Top 300 Popular Baby Names That Mean Noble With Meanings

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300 Baby Names That Mean Noble

Babies grace us with their presence after 9 months. As parents, we eagerly await the arrival of the good news and plan to give the little one the best name. Royal and Noble names are believed to rule the world, and if you are looking for the best noble baby names, then check out this article, which has 300 Baby names that mean Noble.

Nobility in name has more to do than just create wealth and wisdom. We all know the importance of names in the course of a child’s life. Thus, parents must take their time in selecting the best name for a baby girl or a baby boy. Below the table mentioned, you will find baby names arranged in alphabetical order with their meanings and gender to help you choose well.

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Popular baby names that mean noble are not a ticket to an elite life. However, it opens the door to the new strength, wisdom, and virtue that the name carries. Lets check out 100 popular names listed below-

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aloin Noble Friend
2 Alonzo An inspirational dashing noble
3 Alphonso A noble prompt person ready for struggle and war
4 Alphonsus Noble and ready
5 Brian High; Noble; Hill
6 Bricen A son of a noble
7 Brioc High noble individual
8 Byran High; Noble
9 Cenfirth A noble, energetic, and high-spirited person
10 Centwine A noble and wise king
11 Ceolnoth A competent, noble, and outspoken person
12 Chiram An exalted and noble being
13 Chung Ae Noble and love
14 Cinbran A normal, blunt, youthful and noble person
15 Cincenn A noble, cheerful and independent individual
16 Cuelino A logical, noble person
17 Cynan A noble Chief
18 Cynelaf A noble, logical being
19 Denzil A nobleman who is brave and gentle
20 Dolph Noble
21 Dolphus Majestic Noble Wolf; determined and noble
22 Donston A diplomatic and noble human being
23 Draincun An authentic, restless, and noble person
24 Drdhasena A precious human being
25 Drewe A wise person who is very noble
26 Dyal A kind and noble gentleman
27 Dyumni An inspired, powerful, and noble person
28 Dyumni An inspired, powerful, and noble person
29 Eadelmarr A person who is noble
30 Eadelmarr A person who is noble
31 Ealdgyth An old battle maid; the noble one
32 Ealdgyth An old battle maid; the noble one
33 Earle It means chief or nobleman
34 Earnwulf Ethical; Wholesome and noble being
35 Edelhard Hardy; a noble and strong being
36 Edilfred A noble and prosperous ruler
37 Edsel Noble and bright-natured person
38 Egwine A very good friend who is kind and noble
39 Eilmer Noble and faithful being who is very famous
40 Ekrem He who is most noble or most respected
41 Elbert A bright and famous person; noble
42 Elgin A white and noble person
43 Elimar A famous and noble personality
44 Eljin Freedom provider; one who is noble and white colored
45 Ellard A brave, noble and gentle being
46 Elphege A responsible and noble person
47 Erle A leader; Nobleman; Warrior; Prince
48 Errol Army commander; Nobleman
49 Esrlson A nobleman’s son
50 Ethelard Noble
51 Ethelbert Noble and bright
52 Fremont Noble guardian; Liberty; Nobleman
53 Freo Lord or master; A nobleman
54 Frewin Free, noble friend
55 Gauresa Goddess Gauri
56 Geni Noble birth
57 Ghanavanth Dignified Person; Regal; Noble
58 Ghatrif A brave and noble leader
59 Harnak God’s Noble Person
60 Hasculf A nobleman in medieval England
61 Jarle A noble warrior
62 Jensey High-class birth or noble birth
63 Jevgeni Estonian form of Eugene; Well-born or noble
64 Karamveer Enthusiastic hero; A dignified, noble, gracious, and marvellous warrior
65 Karim Generous; Dignified; Noble
66 Landly A ruler or a noble person who owns the land
67 Lonni A warrior who is noble and always battle-ready
68 Mirja A highly ranked nobleman
69 Mirza A nobleman with a high rank; A respected person
70 Moisis A noble Lord with tender nature
71 Morey A noble person who is a reason for pride
72 Najeeb An intelligent noble person
73 Najib An Aristocrat, noble person
74 Noorneet An elderly noble person
75 Oiva A noble and brave person
76 Ojai A noble and decent lamp to enlighten the world
77 Okan A person of a noble form
78 Osegod A noble landowner
79 Owaine A young and noble-born person
80 Padgett Noble
81 Padriac A noble and high-born person; Regal
82 Pahkakino A good and noble gentleman
83 Pitchaimani A resourceful person; very noble at heart
84 Rafiuddin A noble follower of Islam
85 Rameez Intelligent and noble man
86 Razin A subtle, composed, noble man
87 Ronec He who is from royal and noble lineage
88 Saeran He who is noble
89 Sharif Honest; Noble; Distinguished; An illustrious person
90 Shariyf A noble and honest person
91 Tennyson Follower of Zeus; Noble
92 Thelred A noble advice-giver
93 Tostig A well-known noble-man
94 Trish A noble person; A patron Saint of Naples
95 Uli A noble leader
96 Vasyklo Noble
97 Vireakboth A brave and noble son
98 Yerbolat Brave and noble male
99 Yevhen Noble
100 Yevheniy Noble

