Veronica One who brings victory; truthful and honest
26 Vibhawari Is the queen of the night
27 Vismitha Meaning wondering
28 Vrishti Means Rain
29 Vritika A thought
30 Vritti Means nature

30 Baby Girl Names Starting With V in Telugu

30 Baby Girl Names Starting With V In Telugu

Parents often want to give their child a good name so that it continues to thrive with them throughout their lives. Language plays an important role in the selection of names, as it helps to identify and connect with people of similar cultural values. Telugu names are not only beautiful but have great depth of meaning too. Let’s go through 30 such baby girl names starting with V in Telugu.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaagdevi The Goddess of Learning, Another name for Goddess Saraswati
2 Vaahila Meaning air
3 Vaathika A garden
4 Vagmi Good speaker
5 Vahini Flowing; Like a stream or river
6 Vainavi Part of Practice; Gold
7 Vajra Diamond; Thunderbolt
8 Valika Like a diamond
9 Valu The loved one
10 Vanani A forest
11 Veeksha Vision; One who has a love for gaining knowledge
12 Venisha Dedicated in nature
13 Vibhali Meaning young
14 Vidula Another name for Moon
15 Vijitha One who wins or is the winner
16 Vikansi An epithet of Goddess Lakshmi
17 Vimala Clean; Bright; Untarnished; Holy
18 Vinaya One who is silent
19 Vindhya Knowledge, Name of a mountain range
20 Vinika Kind Hearted; The winner; Knowledge
21 Vinisha The Goddess of Love; Leader; Humble in nature
22 Viri One with a pleasant fragrance
23 Vishaka One with many branches; Stars; Constellation
24 Vividha Strange or Unknown
25 Viyona The Sky
26 Vrithika Success in life; Name of Goddess Radha; a type of thought or reflection
27 Vyakhya An explanation
28 Vyjayanthi The garland of Lord Krishna
29 Vyomi The Goddess of space


Vyushthi Beautiful; Elegance: Praiseworthy

30 Girl Baby Names Starting With V in Tamil

30 Girl Baby Names Starting With V In Tamil

Tamil is widely spoken in parts of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and even in the Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. Here, we have listed some of the best baby girl names that start with v in Tamil. These names range from traditional to modern ones and parents can choose according to their choices of belief.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaanika Another name for Goddess Sita
2 Vasuki Light radiating from the sky
3 Vadhana A bright star
4 Vadivu One with good expressions
5 Vagini One who speaks well
6 Vaigai A Great River of the Pandya Kingdom
7 Vaini Meaning Sharp
8 Vairam As Beautiful as a Diamond
9 Vakini One who recites well
10 Valam Wealthy; Symbol of Ecstasy
11 Vamika Another name for Goddess Durga
12 Vamini The Other / Female Half of God
13 Vanaja The daughter of the forest
14 Vanika Eloquent in Words; Sound
15 Vanmala Wildflower or Garland
16 Vanmoli The word of God
17 Varada An epithet of Goddess Lakshmi
18 Vasavi Wife of Indra
19 Vaymai One with Integrity
20 Vayyam Means Mother Earth
21 Vedashri Pious; Epithet of Goddess Saraswati
22 Veeya The one with perfection
23 Velli Soft and Shiny like Silver; A companion 
24 Venba Related to Thirukural, a classical Tamil poetry
25 Viksha Vision; Knowledge; Intelligence
26 Vishma An epithet of Goddess Parvati
27 Viswas Another name for trust
28 Viveka One who is blessed with a higher conscience; Intelligent
29 Viyanka A person with knowledge and pride
30 Vizhi The eye

30 Girl Baby Names Starting With V in Kannada

Kannada Name Starting With V

Kannada is the official language of the state of Karnataka. It is also among the oldest Dravidian languages spoken in the country. Listed below in alphabetical order are 30 baby girl names that start with V in Kannada.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vaageswari An epithet of Goddess Saraswati
2 Vaanmayi One who is eloquent, Another name for Goddess Saraswati
3 Vachana To talk
4 Vaibhavi A rich or wealthy person; Landlord
5 Vaidarbhi Rukmini; Wife of  lord Krishna
6 Vaidika One who has knowledge of the Vedas
7 Vaidurya A gemstone
8 Vaijanti Name of a flower
9 Vaika An admirable person
10 Vaisakhi The day of the full month in the month of Vaisakh
11 Vaishakha The thought of existence of universe formed out of everything present and god
12 Vaiyushi Loved and respected by everyone
13 Vajreshwari Name of a buddhist Goddess
14 Vanca One with desire
15 Vanti One who is smart
16 Varya Precious; Treasure
17 Vati Means nature
18 Vedi Full of WIsdom and knowledge; An Altar
19 Vela Beginning; Starting Time
20 Vidyul Lightning
21 Viji Charming, Cute
22 Vinodini One with a pleasant personality
23 Virini A mother from whom brave sons are born
24 Visala Celestial Apsara
25 Vishalakshi Another name for Goddess Durga, one with big eyes
26 Vishali One who has a big heart
27 Vishaya A subject
28 Vishnupriya Dear to Lord Vishnu; Another name for  Goddess Lakshmi
29 Vishranti Rest or Relaxation
30 Viva Fresh; Like spring

30 Baby Girl Names Starting With V in Marathi

Marathi Name Starting With V

Choosing a name in Marathi for babies is often an elaborate affair. Thus it is often more difficult to select a name with alphabet V with significant meaning. We have listed down the 30 most popular baby girl names with V in Marathi for easier selection. 

SL No Name Meaning
1 Vanalika Meaning Sunflower
2 Vandya One who is praiseworthy
3 Vanila Name of a fruit
4 Vanshita An enchanting personality
5 Varunika The Goddess of rain
6 Vasumitra Responsive and Protective; Brightest friend
7 Vahi Very bright
8 Vedini Sensitive and Knowledgeable
9 Vega The brightest star
10 Velcy Bold and Delight
11 Velini One who is jovial and loves to talk
12 Venisha One who is dedicated
13 Vetali Another name for Goddess Durga
14 Vidya Meaning learning
15 Vihangi Like a free bird
16 Vilasika Full of Joy
17 Vilina The dedicated one
18 Vinamra One with modesty
19 Vinni Conquering in nature
20 Vipsa Means succession; repetition
21 Vireesha The brave one
22 Virika Bravery; Knowledgeable
23 Vishalya Painless; Trustworthy
24 Vismaya Amazed; Astounded
25 Visva Earth; Universe
26 Viya Breeze; Sweet; A Poem
27 Vriddhi Growth; Accretion; Incretion
28 Vrushitha Prosperity; With fortune
29 Vruta Means universe
30 Vyaka A concise explanation; Name of a river

Parents must take their own time in selecting the baby name as they are believed to imbibe certain qualities in the character of the baby. We have mentioned a total of 200 baby girl names starting with V for parents to choose from. Letter V is ruled by Rohini Nakshatra and with it comes certain advantages and drawbacks. So it’s always advisable to completely understand the meaning of the names in depth before naming the child. 

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