There can be an endless debate on whether the use of diapers for newborn kids is a healthy practice. Elders of the family would swear that mothers use diapers for their own convenience, in the process overlooking the side effects of the product on kids. Modern day women, however, would vouch that the use of diapers over cloth nappies is perfectly safe because diapers are made of completely breathable fabrics. There emerge two thoughts on this topic:

  • What do the elderly think about diapers?
  • What is the modern day mothers’ opinion on this hot topic of debate?

What do the elderly think about diapers?

The use of diapers is just benefiting the mothers as they give freedom from the tiring cleaning-up and washing of cloth nappies, often related to lazy mothers. They feel the child remains uncomfortable and the diapers create problem in his movements. The elderly also think that diapers are responsible for the rashes and infections caused to the child. For them, the child is restricted in his freedom to enjoy and move around freely. They even argue that wearing diapers causes widening of kids’ legs.

What is the modern day mothers’ opinion on this hot topic of debate?

The modern day mothers are literate and feel they know what is best for their child. They also believe that something that the doctors recommend these days to the cannot cause any harm. The new generation of mothers believes that they are, in fact, saving their child from catching cold by staying in traditional cloth napkins after peeing and getting cleaned over and over again. Moreover, the diapers are safer and need lesser cleaning and washing on the mothers’ part. All they need is to ensure that while changing the diaper of the child, they should clean up the child, wipe using soft towels, and apply the rash free cream. With the changing lifestyles, most of the mothers need to leave their little ones to the grand parents or the maids at home to meet their professional commitments. In such a scenario, they cannot completely trust the baby-sitters with regular cleaning and washing, making diaper usage almost compulsory for them.

The debate on this topic can go on endlessly as both the elderly people and modern day mothers can provide endless explanations and refutations.

The fact remains that diapers have made the life of the mothers as well as the child easier these days. They tend to be the safest means to keep your child clean and take him anywhere without having to worry about the frequent wetting of nappies. This, in turn, helps mothers to stay relaxed at public places or events. But a word of caution here as the sooner the mothers stop using the nappies, the faster the child would be trained for toilet.