Dealing With Bad Academic Performance

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Talk about aspirations!! In the present competitive era, every parent wants his child to be on the top. This exerts huge pressure on child’s mind, and sometimes he succumbs to the pressure resulting in a bad academic performance.

If your child is slightly weak in studies and struggling to get good marks, showing a non-supportive behaviour won’t yield any fruit, but you need to be positive and placid in handling the situation. Sometimes, bad results are also accompanied with bad behaviour, if his attitude is falling in proportion to his grades then the issue could be emotional. Sometimes, there is a gradual decline in academic performance, while sometimes it is sudden. As parents, we need to help the children climb out of their bad grades with patience and preservence – pregnancy pillow

  1. Spend Time On Your Children: Watching TV serials, attending kitty parties, gossiping; all can take a back seat when your children are in real need of you. This is the time when you can strengthen their base. They might not be having cumbersome homework but teaching additional things can make them prone to more knowledge. Plan out some interesting games or strategies to teach your children, as simple teaching will shift their focus soon. For instance, for every 10 correct answers, make them entitled to a small gift.
  2. Be In Touch With The School: Get updates on what is happening in the school by regularly checking your mails. Teachers send across mails, newsletters and journals to familiarize parents about the happenings in the classroom. Parents can convey their comments or initiate conversation via phone or e-mail.
  3. Encourage Private Tutoring: Some children have different learning styles and grabbing power as compared to other students. Some children can grasp hard things easily while some struggle in learning easy things too. They are hesitant in asking questions and clearing doubts in class. Therefore, such children tend to lag behind from other students if professional guidance is not granted to them. Private tutoring can help your child feel free, open up with questions and learn easily.
  4. Boost His Confidence: It is very natural and easy to loose confidence upon receiving bad scorecards. In such a situation, you can praise him on different aspects he has excelled at. It is very important to regain his lost confidence to strengthen his mental stature. A depressed mind can’t think move and exercise new ideas.
  5. Evaluate Your Children: This is one of the most important steps in helping your child know where he is standing and what he lacks in. Children can improve only when they are aware of their flaws. Help them carry out their SWOT analysis and find feasible solutions to their hardships.

Parents need to understand that every child is not the same – some children are born geniuses and some are slow learners. Recognize the learning capabilities of your child and understand his needs and requirements. Sometimes, too much pressure gives way to negativity, and academic genius is not the only way your child can be success

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