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Bible Trivia Game Free

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Bible Games have always been our favorite games to play in our leisure times. There are many Bible games available online which we have been playing for quite some time now. Most of us are probably bored of playing them by now. There are many new games introduced to the Bible Games which are fun-filled and amazing as well. Since the Christmas season is on its way, we need to get decked up with some new and amazing games. Trivia games are quiz-like competitive games between the teams based on a certain subject. One has to master in that subject as even insignificant facts may also ask.  Find out Top 7 Best Bible Trivia Game Free for All can be played by people of all the ages, be it, kids, teens or adults.


Top 10 Free Bible Trivia Games 

1. Bible Telephone

Bible Telephone is a whispering game where the leader of the group picks up a short verse from the Bible and every person will whisper it to the next person and it continues until the last person will repeat exactly what he heard. Fun right? So, gear up your plans and play this amazing game. This is an amazing Bible Trivia Game Free to try this Christmas. Play this game with your family and loved ones and enjoy your holidays with pomp and show.

2. Bible Charades Game

You can double the fun you are going to have at your next Christian folks meet or the Christmas party you are organizing with the Bible Charades Game. This game is another version of the regular Charades Game but here there aren’t any regular characters but the characters from the Bible. You can divide your group into teams and can act out and let the other teams guess the correct character. The team with the highest score wins this amazing Bible Trivia Game Free for All


3. Bible Biblios Game

Bible Biblios is a game where you can have fun without the need of many props. It is an awesome board game. The makers of the Bibleopoly claim that it is a game of co-operation. In this game, co-operation and dissipation are the keys. In this game, you can win only by assisting the fellow players. Go and build the church in one of the cities and try to win the game.

4. Bible Pictionary Game

Pictionary game is always fun. This Pictionary game related to the Bible is full of creativity and spirituality. You can not only boost your creative side but also the spiritual side by playing this Pictionary game. You just have to split your group into teams of two and let the Pictionary game begin. This is a fun-filled Best Bible Trivia Game Free for All . The team with the most points at the end is the Bible Pictionary Champion

5. Bible Jeopardy

Play the amazing Bible Jeopardy game like the television version of Jeopardy. In this game, kids have to choose their category and have to give the question that the clue answers. Each clue has a point and whoever buzzes in first and gets it correct, gets those points. Like this play The Bible Jeopardy game till many stages and become the ultimate winner.

6. Christ Video Games

Video games have always been our ultimate favorite thing to pass the time. With Christ based Video Games available on the internet, you can play Bible Trivia Games Free for All and enjoy your holidays with your friends while you dive deep into the ocean of many video games.

7. Bible Bingo Game

I’m sure you have played the traditional Bingo game; the Bible Bingo is also a kind of the same Bingo game. An announcer will have to shout out the word or phrase, and if it appears on their game card, the group member will check it off with a marker. Liven the gatherings with conventional bingo game with a biblical touch! Bingo cards and pens should be distributed to each participant. One biblical character is called out and participants cross out that particular character in a bingo card, obtained. For one whom all characters are crossed out shouts “bingo!” and the one who first shouts are the winner.

8. JWorld Quiz

It is an interactive, biblical quiz game. This game is suitable for the android platform and has a multiplayer option. You can also play the game in single-player mode. The game is best suited to enjoy during the Christmas season. You can play this game with your loving children and can enjoy the holiday season anywhere.

9. Who Am I? (Biblical)

This is an interesting game. It is one of the best Bible games for kids. The game has a lot of interesting questions about the characters from the bible. You just have to guess the character from the given clues. The game not only helps to increase knowledge of kids about the bible but also keeps them entertained. The game is available for free or the android platform. You can easily install the game on your devices and enjoy it with your loved ones.

10. Bible Hang Man Games

Here, a little bit of biblical teaching is added into a simple and popular game. In biblical hangman games only Christian things, Bible verse addresses, entire bible verses, or names of bible characters are used. This game is meant for all age groups. The only thing is the words are chosen according to the age group.  All you need is paper and pen or white/blackboard and whiteboard marker or chalk. Online versions are also available. The rules and regulation are the same as normal hangman games.

Some Last Words

Apart from all the fun and cakes, Christmas brings with it lots of games and amusements.  If you people have already started your preparations for the Christmas season, don’t forget to add these fun-filled amazing games to your party, be you a kid or an adult you will love them for sure for these seven games are the Best Bible Game for Adults as well as Best Bible Game for Kids.

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