Diapering A Baby

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Step-by-step guide to diaper your baby

Diapering your baby can be crucial for new mothers; it could be difficult to hold, let alone push or pull the tiny weeny creature who looks and feels fragile. However, every mother (and even fathers) must master the art of diapering a baby – which by all means is as essential as feeding and sleeping. You also would be facing the dilemma of whether using diapers is safe for the baby well, this is a decision of choice, and we feel diapering is a good way to go as long as the baby and you are happy with it. We hope based on your preferences and choices, you have made the decision between cloth and disposable diapers. The method for changing the diapers will be almost the same, whether you are using disposable or cloth diapers. Before we move to discuss the correct way of diapering a baby, let us discuss a few basic points which will make this job easier. Firstly make sure you maintain a good stock of diapers if you are using the disposable ones. Your baby might need 8-10 diapers per day or even more, in the initial months. Try to keep everything within reach, since it is not suggested to leave the baby unattended. For instance if your baby poops in the diaper you may need wet wipes, cotton, warm water to clean it etc. You need to regularly change the diaper of a new born after every few hours (which will depend on your baby’s peeing intervals and diaper’s capacity). Ensure that you place the baby on a safe and secure place. If you use a table do not forget to buckle the strap properly.

Steps to change a diaper:

  1. Wash your hands. Check the diaper if it’s heavy or smells, it needs to be changed. (gradually you will be able to learn when it needs to be changed )
  2. Keep a sheet which absorbs moisture or the ones which are available in the market for babies.
  3. Before you change a diaper, place the sheet under the lower back of your kid. This helps to prevent the table or bed to get dirty if there is any baby poop in it.
  4. Give your baby a small toy in his hands to keep him busy while you do your job.
  5. Open the tabs of dirty diaper and fold them so that it does not stick to the baby’s skin.
  6. Gently hold the legs of your baby by using one hand to uplift him slightly to remove the dirty diaper and with the other hand take the diaper away slowly. (If it has poop before taking it out fold it carefully so that poop does not spread over the legs or the waist of baby).
  7. Remember to wipe from front to back – if you have a baby girl, wiping from back to front can get her infected with UTIs.
  8. It is good to clean the baby’s bottom every time when you change the diaper with the wipe or damp cloth to avoid infections. Make it a habit. Check for the back portion of fresh diaper (usually some indication is given if it’s a pant style diaper )
  9. While holding the legs of your baby gently, slide the back portion of diaper underneath your baby and pull the front part between baby’s legs covering the bottom and close the tabs.
  10. Make sure at least two fingers get inserted between diaper and baby’s waist. Too tight diaper may make your baby cry and cause rashes too.
  11. Do remember to wash your hands after changing the diaper too.

You are done with diapering! You may keep on talking to your baby while changing the diaper to strengthen the bond between two of you.

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