100 Father Son Quotes to Celebrate Their Beautiful Bond

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Father son quotes

Despite the ocean of love within, father and son find it hard to express their love for each other in words. We’ve made a list of the truest and most heart-touching father-son quotes that reflect upon the unique bond they both share. And, the regard they have for each other. A father wears countless hats, and not just of a ‘dad’. He’s a mentor, a friend, a brother, and much more.

Truly, we need to appreciate our fathers more. And if your love is not taking the form of words, the quotes below are the mirror on which your truest feelings reflect. Some quotes will make you tear up, some may make you laugh, and while reading many of the quotes you’ll feel a lot of strength. And it’s a promise, you’ll find a quote, if not many, made just for you.

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Cute Father-Son Quotes

Cute Father-Son Quotes

Some of these quotes will make you giggle and think deeply. They reveal a lot about a father and son’s bond.

  1. It’s so strange that my 3-year-old boy knows the names of many species of dinosaurs, and I can’t even recall my home phone number.
  2. You are a super daddy, and so I am a super son.
  3. A small boy touches the heights of greatness by being with a great man who cares about the small boy.
  4. Even if a son grows taller than his dad, he will keep looking up to him.
  5. God couldn’t hand everyone life’s instruction book, so he made fathers.
  6. A father helps a son know life by himself, he doesn’t force his knowledge and experience upon him, yet he uses it for his teachings.
  7. A father cannot bear to see his son fall, still he waits for the right time to interfere, and picks him up.
  8. A matching DNA doesn’t make a dad, but love does.
  9. Once a son said, ‘Father, sometimes I doubt myself in life, but I always believe in you, who believed in me’.
  10. A son will always follow what he saw his father doing, not what he was taught.
  11. Above astronaut, scientist, singer, and all, a son’s truest wish is to be like his father when he grows up.
  12. The thing that beats inside a father’s chest can love a hundred sons, but even a hundred sons will not be enough to love one father the same way.

Quotes on Father And Son Moments

Quotes on Father And Son Moments

Both father and son are grateful to have each other. Here is a collection of the most beautiful quotes which will make you think about the love and respect they have for each other.

  1. I see people talk about several privileges in life, but the privilege that makes me feel the luckiest is having a father.
  2. Yesterday you were my little boy, today, my friend, and forever, my lovely son.
  3. The legacy which encompasses everything in life is to be a great son, father, and a friend.
  4. A son is like a seed, containing within him all the possibilities to become a gorgeous tree. A father should only appreciate what the son already has, and water the tree.
  5. Fatherhood is more beautiful than I could ever imagine. I feel the breeze more alive, the sky looks more colorful, music sounds much more melodious. I just have a cute little son.
  6. A father is life’s cheat code.
  7. A father’s love is a flower which is always concealed inside a son’s heart.
  8. My day is incomplete without seeing my son’s smile.
  9. My childhood stubborn self was afraid to turn out like his father, but now I am afraid I will never be able to match what he was.
  10. It is a misconception that only the most perfect man does fathering the best, the process of raising a son makes a man perfect.
  11. Rarely have I met someone as fearless and courageous as my dad.
  12. Instead of buying your son all the things you never had, teach him all the lessons you were never taught.
  13. Fatherhood matures a man, as all his little and big actions and behaviors are being watched, and one day will be mimicked.
  14. The biggest house in the neighborhood doesn’t make you successful, but looking at your son’s face and realizing that they’ve become better than you does.
  15. With every passing date, and every passing year of my life, my father seems to get smarter and wiser, or, was my mind blind to the fact all along?
  16. Every age does not get its Hero, it’s up to me raising a son whom I can call one.
  17. It’s true that I have outgrown his lap, but never will I be able to outgrow his loving heart.
  18. The 14-year-old me couldn’t bear the company of my father, but now that I am 21, I yearn for his words whenever I need motivation in life.
  19. I always remember the fact that I am not just raising a son, I’m raising a generation of sons and daughters.
  20. Loving my son has opened the valve of my heart. Now I’m helplessly overflowing with affection for everyone and everything around me. I can’t close the valve, nor do I wish to, it’s just so beautiful.

