Everything To Know About Famous Harry Potter Characters

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Harry Potter is a fantastic series that revolves around the constant war between the good and the evil, that is, wise and kind people like Rubeus Hagrid (who is one of the most soft-hearted people in the series) and the darkest of wizards such as Lord Voldemort. This series has provided us with some of the most fantastic and iconic characters. All the characters have been very successful in capturing the minds of people and winning hearts. Ever wondered which Harry Potter character you are? Here’s a list of some of the iconic Harry Potter characters of all time.

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Ultimate List Of Popular Harry Potter Characters:

1.      Rubeus Hagrid

This character would top the list of one of the most unproblematic characters all the time. Hagrid is a character that inspires everyone to be kind and pleasant. Though a giant in structure, he possesses a kind and gentle heart. He was surprisingly thrown out of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after being suspected of committing a crime. He didn’t have any bad qualities, nor was he dishonest due to which everyone wished to have a Hagrid in their lives.

2.      Harry Potter

The famous character, though with some flaws, was indeed better than many others due to the fact of him being kind and brave even though he was tortured and abused in his childhood. When the time came to fight the greatest wizard of all times, he knew that he could die, but instead of giving up, he faced the challenge bravely, and that is what makes him one of the best Harry Potter characters of all times.

3.      Hermione Granger

Ever wondered what Harry Potter character are you? If you are one of those brave women, who would readily fight away any problematic situation that you are the Hermione Granger character. This character is known for being the most fierce one when it comes to the Harry Potter female characters and is that one companion that everyone should like to have beside them to fight in any situation. Though Hermione has a dark side, she is always kinds and fights for good. She is renowned as the brightest witch of her age and is always there to help her friends out. She also staunchly believes in liberty for all creatures, and can’t stand injustice.

4.      Neville Longbottom

Being the sweetest character in the history of the Harry Potter series, this lad has proved himself to be the most-worthy Gryffindor. This character truly portrays all the best qualities of a true Gryffindor. Neville is a character who is known for his courageous and brave heart, and he is that friend who will fight beside you no matter what difficulties come your way. He is known to defend his friends until the very end and wishes no harm to anybody.

5.      Luna Lovegood

Luna is one of those brave teenage girls who love to fight for what is right and is genuinely devoted to fighting. This is one aspect of her personality, which very fewer people know due to which she has been one of the most underrated characters. She is also one of the most unique and extraordinary characters in modern literature. Unfortunately, her quirkiness and supernatural beliefs cause her schoolmates to ostracize her rather than celebrate her. But, being an intense survivor, she keeps her chin up and walks with confidence and optimism.

6.      Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy is an unfortunate dark character who seems quite weak and was raised by two dark wizards who left no stone unturned to incorporate all the dark values into their son. He is that sort of character who hasn’t done anything good in the past, but when the realization struck him, it’s already too late for him to turn things his way.

7.      Lord Voldemort

One of the highly anticipated and best Harry Potter characters is Lord Voldemort, who can be considered as the darkest character of the entire franchise of the Harry Potter series. The theme of Harry Potter has always been that love is the most powerful magic. When his father was under the influence of the love potion, it led to giving Lord Voldemort an inability to love. From a young age, Voldemort was always very dark and always had the potential to do both great and terrible things. As he grew, this evolved into something truly evil. Over time, Voldemort became obsessed with cheating death and viewed all kinds of love with the utmost scorn. This ultimately led to his downfall, as he underestimated its power and, in a way, brought about his own destruction.

8.      Severus Snape

Severus Snape is one of the greatest Harry Potter characters of all time. He is that character who did have a dark past due to all kinds of evil practices he served during the First Wizarding War but later has his perception changed towards the concept of good Vs. bad when his bad deeds led to the death of this best friend. Ultimately, towards the end, he did start fighting on the side of the good though not having pure intentions. But the change he brought, in the end, did lead to making up for his dark past.

9.      Albus Dumbledore

This character from the Harry Potter series is known to be slightly on the side of the dark while talking about good vs. evil. He is that intellectual maniac who let his curiosity and desire of exploring the power of magic led him to go beyond what is actually the right way. Dumbledore fell in love with some of the darkest wizards present in the world of Harry Potter and never made an attempt to stop them when things turned out wrong. He is what you would call a morally grey character, as he made some really big mistakes but did what he did for what he thought to be the ‘greater good.’ His actions have caused a lot of tragedy, even in his own family, but he always learned from those mistakes. He made a spectacular mentor to Harry and gave him a true authority figure when he had none.

10.  Ron Weasley

One of the bravest heroes of the world of Harry Potter, Ron has always been the best companion to Harry Potter and has always been by his side in his good and bad times. He is a truly heroic wizard who always fights for the right thing though it takes him some time to realize what exactly is the right path. His worst quality is probably his envy of Harry and his fame. Being the youngest boy and second-youngest child in a family with seven children, all who teased him throughout his childhood, made him feel insecure. He always longed to be more important than his siblings, to get more attention. However, Ron was able to forego his negative qualities to the side by Harry when he needed it, making him one of the most loyal of a friend.
Some Last Words
These are some of the most anticipated characters that people love to watch in the entire series of Harry Potter. These characters being good or evil, have played a strong role in completing the story of the series.

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