Guidelines For Taking Care Of Your Baby In The Summer

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Guidelines For Taking Care Of Your Baby In Summers

With global temperatures rising, this summer has not been easy for anyone. As a new mom, you’re probably panicking and wondering how to keep your newborn cool in the heat, and he or she is no exception. Common concerns for new parents include what to feed their children and how often to wash them. By following some guidelines taking care of your baby in the summer is not that complicated.  

If you have an infant to take care of, then you might be full of questions about how to ensure the little one does not bear the brunt of this harsh summer. You may also be getting advice from many sources on how to care for a newborn in the summer, and it’s possible that your grandma has some tried-and-true home treatments for rashes.  In this blog, you may find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions for new mommies.

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How Often Should We Use Air Conditioner In Baby’s Room?

It is safer to put your child in an A/C room than in a hot and humid environment. This is because your infant cannot yet regulate his body temperature based on the outside temperature as we adults do. Their systems are still a ‘work-in-progress’ kind of thing. So, if the child is in a hot room, then he is more susceptible to heat-related problems like rashes, dehydration, and tiredness.

Air conditioners regulate the room temperature well. No harm in using them at a 24°C-25°C temperature. That said, fresh air and air circulation are important too. So why don’t you use the fan to circulate air during play time and A/C to regulate temperature during the baby’s sleep time? That should give a good balance. Read more on using air conditioners and your baby here.

How Often Should I Bathe The Baby In Summer?

How Often Should I Bathe The Baby In Summer_

As adults, we feel like taking bath 2-3 times a day due to the heat and sweat, so daily bathing can definitely be considered. The little one is going through the same. So if your baby enjoys water time, why not! Bathing is a great way to keep his body cool. That said, bathing an infant is not an easy task. If your baby does not like his bath, then you need not increase the frequency. You should, however, ensure that the baby is clean and dry all the time so that the sweat wouldn’t cause rashes. Also, ensure that you change your baby’s diapers often and do give him considerable diaper-free time.

When you do give a bath, use only mildly warm water and not cold water despite it being hot outside. 36°C-38°C is the ideal water temperature as it is close to our body temperature and hence would be comfortable for the child. Wash areas that trap sweat– like folds of the skin, underarms, neck, etc., and dry the baby properly afterward. If you are giving multiple baths throughout the day, then you do not have to use soap every time. You also need not wash the hair every time as the baby might catch a cold.

Should I Use Any Powder For My Baby To Avoid Prickly Heat?

This is a much-debated topic. Some doctors advise parents to use baby powder on their children as they believe it will help prevent and reduce rashes. Other doctors advise against the use of powder on baby skin as the powder can clog the sweat pores and hence cause or worsen rashes. Quite the contradiction, as you can see.

What we do suggest you do is follow a watch-and-proceed approach. Use powder if you feel it is required. But if is causing a rash, making the baby uncomfortable, or, worsening the rash, then stop it. Also, ensure that you apply it correctly and the baby does not inhale it at all. A simple way is to use a powder puff and touch it gently on the neck, underarms, diaper area, and back. More on using baby powders here.

Can I Continue Giving Oil Massage To The Baby During Summers?

Oil Massage To The Baby During Summers

There is no harm in continuing oil massage for your baby. Actually, it is the one-way taking care of your baby in the summer. There are two things you need to remember.

  • Some oils are heat-generating in nature. For instance, mustard oil is warming. This can increase body temperature and cause discomfort during summertime. Some oils, like sesame oil, have a cooling effect. Understand the nature of the oil before using them on your baby.
  • If not washed off properly, oil can clog the skin pores and cause rashes. So ensure you wash it off well with soap and dry it, again, especially focusing on areas like underarms and neck.

What Kind Of Clothes Should I Use – During The Day And For The Night?

Cotton is the savior! Loose-fitting cotton clothes are the best for this summer. Make sure you change the baby’s clothes often as infants might sweat. Even during the night, you do not have to overdress the child. A simple cotton onesie will keep the little one snug and warm during summer.

