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Healthy Eating – 10 Tips To Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

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healthy eating
Before our baby was born, most of us solemnly pledged that we would do everything possible to ensure our child eats healthy, nutritious, home-cooked food all the time. After the baby was born and started eating solid foods, we were excited about making fruit purees, veggie soups and cereal porridge. But soon, we realized that the baby has a personality of his own and he would open his mouth for only what he likes. He might be still small enough to tell you he does not like what you are feeding him, but he is very well equipped to spit the food right out if his taste buds are not pleased. So out goes the knowledge and goodness of healthy eating and in comes panic that your child might become underweight. So “what is good”

gives way to “whatever he eats” – this could be biscuits, processed baby foods like Cereals, French fries, all-flour pancakes or even the same healthy food repeated again and again.

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