Baby Names That Mean The Moon.

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Picking out the perfect name for your newborn can be quite tricky, and with a sea full of names out there, you feel totally confused about what to choose. You need to keep in mind the fact this name is for keeps and select something which sounds lovely as well as is easy to pronounce. Here are the baby names that mean the moon.
Moon inspired baby names
Naming The Baby After The Moon
59 Baby Names that mean the moon

Naming The Baby After The Moon:

Calling your baby after the moon would be a lovely idea if your baby happened to make his or her arrival at night during a full or new moon. The moon has always been worshiped as a God since time immemorial by all religions. It is regarded as a lovely and beautiful celestial body that has been inspiring humankind. It is mysterious, it is enlightening, it is calming, and it is insanely beautiful. The beautiful sizes, shapes, and patterns of the moon are attractive options that can be considered to name your little bundle of love. The baby names that mean the moon are given below.

59 Baby Names that mean the moon

If you are planning to baby names that mean the moon, given below are some wonderful options that can surely help you narrow down your search and help you come to a decision fast.
Have a look at these baby names that mean the moon:

  1. Amaris: This name meaning moonchild is a lovely choice
  2. Amar: With Arabic roots, the name means moon
  3. Channary: This name would be ideal for your little girl and says a girl with a moon face
  4. Chang: This implies the Moon Goddess
  5. Cynthia: This name of Greek origin is the name of Greek Moon Goddess
  6. Gwendolen: This word which means white Halo or Moon is a good choice
  7. Hala: This again implies halo of the moon
  8. Badr: It means full moon
  9. Chandra: Meaning moon once more
  10. Hang: This beautiful word implies” full moon angel.”
  11. Aysel: It has the meaning ‘like the moon.’
  12. Cuyen: This again means moon
  13. Amalendu: An Indian name, which means the” unblemished moon.”
  14. Anakh: Yet another name, which means ‘moon.’
  15. Aysun: This word implies as lovely as the moon. It has Turkish roots
  16. Feray: Another Turkish origin name, which means” radiance of the moon.”
  17. Selene: Of Greek origin, it again means the moon
  18. Purnima: This Indian name could be perfect for your baby girl and means “full moon.”
  19. Qamar: Of Arabic origin, this name means moon
  20. Sasithorn: This Thai word again means moon
  21. Alkina: This name of Australian origin means the moon
  22. Abhichandra: This Indian origin name means lovely moon
  23. Anumati: Yet another name for your princess which means moon
  24. Bade: With French roots, this word means full moon
  25. Astennu: A name meaning moon for your baby boy
  26. Diane: A lovely name for your daughter which means Greek Goddess of Moon
  27. Himanshu: Indian name meaning moon
  28. Lantha: Another name with moon meaning for your little girl
  29. Jacy: An American origin name meaning moon
  30. Indukala: A beautiful Hindu name that implies “light of the moon.”
  31. Jerico: A male name which means moon city
  32. Jannali: Australian origin name which means the moon
  33. Jyothsna: Another lovely Indian name which has the meaning Moonlight
  34. Jiba: This name with Australian roots also means the moon
  35. Luna: One of the most famous names of girls which means moon
  36. Mika: With Japanese sources, this word means new moon
  37. Mitexi: American origin name which implies the revered moon
  38. Muraco: A native American name which means white moon
  39. Neomea: This is a wonderful name for your girl child meaning new moon
  40. Nabhendhu: It implies the moon in the sky
  41. Pamuy: This name means water moon
  42. Raka: An Indian name which means full moon
  43. Thoth: It is a name of Egyptian origin which means moon God
  44. Shashank: Another Indian name which means moon
  45. Uday Chandra: A name of Indian origin which implies the rising moon
  46. Tayen: A name with American roots which means new moon
  47. Yamir: With Indian roots, this name implies moon again
  48. Vidula: A feminine name which means moon
  49. Yue: A word of Chinese origin which has the meaning moon
  50. Cyra: A name of Persian origin which implies the moon
  51. Chantrea: A name of Cambodian origin which means moon
  52. Elara: It is a girl’s name comes from the Greek origin. It is a lover of Zeus who gave birth to a giant son, and it is also the name of the moon of Jupiter.
  53. Lucine: The name Lucine is the name of a girl meaning “moon.” Either an Armenian name meaning “moon,” or it is an elaboration of sweet classic Lucy.
  54. Prospero:  The name Prospero is the name of a boy that comes from the Spanish, Italian, Portuguese origin. Shakespeare Tempest has kept this name Prospero alive.
  55. Sasi: The name Sasi is the name of a girl meaning “moon.” It can be a nickname for the fuller Sasithorn or a name on its own. In a Western, the very cute Sasi is probably to go the way.
  56. Zira: The name Zira is a girl’s name, which means “messenger, hatred, moonlight.” Attractive but uncommon names mostly found in African cultures.
  57. Soma: The Soma is a unisex name that is meaning “Lunar nectar.” This name is connected with the Chandra, and It is a Hindu moon god.
  58. Mayar: The name Mayar is a girl’s name that is meaning “moonglow.” Mayer is one of the names that have a host of different meanings across different cultures.
  59. Moon: The name moon is the name of a girl’s. 

The names mentioned above are only just a few of the many baby names that mean the moon, which you can opt for your precious little one. You could, of course, try searching for some other names too, which will help you to narrow down your hunt for the perfect name for your baby.
So go ahead and try naming your baby something exotic after the lovely moon, which is sure to be a beautiful decision for him or her for life. Some of these baby names that mean the moon are extremely popular all over the world and would be ideal for your newborn in every way.
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