Best Baby Girl Names That Mean Noble

Best Baby Names That Mean Noble

We all admire noble qualities, and the best girl baby names that mean noble are kind, strong, and brilliant in their characters. If you plan to imbibe such qualities in your little angel, then go through the table listed below.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Aada Noble; A noble one; Adornment; The firstborn
2 Aarya Noble; Another name of Goddess Parvati
3 Acelin A noble girl or a girl who born in high status home
4 Adabelle Adornment; Noble; Oldest daughter
5 Adahlia A noble person; A flower
6 Adalbjorg Noble protection
7 Adalee God is my refuge; Noble one
8 Adalheidis Noble kind; Of the noble sort
9 Adali A noble girl; Full of moral values
10 Adalia Noble one
11 Adara Virgin; Noble
12 Addalla A kind, noble, and honorable person
13 Addeva A pleasant girl from a noble family
14 Adrey Derived from Audrey; Noble strength
15 Aelurus A noble eve or lady, noble chawwah
16 Aethelinda A noble female snake
17 Aethelmaere The virgin daughter of a noble snake
18 Aethelreda A female counselor; Noble snake
19 Aethelthryth Aethel’ meaning noble and ‘thryth’ meaning strength
20 Ahelissa A noble-born woman
21 Aide honorable; Noble; Helpful
22 Aila Noble
23 Ailda Noble
24 Brilee A noble man from the woodland meadow
25 Dolf Noble wolf; They are responsible and kind people
26 Edelmar One who is famous for noble personality
27 Gentry Noble by birth
28 Goldyna Noble natured
29 Gurnek Noble Servant of Guru; One who serves the Guru
30 Haidee To caress; Modest
31 Haidyn Reverent; Of a noble kind
32 Hasiba Respected; Noble; High-born
33 Jence High-born noble
34 Jentzie Noble birth or high birth
35 Jomana Noble; Musical; Decisive; Old fashioned
36 Jondi Loyal, efficient, noble
37 Kalisha Noble; Kind
38 Kalissa Noble one
39 Kamille Born free; A noble one
40 Khaatoon A noble lady
41 Lacina From French noble family name
42 Oishi Noble and respected man; Excellent personality
43 Oishimaya A noble person full of good deeds
44 Ojasvee A decent and noble king. A Kind hearted ruler.
45 Ojaswita A person who is a winner of a noble victory
46 Ojeeta A noble light which enlightens the heart
47 Ouida Noble and famous warrior
48 Ourania A noble and heavenly person; a Goddess
49 Owena Noble born; Young warrior
50 Oya Young warrior
51 Paetyn Royal; Little Patrician; Little Noble
52 Panchita Unique; Saint; Noble; Adviser
53 Patrica Noble woman
54 Patrice A noble patrician; Clear sighted
55 Patricia Noble
56 Patrina A variant form of Patricia
57 Patrisha Of noble birth
58 Patrizia A noble and kind hearted being
59 Patsy Regal and noble
60 Patta One who is an aristocrat and a noble man
61 Patti Noble women; Female version of Patrick
62 Payton Fighter’s estate; Noble
63 Peighton Noble Women; Of noble birth
64 Petti Noble; Bright; Famous
65 Peytin A variant of Peyton; Regal; Noble
66 Ranpalee A noble leader
67 Rawnie A noble-born woman; A lady
68 Rileigh A gallant, noble and valiant girl
69 Rosalice A woman noble as a rose
70 Royelle A man of noble blood
71 Royse A noble-born rose girl
72 Rozmonda Noted Protector; Of Noble Kind
73 Saara A noble-born woman; A princess
74 Sadie A princess; Noble woman
75 Sarabeth Lady; Princess; Noblewoman
76 Sarah A noblewoman; A princess
77 Sarai Princess; Noblewoman
78 Sarvazad A child as noble as Cypress
79 Sary The most noble one
80 Serwa A noblewoman
81 Shaelie A noble one
82 Sharifa Honest; Noble; Distinguished
83 Siti A woman of noble qualities
84 Sophonisba A Carthaginian noblewoman
85 Souzanna One who is noble like a lily flower
86 Sudakshina A woman who is the wife of the most noble king
87 Sueanne A noble woman who is like a lily flower
88 Sufiana Earnest, self-concerned, and noble person
89 Sujetu She who is of noble birth
90 Sun Jung Goodness and noble
91 Suri Princess; Red rose; Noblewoman; Sage; Sun
92 Talicia One who is honorable and noble
93 Talida Diminutive of adelheid; Kind and noble
94 Theronda An optimistic, reasonable, and noble being
95 Ticha Noble person bringing joy
96 Tirre Responsible for the wardrobe of royal or nobles
97 Trianna A gracious or a noble person; Pure
98 Tricha A noble, kind and generous woman
99 Trisa A noble girl
100 Zhenya Noble

