Finding Ways to Help Kids Exercise

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We all know just how important it is for kids to get their recommended dose of active exercise. It is essential for fundamental development, especially in a child’s early years. Research also has proven that kids who exercise at a young age have a better chance of keeping healthy habits later in their adult life.

kid exercise


Getting enough exercise.


Children have varying degrees of energy. While some have what could almost be called endless energy, others may be more lethargic. This is particularly true today, where there are a range of devices to keep kids sedentary.


From smart phones, tablets, to video games and TV, getting a kid outside can be a challenge. But it’s an important aspect to their wellbeing. Physical activity guidelines outline that children and adolescents ages 6 through 17 years should do 1 hour or more of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity daily.


Make exercising fun


While these guidelines may seem impossible for some children, you shouldn’t lose hope! There are ways that can help you integrate exercise into your child’s life. One of the best ways of doing this is disguising physical activity as play.


Below are just some examples on how you can get your kids to exercise while still having a bunch of enjoyment.



  1. Get dancing

Dancing is one of the best ways to not only have fun, but to get children active. Unlike adults, kids never feel self-conscious and will groove away to music like no one is watching.


One of the best things with dance is that it’s perfect for all ages. Infants to teens can partake, while even babies can clap and bop along to the tune of music. When it comes to working out the entire body, dancing provides a fantastic overall exercise routine.


Make sure you also join in with the fun. It’s a perfect way to spend some bonding time with your children and letting everyone express themselves to the music.








  1. Bike riding

Riding a bike as a family is an often overlook activity that is an ideal activity when it comes to exercise. Why not plan a route and make a day trip out to a location while getting a workout at the same time!


Cycling has historically been a great tool for exercise, and a staple of kid’s play for generations. If your child is too young to ride a traditional bike, perhaps consider a balance bike that doesn’t use pedals. They make fantastic additions if you have a yard with a suitable surface.


Another benefit is the socializing aspect that can come with owning a bike. Kids can get together with their friends and explore their neighborhood. They also make good presents for birthdays or Christmas.


  1. Garden play

It may not seem like it at first, but gardening can offer a low-impact physical activity while also offering a great opportunity for sensory development.


Let kids dig holes and fill holes with dirt, plant seeds, or even spread fresh soil. There is no end to ways you can get your children involved in the backyard garden. It’s also very rewarding for kids to see what they have planted grow over time.


  1. Head to the park

One of the best ways of getting kids outdoors is by getting them out of their usual environment. Trading their usual backyard play with your local park can be a promising way to get them excited to head out for some fun.


Bring a ball or frisbee so you can play together and don’t forget that your four legged friend might also want to join you on this adventure if your park allows dogs.


  1. Exercise games

Why not turn exercise into a game itself? There are a range of different ideas that you can everyday exercise into a way to keep young ones entertained.


This could include having a relay race with your children or perhaps get everyone involved with a game of tag. You could also create an obstacle course that kids need to work their way through – this can be done with outdoor furniture.


Sports are also essentially exercise games so don’t overlook them for weekends. Keep in mind that sport could also include such activities like swimming.





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