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If you are a Disney fan and have a particular affinity towards collecting Disney merchandise, then the best place for you would be the Disney Character Warehouse. It is one of the best places to take your kids on your vacation to Disney World if you want to shop for Disney merchandise. Children are a huge fan of Disney characters for obvious reasons. But, it will not be an injustice to say that even the grown-ups and adults also prefer to watch Disney movies because they are as engrossing and gripping as you can get with any other movies. Therefore, buying merchandise of your favorite characters from Disney is something that you don’t want to be missing out on. Here is everything that you need to know about the Disney Character Warehouse.

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What Is The Disney Character Warehouse?

The Disney Character Warehouse is an outlet where you can find Disney merchandise. It is basically a storehouse for the Disney outlets in the Disney Parks. The Merchandise that you can find here is extremely good, and you can even find the merchandise from old collections. Generally, the Disney outlets showcase the latest Disney merchandise, but at a Disney Character Warehouse, you will find old collections as well. Here are some of the best reasons for visiting a Disney Character Warehouse:

  • Availability of Disney merchandise from the present collection
  • Disney merchandise found at the lowest price
  • Exciting offers and discounts for the Disney merchandise
  • Find Disney merchandise from the old collections as well

Popular Merchandises At The Disney Character Warehouse

When it comes to buying merchandise of various Disney Characters at the Disney Character Warehouse, you have a plethora of options. Just as Disney has a myriad of characters, the number of the types of merchandise is also similar at Disney Character Warehouse. Here are some of the merchandises that you can buy at Disney Character Warehouse:

Magic Band:

When you make a plan to visit Disney World, you will receive magic bands from Disney to move around the Disney world. However, at the warehouse, you can also purchase magic bands whichever you want because the options are plenty.

Jungle Cruise Glass:

If you see the jungle cruise glasses at the Disney Character Warehouse, you will surely get attracted by them. They are very nice to look at, and you would want to bring them to your home for personal use.

Key Chains:

One of the most popular merchandise that is available in the Disney Character Warehouse is key chains. You will have key chains with so many of your favorite Disney characters that you would like to bring them all to your home.

Soft Toys:

This is probably one of the best things for which your kids will make you mad. When you go to the section which has Disney soft toys, you will see that they are so cute that you will be compelled to bring home at least one from them.

Ear Hats:

Now, visiting a Disney Character Warehouse and not buying the iconic Mickey ear hat is something that will make your visit incomplete. Apart from Mickey, you will have plenty of other ear hats, symbolizing other male and Female Disney Characters at the warehouse.


When you are talking about merchandise, how can you forget about T-shirts? It is one of the most common merchandise that you can have. As far as the T-shirts are concerned at the Disney Character Warehouse, if you are a fan of the Male Disney Characters, then you will have lots of options, and for the female character fans, the warehouse will not disappoint you either.

What To Expect At The Disney Character Warehouse

The Disney Character Warehouse is perhaps the best place to visit for a Disney fan that has a special affinity towards collecting Disney merchandise. You will surely get astonished to see so many Disney merchandise stacked in one place. You will find all the merchandise here that is sold at Disney Parks. The experience of visiting the warehouse will be something phenomenal, and an experience of a lifetime. If you want to get your hands on merchandise from an old collection of Disney, then that is also possible at the Disney Character Warehouse, which is probably one of the best things about this warehouse. All in all, it is a place that you have to visit with your family at least once.

Prices Of The Merchandises At The Disney Character Warehouse

One of the special things about the merchandise sold at the Disney Character Warehouse is the price that you have to pay. You will be astonished to see the low price of the merchandise at the character warehouse. Moreover, they have special discounts and offers, which make the merchandise purchase even more lucrative. You will surely love to buy merchandise at the Disney Character Warehouse.
Finally, if you think that the Disney Character Dining is the best experience at Disney World, then the experience of visiting the Disney Character Warehouse will be another special experience. Every Disney fan wants to collect merchandise from their favorite Disney characters. The Disney Character Warehouse will help you to enrich your collection with the present and past merchandises of Disney.

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