Unique Baby Girl Names That Mean Noble

Unique Baby Names That Mean Noble

Unique royal names have a lot of good traits beyond being Noble. Today, noble names are not only used by royal families but are used to honor and show love and respect to other people. Lets check out 100 unique baby names that mean noble.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Adelheide Noble
2 Aaira The one who is worthy of respect; Noble and honorable
3 Aalis A form of Alice; Noble
4 Abhijaata Noble birth or high class born
5 Ada Noble; First-born girl
6 Adalaide Noble kind; Noble sort
7 Adelaide A person’s nobility; Noble person
8 Adalena Noble; God is just
9 Adalgisa Noble hostage
10 Adalicia One who is of noble nature; Nobility
11 Adalina Noble; Honorable
12 Adallina A person who is noble
13 Adalyn Noble; Honorable; Of a noble kind; Ornament
14 Adasha Noble or exalted
15 Addeline Noble kind; Adorned
16 Addilyn The pleasant noble lady
17 Adolfa The feminine version of Adolf; Noble wolf
18 Adolfina Noble hero
19 Adolfo Noble wolf
20 Adolpha A noble and kind wolf
21 Adolphine An honorable and noble wolf
22 Aelish A kind of noble person; A noble kin
23 Aethelmaer A little virgin noble snake
24 Agathi One who is good, kind, pure, and honorable
25 Ahlima Noble; Exalted
26 Calista beautiful
27 Callie The one who is most beautiful
28 Calligenia Daughter of beauty
29 Calliope The most beautiful one
30 Daryushi Wise and noble
31 Elice Noble; Kind
32 Gene Upper class born; Noble
33 Hamdiya A woman with a noble and admirable personality
34 Heida Noble; Honorable
35 Jeno Well-born, noble
36 Joozher Noble, forgiving
37 Joycelyn Filled with energy; Noble; Adaptable; Bringer of joy
38 Kareemah Giving, generous, and noble
39 Oikantika A noble person
40 Owen Well-born; Noble birth
41 Oyunchimeg Decorated or noble mind
42 Patrides A person who is born noble
43 Patrie Noble women
44 Razeen A woman who is noble and very gentle
45 Sera Princess; Noblewoman; Chief; Ruler
46 Shaexon A pretty and noble one
47 Shahrazad Noble lineage; Child of the city
48 Taleja Of a noble kind
49 Trillian A noble daughter of a bald man
50 Uland Noble country

Cute Baby Boy Names That Mean Noble

Cute Baby Names That Mean Noble

Those with noble names are believed to act morally good and have good virtues and wisdom while socializing with people around. So let’s find out the 50 best cute baby names that mean noble.

SL No Name Meaning
1 Almund Noble Protection; Defender of the Temple
2 Alner Variant of Athelnoth; Noble
3 Alnoth Noble; Bold; Daring
4 Alojzij Noble warrior
5 Alonso Ready for battle; Noble
6 Alphonse Ready for battle
7 Bowen Son of Owen; Noble; Victorious
8 Bryan Strong; Virtuous; Noble
9 Bryson Son of a nobleman; Freckled
10 Buraid Noble man
11 Camillus Of noble birth
12 Camilo Religious attendant; Priest’s helper;Honorable
13 Coman Noble; a high-principled person; Reputable
14 Cynefrid The one who is kinglike and a noble being
15 Dace One from the South; noble
16 Dacey The one from a noble background
17 Daiki The noble one; filled with radiance and light
18 Dayavant One who is very merciful and noble
19 Duc Virtuous and noble being; fortunate
20 Dyumatsena Noble king
21 Edel The noble one who is also bravely hearted
22 Elgine They are noble and white
23 Ellison Nobleness
24 Ellmer One who has a noble heart and soul
25 Elmer One who is noble and famous
26 Elmir The person who is very noble
27 Eormenburh People belonging to noblemen’s land
28 Erach Noble; Name of youngest son of King Farridoon
29 Ethelheard Someone who is noble by blood and strong
30 Fremi Protector; Guardian; Noble
31 Gaenburh One who is alluring, noble, and high-spirited
32 Gaera One who is respectable and noble
33 Gennadi Variant of Gennadiy; Noble; Generous
34 Hasib Noble; Respected
35 Jelmer Noble; Honorable
36 Karamjeet Victory of deeds; Dignified and gracious works
37 Muhib One who is noble and lovable
38 Naradar Valiant fighter; Noble wrestler
39 Ojas The nobleness and the goodness of a person
40 Paddy Nobleman
41 Padraig Nobleman
42 Qutab One who is great; Noble and venerable
43 Rafee One who is noble and sublime
44 Saarthik The noble man
45 Sakul One who is noble born; A part of the noble family
46 Salif One who is noble and ancient
47 Sanmati The name of Bhagwan Mahavir; Noble
48 Sennianus Nurturing, noble, kind, and inventive being
49 Sharifu One who is noble and honorable
50 Xipil Noble one; Of Fire

Baby names that mean noble are believed to have all the good qualities that a human being should have. They are thoughtful and dignified individuals who are well loved and respected in the society. We hope our article on 300 Baby names that mean Noble, was able to help you choose the most suitable name for your little angel.

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