How To Dress A Baby In Summer – Safe Summer Dressing Tips For Babies

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How to dress a baby in summer

Are you aware that babies have trouble maintaining a normal body temperature? This means you need to make sure they aren’t becoming too hot or too chilly by constantly adjusting their attire. During the summer months, your child’s body temperature is likely to rise, so it’s important to clothe them adequately to avoid any potential discomfort. It is very important for all mothers to learn how to dress a baby in summer. 

The summer wardrobes of adults are very conventional. Nonetheless, it might be difficult to choose what babies should wear throughout the summer months given that they are new to the world. If you don’t dress the infant enough, he can become cold, but if you dress him too much, he might get too hot. If you are aware of the measures that must be taken throughout the summer, you may be able to find an appropriate balance.

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How Can I Know If My Baby Is Getting Overheated?

Little babies begin to feel very irritated and start crying when they feel the high temperatures and so it is vital you know how to make sure that your baby is dressed properly to beat the summer heat. Babies do not have the capacity to sweat as adults do and so they become overheated very soon. There are some simple signs that make you realize that your little one is unable to bear the heat. Simple telltale signs convey that your little one is getting heated.

  1. Breathing becomes quite rapid and fast
  2. The little baby’s skin feels quite hot to touch
  3. Your baby’s face begins to flush
  4. The baby starts crying unnecessarily and becomes extremely irritable also
  5. The baby may also appear to be quite lethargic

Always bear in the fact it is very important you need to be extra vigilant and be on the lookout for any telltale signs mentioned above to ensure your baby is cool and comfortable during the entire summer season. If this is your baby’s first summer, do go through these amazing guidelines for taking care of the baby in the hot season.

Given below are some really wonderful tips that will help you to decide what is best for your baby during the summer season.

8 Tips To Dress A Baby In Summer

8 Tips To Safely Dress Up Your Baby In Summer

Learn how to dress a baby in the summer and you’ll have a head start on planning his wardrobe and choosing out the proper clothes for any season. The appropriate attire may make a newborn feel more at ease, both mentally and physically, and this is something that all parents know is important.

Following are 8 tips to dress a  baby in summers 

1. Pick The Right Clothes

It is imperative you adorn your little baby with only lightweight cotton clothes. Never use any kind of synthetic material as these materials absorb heat and will make your little one extremely uncomfortable. Steer clear of adorning socks for the little one and store them away for the cold season. It is best to stick to light-colored clothing or even just whites during summer as it is a known fact that lighter shades help to keep one’s body cool. The same applies to your little prince or princess too. Follow the safe dressing tips for newborns.

2. Protection From The Sun When Outdoors

Opt for long-sleeved clothing when you take your little one for an outing to ensure all parts of the body are well protected against the sun. Ensure your baby is also equipped with a sun hat that has a really wide rim and fits perfectly. Also, take care not to step out with your little one during the peak hours of heat from 10.00 in the morning to 5.00 in the evening.

3. Diaper Choice

Go for cloth nappies rather than synthetic disposable diapers as disposable ones emanate warmth and will make your baby’s bums sweaty. Disposable nappies do not allow the air to circulate and can even trigger a nappy rash in the areas where sweat tends to collect.

4. Shun The Layers While Dress A Baby In Summer

Many people say that a baby should be dressed in an extra layer than what you are comfortable in. However, we’d suggest that you take stock of the weather by yourself and trust your intuition. Never dress your baby in many layers as even this may become uncomfortable and hot for your little mite during this warm weather.

5. Make The Pram Summer Friendly

Make the pram summer friendly_

If you are planning to take the little one out in a pram, ensure you remove all extra padding present in the pram since the pram can get heated and transfer this heat to your little one. Also, if you are going out, dress your baby in full sleeves and pants – like a onesie that covers the arms and the legs.

6. Avoid Using Cosmetics While Dress A Baby In Summer

Avoid using too much cream or lotions on your little one as they tend to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin during the hot summer heat. Avoid using too much baby powder too soon after a bath when applied on moist skin after a bath may trigger discomfort and irritation in the hot season.

7. Strip To The Nappy

If you find the day extremely hot, it would be a good idea to strip your little one down to his nappy and then wrap her up in very light cotton or muslin cloth when sleeping which will make them feel extremely comfortable. Your baby can also play and have fun in just a nappy, and rest assured, she will surely be saved from the heat. However, make sure that it or the fans are not running, or are maintaining a very subtle temperature.

8. Pack An Extra Dress

Pack An Extra Dress

It is advisable to always pack extra clothing of both options, namely cooler clothes, and warmer clothing if you are going out so that you can dress her up accordingly if there is a sudden change in the weather.

Your baby will be able to beat the heat with these suggestions for dressing a baby in summer and enjoying the warm weather without a hitch. Some people may tell you to avoid using air conditioning, while others may insist that you keep your baby well-hydrated with plenty of water during this hot spell. Breast milk offers enough hydration for an infant less than 6 months who are being solely breastfed, so you don’t have to give her water even if it’s really hot outside.   Keep your baby cool and make sure your little bundle of joy is protected from the scorching heat by taking the necessary precautions this season. Consult your child’s physician for guidance in making the best decision. To guarantee your baby’s safety, you must strike a balance between keeping the infant warm and keeping the baby covered.


1. How Many Layers Do Babies Wear In Summer?

Above 75 degrees Fahrenheit calls for just a single layer of loose clothes to be worn by the baby to prevent overheating. Dress them in one extra layer than you would wear in their room as a rule of thumb.

2. Do Babies Need Sleepsuits In Summer?

Overheating is a common health risk throughout the warmer months of the year. If it’s not too hot, a cotton sleepsuit should be OK for your infant to sleep in; if it is, a vest could work instead.

3. Do Babies Wear Long Sleeves In Summer?

Newborns and very young babies, in particular, have very delicate skin and are more prone to sunburn. Babies should be dressed in sun protection apparel that covers as much skin as possible, such as long sleeves, caps, and trousers if they must be outside in the sun.

4. Can I Wrap The Baby In Summer?

Wear a singlet and nappy beneath the wrap in warmer weather. Keep babies cool and comfortable to reduce the risk of SIDS. Put a thin jumpsuit on your infant beneath the wrap if it’s chilly outside. Overheating is possible while using a rabbit rug or blanket, therefore avoid these.

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