Fatherhood Surprises!!

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Fatherhood Surprises

Fatherhood Surprises

You are a new father – with new responsibilities, more pressure, greater expectations, and the little one demanding more of your time. Fatherhood will bring in a lot of changes in your life which are clearly not what you were expecting and will give you a jolt of surprises, but of course in a good way.

  1.  Confusion Rules – ‘To be or not to be’ is the question. There will be a high level of emotional uncertainty. There will be a mixed feeling of helplessness as well as pride on being able to give birth to a new life. When you will want to help, you will not be able to, and something will come up, when you will not expect it.
  2. Depression May Loom Large – Postpartum is not just a woman’s thing – men have baby blues too!! From dealing with interrupted sleep, to constant smells and baby powders all over, everything will get on your nerves. Increased bills and fewer liberties also play with you at this time.
  3. You Will Become More Affectionate- You will tend to become more caring and affectionate after a child’s birth. More of kissing, hugging, snuggling makes a kid feel more loved and will also fill you up with fatherhood feelings.
  4. New Kind of Love – There is no comparison with the form of love you will have for your child. You will be filled with a sense of pride and will try real hard to make everything available for your little one.
  5. All Your Free Time, Will Be the Kid’s Time – All your time will be devoted to your child’s raising. Even if you wanted to, you will not be able to steal quiet moments for yourself like the old times.
  6. High Expectations – ‘My daddy is my hero’. There will be always a sense of living up to your child’s expectation and what it takes to become a good father and protect him.
  7. Relationship With Your Spouse- When a child comes in between you and your partner the equation in the relation changes completely. You grow more as a family together. You will add a new dimension to your relation and it will bring a lot of strength to both of you.
  8. You Will Feel Matured-  Often it is noticed that a child’s birth brings in a lot of maturity in a man. He becomes more self-dependent and active. And responsible enough to take care of the needs of his own child.
  9. Sex Life Takes A Backseat – Your spouse would be extremely tired to indulge in lovemaking, and the initial few months, new mothers just do not feel like it. Understandably, sex might be out of the question for some time.
  10. New Circle of Friends- Basically your new friends circle will consists of parents of other new-borns who are equally excited at the arrival of a baby just like you are. The common discussions will change from sports to nappies and feedings.
  11. Decoding The Cry – No matter how much you try it is very difficult to understand when your child wants what. His usual laughing, crying, smiling might not mean the same things some other time.
  12. Patience in Behaviour- Fatherhood makes you more calm and tolerant towards life. Understanding a child’s need will make you a more caring, loving and sensitive father.
    Needless to say,  a father plays a very responsible role in a child’s life. His parenting care and protective shield is of utmost importance in a child’s growing years. Not only the baby will grow, you will also grow up to be a more matured and a responsible man. Happy Fatherhood!!
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