Diaper Rashes : Reasons And Solutions

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Diaper rashes are common, and have nothing to do with bad parenting!

You can easily recognize diaper rashes which appear as prickly, red bumps or skin irritations in your baby’s bottom when you remove the diaper. These rashes can either be in the vaginal or the hip area of the baby. Your baby would seem to be uncomfortable, cranky and irritable, and he may cry a lot. A baby might not feel happy with a diaper or a simple underwear too. prickly red spots or skin irritation in babies due to diaper rashes can be treated at home by using simple remedies and result show up within a few days. But you should seek proper medical advice if the baby develops pimples that are full of pus or you can see that the baby has sore skin. If you notice any change in the baby’s temperature, a doctor should be called upon

Many reasons can actually result in diaper rashes in the baby. It’s not because you are not taking care of your baby properly – but it can be definitely due to laziness in changing diapers frequently. A diaper needs to be changed once it is wet or soiled – on immediate basis, but many parents ignore this fact and let the baby in wet or soiled diapers. Once wet, a diaper becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi which can cause skin irritation in babies. Leaving the baby in a diaper full of baby poop is another major cause of diaper rashes. Another reason could be that your baby’s skin is very sensitive and is not able to cope with the fragrances in the diapers or with the lotion or powder you are using while diapering. It may also be due to yeast infection in the diaper area of your baby which develops due to the growth of bacteria in moist temperatures. When the babies are introduced to new and solid foods, their stool color and consistency also undergoes a change, thus increasing chances of infection which may cause rashes. If your baby is on antibiotics he/she may develop rashes due to yeast infection or diarrhea.

The best treatment for diaper rashes is prevention and utmost care. Keep on changing diapers frequently to avoid stool and urine exposure to skin which may cause infection. If you still see rashes do not get worried, just follow a few things at home:

  • The baby’s diaper area should be cleaned with a soft washcloth and some water, your baby will get relief for some time – avoid baby wipes for some time.
  • Petroleum jelly is also used to lessen the friction between the diaper and the skin.
  • If you are at home leave your baby without diaper for some time, giving him some free time so as to let the skin be exposed to air which provides a lot of relief.
  • Let him /her sleep with bare bottom while he/she has rashes, it makes the baby comfortable and reduces irritation in skin.
  • Try to keep them dry at nights too. You may need to wake them up to change the diapers – it is just about fine.
  • Use soft lotion or jelly on the irritated bottom everytime you change the diaper
  • If irritated, cuddle and love her/him and make the baby relax. Always make sure to handle the bottom area of your baby gently.
  • Make sure that the diaper is loose enough so as to allow air to pass. While cleaning baby poop or pee, always wipe from front to back, especially for girls as otherwise it could lead to urinary tract infections. Read on How To Diaper a Baby.

Diaper rashes are common, and they at best can only be prevented. However, if you feel the rashes are not going away even after 2-3 days, or there are blisters forming on the skin, do see your paediatrician.

Happy Diapering!

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