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Disney Characters

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Children love Disney characters. Not only the children but people of all ages still get mesmerized by the entertaining acts portrayed by these characters on the screen. What makes Disney characters more special is the message it gives to the audience through their actions. The movies of Disney can be a great learning curve for the kids as well. Disney movies and their characters have the capability of influencing a child’s personality while the child is growing up. Therefore, even though parents may not allow their child to watch television or movies that much, but when it comes to Disney, everything is permitted. Also, parents are very much inclined to take their child to the famous Disney World, which is one of the best amusement parks throughout the world. Let’s see what makes Disney characters so much captivating for the children.

What Children Learn From Disney Characters

Disney characters had fascinated children of all ages since its beginning in 1923. Children and adults have learned plenty of lessons while getting baffled by the acts performed on the screen by various Disney characters. It is really important to understand some of those life lessons that Disney characters taught over the years.

1.The Inclination To Study:

Belle is one such character in the Disney animations, which motivates children and adults to read more as nothing can stop you from learning and acquiring knowledge through reading.

2. Do Everything With Dedication:

Sometimes life can be hard on anyone. But that does not mean one has to leave the course of life. Characters like Tiana is an excellent example of keep hustling. She gave 110% effort in her work to make it a success.

3. Being Kind To Everyone:

One should teach children kindness from the beginning. Disney characters like Cinderella are one such example that showed kindness even against an evil person like the mother she had. It tells children that if you are kind, good things will happen to you.

4. Importance Of Family:

It is important that your child learns the importance of family at an early age. Moreover, the family does not have to be only genetically bound. Stitch and Lilo are great examples that can make your child learn the importance of being in a family.

5. Becoming Your Own Hero:

Hercules is one of the greatest heroes one could see as an example of being a hero. He strived strenuously and overcame all his obstacles to become of the greatest heroes. His life is truly inspiring.

6. Lying Is Not A Solution:

From childhood, you teach your child that lying is bad, and it will get you nowhere. Now, if you can show your child an example of that, he or she will be able to learn that in a much better way. Pinocchio does that work wonderfully for you.

Female Disney Characters

If you are a Disney fan, then you must be aware of a plethora of Female Disney Characters who mesmerized everyone with their individual acts. Mentioning each and every one of them may not be possible but let’s have a look at some of them which can have an influential impact on your child’s life:

Minnie Mouse

Mentioning the female Disney characters will be incomplete without Minnie Mouse, a character that will make you fall in love with her cuteness even in your childhood.


You will be astonished to know that the character of FaMulan in the famous Disney animation movie Mulan and its sequel, Mulan II, is inspired by a real-life character.


You can watch Ariel in the top-rated series from the Disney family, The Little Mermaid and its sequels. It is a very popular character among children as it inspires their imagination of mermaids.


The Lion King, Simba, may not have become the Lion King without the influence of Nala, a lioness with firm determination and great gusto for what she believes.

Male Disney Characters

Well, there is no shortage of Male Disney Characters in the world of Walt Disney as well, characters which have inspired generations and are still influencing young ones. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Mickey Mouse

It is very hard to find a person who did not laugh his or her heart out with the acts of Mickey Mouse, which is arguably one of the funniest characters ever created.


The character of Simba in the movie the Lion King really inspires with his determination and bravery when he takes revenge from his uncle scar for the murder of his father, Mufasa.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck is probably one of the cutest ducks that you can every find in around the world. He has been fascinating people from all over the world for generations.

Disney Character Warehouse

If your child loves Disney characters, then you should take your child to a Disney Character Warehouse. It is that place where you can buy Disney clothes, toys, and various other collectibles for your child. You can rest assured once you take your child there, he or she will have a great time. Disney character warehouse gives you chance to buy authentic merchandise at super cheap prices. Moreover, it is owned and operated by Disney so that you will receive the same friendly service here also.

Disney Character Dining

One of the best things that you can do when you get to Disney World with your child is to book Disney Character Dining. You can dine at some of the best restaurants along with some of the most popular characters of the Disney World. Yes, it might cost you extra, but frankly speaking, you will never see your child more excited than seeing their favorite Disney characters dining with them. It is will surely be a great experience for your child.
Walt Disney’s characters have always fascinated people of multiple generations, and it is continuing to do so. Exploring Disney characters is surely a thrill-a-minute ride. The childhood of your child will become more memorable with the influence of Disney and his plethora of characters.

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