Becoming A Dad – Life Changing

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Being a Dad will come with its share of cutting down of several privileges that you enjoy now. If your pals, and relatives have been telling you that your life will change after you have a baby, well, they are not entirely wrong. Infact, there are many fatherhood surprises that you will come face to face with once you are a Dad!! Yes, there is a brighter and sunnier side to all these changes, and you will see yourself developing psychologically and all for the better, but being a Dad also comes with being more mature and responsible. In a nutshell, the below changes in your life are most likely to happen:

  • You might feel that no matter how much money you are getting home, it just doesn’t seem to cover up all your expenses. Happens mostly, and to relieve you, we’d like to add that baby costs will decrease a bit after she grows up – though then you will be planning for her school and college funds.
  • Men love their “Me” time, but after a baby it is always a “We” time – since your partner would need all the support she can get from you. However, we’d say do squeeze out about half an hour daily dedicating the time for you. If you wake up early, or finish your work in time, we are sure you will be able to make up for the lost time.
  • From a simple lad, you are now a Dad! This means that your friends and social circle will also change. It is likely that your new sets of friends are also parents, and you have group picnics now. Also, your old, single friends (still lads) will not fit into your schedules anymore, so do not feel bad about it.
  • You might be trying your hand at many new things now, from buying baby furniture, clothes and toys to setting up a baby room. Do not be surprised if your wife asks you to paint the baby’s room.


    Your wife may want you to paint the baby’s room!

  • Suddenly, you will feel that you are expected and liable to be more responsible now. If you were off the house hooks till now because your wife used to manage the kitchen and the grocery and the bills, with the baby coming in, you will have to own some of them. It is always better to be involved in these things from the start!
  • You will also feel that your wife has become overly sensitive and so you at times you’d be wondering what went wrong that she burst into tears! Women during pregnancy are very moody, owing to the hormones, so take this lightly and understand the reasons behind a moody behaviour.
  • Your child, even before taking birth, might take away your sex life off the calendar. There would be times when your partner’s libido levels would be up, but at other times she’d be just screaming at you for touching her growing breasts. Deal with this.
  • Your definition of being cool will change, from the man who could gulp down 5 tequila shots at a go to a man who loves to carry his child on his shoulders with pride. Brace yourself!

In the long run, you will realise that all these changes have made you a better man, caring, affectionate and loving, and you have matured only after having a baby.

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