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Children love stories. At the time of sleep, stories are their best companions. During sleep, children live the stories. So, they are eager to stories from their mom and dad before going to sleep. As a responsible parent, you must tell your children stories. However, not all stories are appropriate during bedtime. Certain stories are best for your children before going to sleep. The glossary of English literature is filled with stories for children. Some stories are ideal for bedtime.
Nevertheless, as a parent, you will be thinking about why you should tell stories to your children before they go to sleep. What are the benefits of telling stories to your kids? Which stories should you say to your kids? There are so many things to discuss on this topic. Therefore, in this article, let’s discuss it.

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Why You Should Tell Bedtime Stories to Your Children

There are certain reasons to tell your child bedtime stories. Boosting their imagination, power, and vocabulary is the foremost advantage of reading stories to your toddler:  Let’s take a look at the benefits of reading bedtime stories to your child.

1. Spending Quality Time With The Child: 

These days, parents live a busy life. They are working at a frantic pace. So, they don’t have time to spend with their children. It will create a bad impression on your child. While telling Bedtime Stories For Kids to your children, it becomes a great opportunity of spending time together. Most of the children love to have one-on-one time with their parents. A bedtime story is an excellent way for this.

2. Learning Morality: 

Childhood is a crucial phase in the life of your children. The learning they get in this phase will play a massive role in the future. Hence, you need to teach them good things. The bedtime stories that you tell to your kids contain important morals and values. By listening to these stories, your child learns this moral. It will help him in his future. These morals and values eventually teach them how they should take care of themselves, how they should take care of others, and what is real value in life.

3. Helps Your Child to Dream: 

Childhood is the phase of dreams. What children listen and see they dream it. So, if you tell your child Classic Bedtime Stories For Kids, they will have ideas about it. Your child will enact as the main protagonist of the stories he hears in the dream. You need to facilitate this dream of your child by telling him more stories. It will make childhood special.

4. Adding Lifelong Values:

A child cannot develop into a good human being unless the child learns some values at an early age. The bedtime stories for children are written to make children understand those values. Once your children listen to these stories from you, they will become a better human being in the future. They will learn some lifelong benefits that are priceless.

5. Enhance The Comprehension Skill And Logic Skill

When children are opened to bedtime stories every day, eventually, the comprehension and logic skills of the child will improve.  This, in turn, helps with their communication skills.  They can also find out how to find meaning in real-life situations.

Best Bedtime Stories For Kids You Need To Tell To Your Child

There are certain Funny Bedtime Stories For Kids, which are etched in our memory. Most of us have listened to these stories in our childhood. We all loved it at that time. But, with the pressure of maturing, we forget those lofty but straightforward stories. However, let’s relive some of those stories now:

1. Guess How Much I Love You

This book has an adorable story where two rabbits were expressing their love for each other in multiple ways. With such Short Bedtime Stories For Kids, you will teach your kids about the importance of expressing their devotion to the other person.

  • Written By: Sam McBratney
  • Ratings:5/5
  • Year of Publishing: 1988

2. Peace At Last

Children do struggle to get sleep at times. It happens because of their wandering mind. It is a very natural thing. This is a story depicting such a bear struggling to find sleep and finally falling to a deep slumber.

  • Written By: Jill Murphy
  • Ratings:3/5
  • Year of Publishing: 1980

3. The Going To Bed Book

Every parent wants to teach his child good habits. It just helps their child to become a better person. This book is a wonderful representation of what children should do as the night falls. This book will surely help you to teach your child some excellent habits.

  • Written By: Sandra Boynton
  • Ratings:2/5
  • Year of Publishing: 1982

4. Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig?

The title of this book is the question the author asks Wibbly Pig. However, Wibbly Pig keeps on giving excuses to stay away from the bed. It is a charming story which the author narrates in a sublime form. Your child will love listening to the explanations of Wibbly Pig.

  • Written By: Mick Inkpen
  • Ratings: 3.8/5
  • Year of Publishing: 2004

5. Goodnight Gorilla

This story is about a naughty gorilla who does naughty things. As the zookeeper tells the gorilla good night, it follows the zookeeper everywhere and while doing to lets other animals out of the cage. It is a very funny story that your child will love. So, you can surely tell your child this type of story at bedtime.

  • Written By: Peggy Rathmann
  • Ratings:3/5
  • Year of Publishing: 1994

6. The Girl That Love Stars

All children believe in miracles. Right?  Well, “The Girl That Love Stars” is a short, warm, and heartfelt story about a star that gave a little girl a great deal of hope and faith. All her dreams are fulfilled, and miracles happen out of the blue. This story teaches the child faith, hope, and love are the three primary laws of life.  This story makes a quick bedtime story.

  • Written By: Anna Smith
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Year Of Publishing: 2017

7. Fibles

Fibles is a collection of twelve modern-day stories. Each story has a different young animal as the central character. Each story has a solid and remarkable plot that portray familiar, real-life situations.  This will prompt the child how to react and apply common sense when coming across such a real-life situation. Some of the topics cover the importance of waking up early, learning responsibilities in doing chores, and the significance of not believing everything they hear.

  • Written By: R. Everette
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Year Of Publishing: 2012

Finally, every parent wants his child to become a better human being. The learning children get from various Free Bedtime Stories For Kids is very important for their future. Hence, you should go ahead and tell your kids such stories that will make them a better human being.

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