Also, do not put your child directly on plastic mats as that can result in them sweating more. Always keep a layer of the cotton sheet between the baby’s skin and any synthetic material. Read more about dressing your baby in summer.

Is It Alright To Use Sun Screen If I Am Stepping Out With My Baby?

If your baby is below 6 months, then ideally she should not be out in the direct sun. If your baby is above 6 months, then you can use good sunscreen on her – talk to your doctor about suggesting a good brand that will suit your child’s sensitive skin.

How Can I Ensure My Baby Does Not Fall Sick During Summers?

Baby Does Not Fall Sick During Summers

Taking care of your baby in the summer is very important as there are many summer issues that may affect the baby. . There are four key illnesses, you need to watch out for:

  1. Dehydration: Babies can get dehydrated in summer. If your baby is being exclusively breastfed, then feed her on demand. That is, if she asks more, give her more. You do not need to consciously increase the frequency. If she is on formula feed, then you might want to give a teaspoon of boiled and cooled water. Make sure you do not increase the water quantity in the feed though.
  2. Rashes: Rashes are a direct result of sweat glands being blocked, which more often than not is caused due to overdressing. Loose cotton clothes and airy rooms can prevent rashes to a certain extent.
  3. Viral Infections: Breastfeeding is the best way to build up your baby’s immunity. Keeping them in heat-regulated air-conditioned areas also will help.
  4. Heat stroke: More fluids, loose-fitting, light clothes that help the skin breathe, and always ensuring the child is not too hot will ensure they do not get heat stroke.
  5. Avoid the sun: Infants less than 6 months should not be taken out in the sun. For older babies too, the sun is best avoided. If you have to go out in the sun, make sure your baby is wearing a protective layer of infant sunscreen and a hat with a wide brim. Carry him under an umbrella to avoid direct sunlight.

How Do I Find Out If My Baby Is Feeling Very Hot?

If the baby is too hot, their cheeks will redden, their hair will be damp, their breathing might become fast and you will see visible signs of sweating.

Feeling your baby’s skin will also make you know if they are feeling hot. The baby will also appear lethargic and may cry out loud. A temperature of over 103 F can be a sign of a heat stroke in the baby and needs immediate medical attention.

How Can I Keep My Baby Cool In Summer?

How Can I Keep My Baby Cool In Summer_

Hit the pool! The pool can work as a wonderful escape from the sun and your baby is likely to enjoy splashing water. Running him a bath before bedtime will also keep your baby cool. During the day keep your baby’s room cool by using dark-colored thick curtains or blinds. Do not dress your baby in many layers, keep nightwear to a minimum. Cool, cotton clothes in light shade and no embellishments can be a good choice when it comes to taking care of your baby in the summer

How Can I Protect My Baby From Mosquitoes?

Summers also bring along mosquito-bred diseases like dengue, malaria etc. Keeping your house clean and making sure that mosquitoes stay away from your baby is very important. You can use a mosquito net for your baby when she is sleeping, and use some home remedies to ward off these pesky creatures. Though mosquito repellents may be your obvious choice, they are not considered safe for newborn babies. Should your little one get bitten by mosquitoes, you may like to know more about treating mosquito bites.

While there is little you can do to escape the summer heat fully, a well-ventilated house, light, airy clothes, and lots of fluids can all make a difference. If you feel hot and sweaty, you might be irritable and that might impact the way you take care of the little one. now you know some tips for taking care of your baby in the summer. So relax, bite into a watermelon, and face the season!


Should I Bathe My Baby Everyday In Summer?

Heat makes babies sweat a much. This doesn’t imply baby needs additional baths. But giving them more frequent baths can be a good way to cool them down.

How Many Times Massage A Baby In Summer?

The frequency of massage sessions is up to you and your kid. There are parents who massage their babies every day, and there are also some who do it every other day. Summer is insignificant as it relates to baby massage.

Do Babies Feel Better After A Bath?

Baths may enable tiny ones to relax and decompress. The benefits of bathing on a child’s emotional and intellectual development have been well documented.

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