Which Harry Potter Character Are You

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Doesn’t it sound familiar? Yes! It is the magic spells we’ve heard all our childhood from the epic Harry Potter series. The fantastic story, cast, life lessons, magic of good and evil, etc. form an integral and un-detachable part of our lives. It is so relatable that we often tend to compare ourselves with the Harry Potter characters. So, why not do it again to find out which Harry Potter character are you?
But before that, let’s get acquainted with few fun facts and later know what Harry Potter character is you.

harry potter
Some Fun Facts About Different Harry Potter Characters
The characters are a combination of different personalities, all of which are loved by the audience and fans. Have a deeper look at these characters for your trivial knowledge.

  1. Harry Potter’s birth-date – It is shared, or say J. K. Rowling shares her birthday with her created character Harry Potter (31st July).
  2. The Dementors – These are the result of Rowling’s depression experienced in the past. The Dementors feed upon human emotion, just like she felt when she was in distress after her mother’s death.
  3. Arthur Weasley – He was intended to die in Order of the Phoenix, but was saved because he was one of the very few good fathers in the book.
  4. Noticed the eyes of Harry Potter? It was not green as described in the book, because the actor’s eyes resembled Rowling’s mother’s eyes.
  5. Moaning Myrtle – a student? Shirley Henderson, one of the female Harry Potter’s characters, was 36 when she was cast. However, she played as a 14-year old student in the Chamber of Secrets. Strange but true.
  6. Dumbledore – He was gay, as revealed by Rowling.
  7. Fred Weasley and Sirius Black – The two tricksters died because of laughing!
  8. Lord Voldemort – The name means ‘flight of death,’ which is why he is need of immortality. The yew wand is a symbol of death and life.
  9. Draco Malfoy – He was auditioned for the role of Harry Potter, but was cast as the villain instead. Great luck, isn’t it!
  10. Michael Jackson – He proposed a musical series that could have been incredible, but Rowling denied, and it never happened.

Take This Fun Quiz To Know What Harry Potter Character Are You
Although words are not enough to define which Harry Potter character are you,  you can still take this Harry Potter character quiz and answer to find out what Harry Potter character are you.

  1. Which superpower do you possess?
    I can read minds – 40 pts.
    b. I’m super powerful – 10 pts.
    c. I’m invisible – 30 pts.
    d. I’m super fast – 20 pts.
  2. What is your favorite class?
    Transfiguration – 40 pts.
    b. Defense against the dark – 50 pts.
    c. Charm – 20 pts.
    d. History of magic – 30 pts.
    e. Divination – 10 pts.
  3. Can you see ghosts?
    Sometimes I think I do – 30 pts.
    b. No, but I can hear them – 20 pts.
  4. Yes! But don’t tell anyone – 40 pts.
    d. No! But I’d love to – 10 pts.
  5. What is your favorite pet?
    Snake – 10 pts.
    b. Rat – 20 pts.
    c. Owl – 40 pts.
    d. Cat – 30 pts.
    e. Phoenix – 50 pts.
  6. Best place to hide from a wizard
    Under the bed – 20 pts.
    b. In the closet – 40 pts.
    c. In the cellar – 30 pts.
    d. In the attic – 10 pts.
  7. What is your greatest fear?
    Death – 10 pts.
    b. Loss of control – 40 pts.
    c. Losing someone – 50 pts.
    d. Being mundane – 20 pts.
    e. Failure – 30 pts.
  8. What is your best quality?
    Honesty – 10 pts.
    b. loyalty – 30 pts.
    c. ambition – 20 pts.
    d. compassion – 40 pts.
  9. What is your Hogwart’s house?
    Ravenclaw – 40 pts.
    b. Slytherin – 20 pts.
    c. Gryffindor – 50 pts.
    d. Muggle/squib – 10 pts.
    e. Hufflepuff – 30 pts.


  • 80 – 140 pts. = Severus Snape (cold, sarcastic, malicious, emotionally damaged, full of hatred)
  • 140 – 190 pts = Ron Weasley (funny, emotional, insensitive, loyal, immature, fierce temper, protective)
  • 190 – 250 pts. = Luna Lovegood (distant, dreamy, innocent, odd, weird)
  • 250 – 290 pts. = Hermoine (smart, sophisticated, hard-working, brilliant)
  • 290 – 320 pts. = Harry (kind, brave, selfless, impulsive, not a people person but is known due to tragic past)
  • 320 – 360 pts. = Dumbledore (extremely talented, kind-hearted, powerful, wise, loves everyone, sees good in every person)

So, even though you compare yourself with the characters, it is important to do it in a fun way and not isolate your own identity. In the end, what really matters is who we are. This is also what the Harry Potter series teaches us. And we definitely, would not want to falsify it. Right?

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