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Bible Trivia Games

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Do you know which is the best-selling book in the world? It’s the Holy Bible. According to INGCO International, a translation agency, the most translated book in the world is the Bible. It also has been translated into 469 languages. What about playing trivia games in the Bible? Trivial means insignificant things. Trivia games are a competition or game in which the participants are questioned about interesting but insignificant facts in various subjects. Trivia games are about brushing up or discovering secrets and interesting things that constituted history. Read on to find out the top 8 latest Bible trivia games.


What Are The Advantages Of Bible Trivia Games?

In Bible trivia competitions, different teams compete to find out who answers the most questions correctly. It does not only instill fun and positive spirit in kids but also provides several advantages for the participants. Here are some of the merits of playing bible trivia games.

Helps To Understand the Bible:

While preparing and participating in bible trivia games, the participants gain more knowledge about the bible. Kids will be able to learn about people, places, and events in the Bible. Bible trivia games help to learn the bible in a new exciting way.

Helps To Build Competitive Skills

As the advantage of any other competitive sports, bible trivia games also helps to build competitive skill among the children. It will teach how to perform under pressure, depend on their teammates, and how to handle win and lose good-naturedly. It also promotes teamwork.

An Ultimate Collection Of The Latest Bible Trivia Games

Learning and knowing the Bible becomes so fun with the following top Bible trivia games that would line up at the top in the collection of Bible trivia games.


One of the best Bible trivia games that are fun rich! It’s a board game in which a maximum of six players can play. The primary aim of the game is to take one’s piece (a Cross) to the edge of the playing board. It is played amidst other opponents trying to make the player guess 4 words that are on their cards by clues. The time for guessing is just 40 seconds. The number of correct answers allows moving the same number of spaces. One of the wonderful Bible games for adults

where we grow as a team!

· Bible Hero

A Bible trivia game where Bible characters, scenes, events and scripture references are seen in hundreds. This game has the feature of allowing the whole family to play by adjusting difficulty settings. The games modes are so many like playing singly or with teams up to a maximum of eight! Check out the latest updates and have a blast playing this game! Some of the unsung and forgotten old heroes are brought back! Let us learn their stories, too!

· Bible History

Bible History – Though easy to learn, it is difficult to win this game! The main objective of this game is to arrange certain interesting historical events in the Bible, chronologically, in order. Both single and multiplayer modes are available. Solo offers you thrilling challenging games like the speed rounds and sudden death. The multiplayer mode allows a maximum of four people to participate, and this mode is so great for families. That is so jovial!

· BibleSaurus

BibleSaurus- It’s a great Bible game for kids! It is an excellent game to make children acquainted with scriptures. It is a crossword game that also includes the building of one’s zoo for dinosaurs. Let’s start building those majestic Dino-Zoos!

· Bible Trivia Quiz

Bible Trivia Quiz is an entertaining quiz game. The game not only is extremely fun to play with your kids but also helps them to learn about the Bible easily. It is one of the best Bible trivia games for the adults and their kids. The game consists of a plethora of quiz questions from the bible. The question cards never repeat themselves and the card cover both new and old testaments from the Bible. So get together and enjoy this holiday season with your family and loved ones by playing this wonderful and entertaining game.

· Children’s Bible Games & Activities

Children’s Bible Games & Activities are so joyful for kids above and at seven years of age. It consists of challenging and interesting questions to offer for corresponding age groups. The game is designed and devised in such a way that the game ends after three incorrect answers are offered by one for the questions. It’s a perfect game where parents and adults engage together in playing, and parents teach kids!

· NRT Match: Christian Music Game

This jovial game (NRT Match: Christian Music Game) makes one race the time clock to find how many albums covers one can match with the corresponding songs. One learns about artists in music discovery mode as one completes the game.

· Above Gold

Simple to understand, more to find! One has to unscramble verses from the Bible using golden arrows. To get more loot, one must unscramble more verses. The number is huge-100! 100 verses over 4 levels to solve! The levels become increasingly hard as they increase which makes it increasingly interesting and joyous!

· Bible ladder:

In this game, each team will get a stack of Bible topics. The participants have to put them in order according to the course it takes place or appears in the Bible. The stack can range from actions and events to Bible characters.
Some Last words
The bible analyses the truth and brings out the beauty of life and is also a source of divine inspiration. It is a compilation of meaningful and true verses and inspirational quotes, too. Thus, It is an ocean of wisdom. But, it can be a source of joy and fun too if we are a bit creative. The joy and fun are possible through games with the Bible. These games can liven up the moment and make memories. The added advantage is that these games can be played by both kids and adults as well. Thus, knowing and learning the Bible can be joyful and funny if it’s through games. By innovation, we can have Bible Trivia Game Free and other Bible games.

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