Inspirational Quotes on Father And Son

Inspirational Quotes on Father And Son

The most powerful lines that were ever penned on paper are yours to read. Fathers should realize how much they are worth, and how invaluable is the work that they’re doing.

  1. I invite all of life’s difficulties with valor, for I have to set an example for my son.
  2. The one-in-a-million stone, the diamond earns its sparkle under tremendous pressure. I know, my son, it can be hard for you to understand my ways, but it’s for your best.
  3. Fathering is like shaving. Today, you shaved well, but you must do it again the next day.
  4. It matters not if I am 50, 60, or even 80 years old, I will always need my son by my side. He has seen me in tears, in my joyful moments; hugged me tight, cheered my soul up, and sometimes driven me to madness. My son is Life’s promise to me that I’ll forever have a friend by my side.
  5. A father is not someone who holds the lamp for you and lights up the way. He IS the lamp.
  6. The invaluable gems come out of a father’s mouth at the most unexpected moments, when he’s not even aware that he is teaching.
  7. A father is a son’s armor. He guards him against the sharpest arrows that life throws at him.
  8. I am the wealthiest man in the world. My son calls me and visits regularly, and talks to me for as long as I don’t doze off.
  9. The six-lettered word, ‘Father’, when uttered with love, makes the most ordinary man become an adventurer, a hero, a storyteller, and a singer of songs.
  10. A father and a son are tied by a thread of love. He knows what his son needs.
  11. A father doesn’t hold your hand, but he has your back.
  12. Fatherhood is the beginning of a great journey.
  13. You never look as tall as when you kneel to help your child.
  14. A tiger father raises a tiger son.
  15. The roots of trees are invisible to the naked eye. Similarly, the work of a father is not so much praised but it is an invaluable asset.
  16. I wish I could always remain with my son. I know I can’t, and that’s why my job is to teach him the highest of the highest lessons.
  17. You know when you are growing old, as your face matches with your father.
  18. It’s as if I learned entire libraries while watching my father’s fortitude during the most difficult years of our lives.
  19. A son eventually realizes that his father was right, but usually, by that time he becomes a father himself.
  20. The fact that the world is not overflowing with the glory of fathers and sons is a proof that the relationship can’t just be reduced to biology.

Quotes on Father And Son Bond

Quotes on Father And Son Bond

This relationship is based on mutual trust and love. No matter if you’re a father who reads these, or a son, you’ll truly love and treasure these quotes.

  1. I learned a very good lesson from my father: Don’t lose your heart when things aren’t working out. And don’t lose your mind when everything is in your favor.
  2. My father is a living breathing Bible of life, my first teacher.
  3. My dad gave me a fine chance at life.
  4. I’m loving the person that my son is becoming.
  5. Flesh and blood don’t make a father and a son relationship, it’s when two hearts have become one.
  6. A farmer doesn’t scold his crops for not growing. He makes sure that the soil is rich, and the fertilizers are being given. Same is the role of a father.
  7. Reflect upon your fatherhood in the quiet hours of the day. You will become an even better dad.
  8. He is neither an anchor holding us back nor is he a sail. My father is a guiding light whose love lights up the road of my life.
  9. We share a bond of friendship, not just of father and son.
  10. Never have I seen him teach me life lessons without first living those dimensions.
  11. He used to say life is not like a school examination. Schools first teach us a lesson, and then expect us to attend the tests. But life tests us first, and then we get a lesson out of it.
  12. My son, there is no hourglass of life. There are no right or wrong times to do something you want to do.
  13. At 15, I thought my father’s teachings could be compared to a glass of water’s quantity. At 20, I thought it was like a pool. When I was 30, it became like the sea. And now that I am 40, I have realized it has taken the form of an ocean.
  14. We change our hats in life to do different things. But there’s no hat for fathering. There is no break.
  15. You have to watch your moral self as a devotee who doesn’t allow the breeze to blow off the lamp’s light. The responsibility is enormously beautiful.
  16. Never get worried or anxious when he fails in anything. Encourage him to try again, the fact that failure exists will never infect his mind.
  17. Duties, my son, which a man fulfills, makes him worthy of God’s love.
  18. Be your son’s brother when he grows up.
  19. I have become selfish to selfless in my journey of fatherhood.
  20. My boy is an ocean of joy. I come home and take him in my lap. He dissolves all my pain, and I forget why I was even upset.
  21. If you want a son you’re proud of, first, be a man he can be proud of.
  22. Fathers and sons are two sides of the same coin.

