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Top 5 Conception Myths

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When it comes to pregnancy, everyone has loads of advice, and you get too much fodder online as well. Making a baby rests on many theories, which may not necessarily true. Pregnancy has lots of facts and myths attached to it. Many women give a shot on various myths to get pregnant mistaking them to be facts. Below list may help you differentiate between the facts and myths of conception.

  1. Rest On Your Back with upstanding hips for 20 minutes

Why People Think It Helps –Many oldwives tales suggest either putting a pillow underneath the hips or stay in an elevated position on your back could help you get pregnant fast. Putting yourself in such a position will slide your pelvis up and direct the sperms into ovary.

Fact: Every orgasm consists of thousands of sperms. If you are really getting pregnant at that point, the credit goes to that one sperm that has made his way through the fallopian tubes. Whether you lay down with elated hips or do leapfrogs over immediately after intercourse; it does not make a significant effect, since gravity would be at work by itself. However, a little bit of common sense would say that lying down may just about help a bit – but if you do not have the time, don’t stress out on this.

  1. Using A Cough Syrup

Why People Think It Helps – Guaifenesin enriched cough syrup is supposed to slender the mucus in your lungs and other parts of body like cervical mucus. This will enable the sperm to make its way easier and comfortably to the egg.

Fact: Guaifenesin is certainly a remedy for treating impotence provoked by thick cervical mucus. However, it will help you in conceiving is a doubtful thought. It is advisable to consult your gynaecologist about guaifenesin if you are encountering problems getting pregnant.

  1. Sex Positions

Why People Think It Helps –Positions which let guy penetrates deeper into you may increase the chances of hitting a point exactly where it is destined to be.

Fact: Not enough research has been carried out to substantiate this myth. However, few experts have stated that deep insertion enables the egg to land closer to your cervix. But deep insertion alone cannot make a difference if it is not backed by enough cervical mucus, which moves a man’s sperms towards the egg. The point to note here is that sex has to be enjoyable, and comfortable to get pregnant. If you have qualms about a position, we’d say let it go,

  1. Green Tea

Why People Think It Helps – The consumption of green tea helps in stepping up your fecundity. Green tea is well equipped with potent polyphenols that is rich in antioxidant priorities. It rules out any damage to your reproductive organs and makes eggs more feasible.

Fact: Green tea does increase your potency but excess of everything, makes things worse. Define your limits by taking one cup each day. Compared to black tea or coffee, green tea is much more preferable as it has less caffeine present. Caffeine is harmful when you are planning to conceive. If you continue to take it in large quantum then it will curtail the effectiveness of folic acid, which is an essential element in your baby’s growth.

Conception Myths

Know Facts From Myths

  1. Use of Lubricants

Why People Think It Helps – Lubricants, like cervical mucus enable the sperm to make its way through the fallopian tubes and associate with the egg.

Fact: Your body has several mucus related substances, which may act crucial while you are planning for your baby. Mucus like saliva can obstruct your cervical mucus, adjust the pH in your vaginal tract and kill the fertile sperms. You may get in touch with various lubricant brands for gaining extra lubrication.

BONUS – Unless the woman has an orgasm, chances of pregnancy are less

Why People Think It Helps – Having an orgasm causes uterine contractions that may help the sperm traverse to the fallopian tubes.

Fact: Having an orgasm could push your man to work harder, and would be a good thing indeed, but in order to get pregnant, it does not matter – unless your man wants to increase the chances of having a baby boy. Having an orgasm increases alkaline secretions in the vaginal tract, which may favour a male sperm.

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