15 Popular Christmas Songs For Your Toddlers

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When you say Christmas, what comes to mind immediately? Santa, gifts, Christmas tree, family get- together, parties, vacations and loads of fun. Wait, can Christmas be complete without the songs, the carols? Much before the holiday season begins, the songs fill the air ushering in the spirit. With so much music that comes with the festival, toddlers enjoy Christmas. However, many of the songs may be difficult for them to sing given the difficulty of the words and their limited vocabulary. Moreover, it may be difficult for them to conceptualize the images that some of the words bring in. Hence it is very important to choose the right songs to teach and sing with toddlers so that they can be part of the party and fun that the festival brings with it.
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15 Popular Christmas Songs For Your Toddlers

Here is a list of popular Christmas songs and start practicing with the kids right away:

  1. Jingle Bells: Christmas just doesn’t seem complete without this classic song. It’s an all-time favorite across all age groups and it virtually reverberates throughout the holiday season till we ring in the New Year. The song is lyrical and simple and toddlers too enjoy especially if it is accompanied by an animated version. Unless the bells jingle, Christmas isn’t overhttps://youtu.be/3WYhWM5l-qc
  2. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer: Simple adorable, this song just stays with you. Kids love Rudolph, guiding Santa through the foggy evening to give away gifts to children

  3. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town: This one is especially for kids. Christmas is also a time when kids make huge list of things they want from Santa. If they know this song, they also know that Santa is watching and the gifts are only for kids who are well behaved. So, while they’re learning the song, they’re also learning to behave. Isn’t that a bonus?https://youtu.be/HWv72L4wgCc
  4. Frosty, The Snowman: This is a holiday song and very popular during Christmas. It tells the story of Frosty who magically comes to life and plays with the children who created him until he melts away. A very heart-warming story and song, toddlers may not understand that words so well, but will love the rhythm and flow of the songhttps://youtu.be/pmuJDmjq-xQ
  5. All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth: Children who’ve just lost their teeth over the holidays can relate to and will love this song, but other kids can enjoy this one. “All I Want for Christmas” is a unique Christmas song penned by Donald Yetter Gardner in 1944https://youtu.be/Od2_N4bR7bI
  6. We Wish You A Merry Christmas: An all-time favorite, this song never seems to age. It’s simple, peppy and toddlers will love the beats that go with it. They can go on and on until the New Year begins, wishing everyone not just a merry Christmas but a very happy new year toohttps://youtu.be/3Wv-JIpAjks
  7. Let It Snow: A slightly longish snow, but toddlers will surely enjoy this. It describes the season and the weather outside and since there’s nothing much to do outside, it calls for more snow. Since Christmas is automatically associated with snow, toddlers can relate to it, even if they don’t see it virtuallyhttps://youtu.be/mN7LW0Y00kE
  8. Silent Night: Not particularly a toddler’s song per say, but nevertheless a popular one across all age groups. Christmas is literally not in until you hear this song. The soft tune and the lyrics calm your mind and toddlers might love it for its effectshttps://youtu.be/9T4WB2zfmps
  9. The 12-Days Of Christmas: A longish song, but who said toddlers don’t enjoy long ones? This one is interesting because it talks about the gifts given on 12 days leading upto Christmas. What’s more, children will love counting numbers, anticipating the gifts that they are supposed to get each day and the names of animals and birds that are part of the song. So there’s lot of learning while having funhttps://youtu.be/oyEyMjdD2uk
  10. Here We Come A-Caroling: This song is about carols, love, joy and blessings and completely encompasses the spirit of Christmas. That is also the reason why it’s so popularhttps://youtu.be/in6XgUNWlMM
  11. 10 Little Elves: A song about 10 elves making toys, sewing, painting, sawing, hammering, wrapping and finally sleeping. The perfect, simple song that talks about the elves helping Santa prepare to deliver gifts to children all over. Toddlers will love the tune, the lyrics, the animation and sound effects when this song is played out to themhttps://youtu.be/KzPNNAogq3w
  12. Deck The Halls: A 16th century Welsh song, more about the New Year, but nevertheless very popular during this holiday season. Toddlers and kids will love the repetitive fa la la which doesn’t seem to leave youhttps://youtu.be/SIFqnEoctI4
  13. Santa’s On His Way: It’s a song about the list that kids have made and tell their mom. One wants a ball, the other wants a yo-yo, and the third one wants a bike while the little one wants a jump rope. Totally about the spirit of Christmas—Santa and his gifts, this song is sure to be a hit among toddlershttps://youtu.be/-JjPYcJE__k
  14. Holly Jolly Christmas: A jolly song that kids will love to learn and hum. It talks about having fun during the holiday season, meeting and greeting people. The lyrics are simple and the tune is addictivehttps://youtu.be/nVMCUtsmWmQ
  15. S-A-N-T-A: All those toddlers who know Bingo will automatically fall for this song. Just sing/ play this song and watch the excitement and twinkle in your toddler’s eyeshttps://youtu.be/mGAYzlqj-aE

Christmas is a time of celebration and no celebration is complete without songs. So, let’s put on the music and get ready to welcome Santa with our toddlers in tow.
Merry Christmas!!

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