Bonding With Your Adopted Baby

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Bonding with your adopted baby

Bonding with your adopted baby

You could have had a tough time preparing yourself and others for adoption,  dealing with legalities and then bringing the baby home. It is quite normal to think how an adopted baby can form bond with you. Will you be able to love the baby the way you love your own if any? Will he be able to adjust in the family? As per the recent studies, it has been concluded that parents form equivalent bond with their adopted babies as with biological ones.

To establish a perfect bond with your baby, spend enough time with her at least for a month and make her feel that you are the only ones for her. At the time of feeding, make an eye contact with your baby full of love and affection. By looking at you, she will be spruced up with emotions, love, care and understanding. Encourage a sweet and playful conversation and indulge in physical endearment with her. This will not only make her laugh and feel obliged but also work on her speaking skills & health development.

It is very important if you can quest for information pertaining to her previous home. The way baby was taken care at her previous home is what she will be expecting in her new home as well. The way she was cuddled, bathed, fed and cared are some important attributes that have to be taken into consideration. This will inculcate a sense of belongingness in her. Try and be in touch with her through regular conversations. For instance, if you are eating your meal, show and tell her what all is there in your plate. Read a story to her while she is one bed. She would not understand much at this point but will certainly grasp quite a lot. This is the best way to form love and trust on her. Plan a surrounding for her equivalent to her previous one. Same wardrobe, bed, teddy bears, dolls, sports cars, etc. will help baby feel familiar to the new house.

If your baby is crying consistently, it does not mean she is not feeling comfortable with you. She might be hungry or sleepy, might be having pain somewhere or a food allergy or encountering mood swings. The best way to tackle this is to read books based on such grounds and find a solution rather than making an assumption.

Some adopted babies encounter growth& developmental problems, as they have not been well brought up in their previous days. Consult the adoption centre for taking out further details or your doctor to discuss on matters pertaining to your baby’s growth. This is not something to worry about.

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