Quotes on Father-Son Love

Quotes on Father-Son Love

Mysterious are the ways of fathers. Ever wondered why they do what they do?

  1. A dad is the soul of the family.
  2. Dads are kind, patient, and loving. You are all of these and much more to me.
  3. A son stands upon a very sturdy base in his life, which is his father’s shoulders.
  4. The work of a father is to give his son a true battle.
  5. I only started contributing to my family when I turned 40, as I’m a sick man. The world turned its back on me. But my mom and dad always supported me. This is unconditional love.
  6. His voice was always rough, but I could hear him say ‘I love you my son’ above all else.
  7. Dads share their wisdom with their children. And our work is to keep it alive and share it again when the time comes.
  8. Once I read a quote that we should live our lives with a big purpose. I shared it with my father, and he said, ‘My only purpose is you and your mother’. It made my eyes wet, and I realized that’s how it sounds when knowledge comes alive.
  9. Your dad knows you better than you know yourself. Trust him and walk on the path he points at, even if it’s like walking on the edge of a knife.
  10. One father is equal to a thousand school teachers.
  11. I learned from my dad how to value myself. He used to say, ‘When it comes to respect, don’t count the number of people, but measure the greatness of the person who respects you. One person with a kind heart and a powerful soul is better than hundreds of normal people’.
  12. I know my father gave his all to raise me. I don’t regret what I turned out to be.
  13. Fatherhood comes with a myriad of responsibilities, but to sum it all up, you have to be your child’s role model.
  14. The occurrence is rare, and wise is the father who knows his own son.
  15. Dear God, I feel immensely grateful to have a Dad. You really do love me because it’s all I could ask for.
  16. Father – who kills his own desire to buy branded shoes, clothes, or perfumes and lives simply just so you may afford all of these.
  17. I have your back, my son. I’m always close to you, closer than you are to yourself. Go in the direction of your dreams fearlessly.
  18. I have the greatest possessions in life. I can call the world’s best person my dad.
  19. A father’s love is whole, giving is quiet, teaching is gentle, and deep is his way of inspiring.
  20. He is the richest person in the world. He never refuses to give even when his pockets are empty.

Short Quotes About Father And Son

Quotes on Father-Son Love

A father is always there for his son, no matter how difficult his own situation is. Let’s appreciate all such qualities of a father which are truly one of a kind.

  1. A father’s heart is one of nature’s most phenomenal creations.
  2. I need my father to face the present, and he needs me tomorrow for every situation he’s facing for me today.
  3. Father – someone who yearns to see his son become as good a person as he strived to be.
  4. A father’s love is what fuels the child to attempt the impossible.
  5. My dad is the person I most look up to, for his vision, his humor.
  6. Blessed is the son whose faith in his father remains unchanged.
  7. I listen to what my father says, and it keeps me out of trouble. I’m a good son.
  8. My father is not a CIA agent, but he’d do anything for me.

Next time you are looking for words to express your love for your father, these quotes will surely come in handy. A father is someone who silently walks along giving support, protection, and love. They provide for the family, without expecting anything in return. Cherish your father and make them feel special not just on any occasion, but everyday for the rest of their lives!  

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