Baby Cruising – What is It, When Does Babies Start and Tips to Encourage

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Written by Aparna Hari

Aparna Hari

Baby Cruising

Your baby’s first steps can be very exciting! Parents wait for the day their little bundle of joy gets up from the floor and takes that first step on their own. It is a major milestone for a baby. But, it is not easy! It does not happen overnight. A lot of work goes into those first steps. Your baby goes through a series of motions before they can start walking on their own. Baby cruising is an important milestone for a baby’s movement.

Have you noticed how your baby tries to move by dragging themselves, and then by trying to move on their bottoms? They will move in different ways, sometimes in ways, you would’ve never imagined. One of the first ways a baby tries to move is by cruising. In most cases, this precedes their first steps. pregnancy pillow

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What is Baby Cruising?

When your baby tries to take a few steps by holding onto something for balance, they are cruising. Though their feet are taking the steps, the body is still dependent on other items for support. Your baby is still not ready to balance their weight on their own. They need a little external help.

It can be a table, a sofa, or even your legs. Your baby will pull themselves up from the floor by holding on to something above their shoulder level, hang on tight and move using that support. They will cruise for a few days or weeks before they can confidently let go of that support and take their first steps unassisted.

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How Does Cruising Evolve in Babies?

baby waking with help of sofa

As your baby grows, their body will get stronger to support various physical activities. When their backs get strong enough, your baby will start sitting up without support. Slowly, they will start pulling themselves up to a kneeling position and then into a full standing position. This requires their backs and arms to get stronger.

Once they start standing with support, they will want to move and reach for things. This is how they learn to cruise and then move without help. Most babies reach this stage between 8 and 12 months of age. However, some babies may need some more time.

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Tips to Encourage Your Baby to Start Cruising

Tips to Encourage Your Baby to Start Cruising

If your baby is ready to stand and cruise, you can do the following to encourage them.

  • Don’t stop them. If the surroundings are unsafe, make them safe. If you keep stopping them, they will lose interest in cruising and moving.
  • Keep their favorite toys or objects on top of the table or sofa they use to pull themselves up with.
  • Strew a few things around on the same table or sofa, to encourage your child to move forward. Ensure the items are not too far off as they will lose interest.
  • Hold their hands and help them walk to show them that they can do it.
  • Be patient and encouraging. If your baby decides to take a break, encourage them gently but give them their time.

Precautions to Take For Baby’s Safety While Cruising

When your baby is on the move and starts cruising, it can get unsafe very quickly. So, can you stop them from cruising? No! You need to make the environment safe and take the following precautions.

  • Keep breakable and heavy objects out of reach. Your baby can reach, grab, and drop items when they are cruising.
  • Baby-proof sharp edges that your baby might hit their head or body against.
  • Ensure the floor is clean and not slippery.
  • Stepping on a tiny object can be very painful for those tiny tender feet so keep the floor free from any sort of object which might hurt them.
  • Some babies might fall flat on their backs and head instead of sitting down on their bottoms. Try your best to be around your baby to catch them.
  • In case you have a hard floor and are afraid the baby might hurt himself/herself if they fall, then you can also opt to lay a mat on the floor. It will provide little cushioning and will soften the blow to an extent.

If your baby is yet to cruise, don’t lose heart. Just be patient and support them and let them know they can take their first steps on their own. Baby cruising is a major milestone for them, and they can’t do it without their parents cheering them on.


1. Will Your Baby Need Shoes While Cruising?

No, babies need to do this on their bare feet to get a good grip and feel of their feet. They cannot balance well if they don’t learn to plant their feet firmly on the ground. If the floor is too cold, you can use grip socks.

2. Do You Need to Buy a Baby Walker While Cruising?

It is a personal choice. Many babies start cruising when they get comfortable with a walker. If your baby has to move their body weight on their own and improve their muscle strength, a stationary object is always better.

3. What is the Difference Between Crawling and Cruising?

Crawling is when your baby moves on their knees and hands. Cruising is when the baby is in an upright position like walking and uses their feet to move. They will hold onto things with their hands for support.

4. How Long Can a Baby Go Between Cruising and Walking?

Your baby can start walking within a few days or weeks after they start cruising. Remember, each baby is unique, and some babies will require a little more time than others to get the balance required to walk on their own.

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