8 Useful First Aid Tips For Your Baby

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Once you give birth to your precious darling, you become so over protective and start getting worried even for the smallest reason. You are ready to sacrifice anything and everything to ensure your little one is safe and secure in every sense of the word. You need to be prepared to face any unwanted and emergency situation that may occur. For this you need to be well equipped with the basic and simple first aid that will ensure your little mite gets the right treatment at the right time.
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8 First Aid Tips For Your Baby

Given below are some important and useful first aid tips that a mom should know for some common accidents:

    1. Animal bites and minor cuts: There can be every chance that your little one can be bitten by some insect or can get hurt some way. If something like this occurs, you need to first wipe the wound clean with a swab dipped in antiseptic liquid and clean the area well to ensure that you get rid of all bacteria. Suppose the bleeding persists, just hold the area down with slight pressure until the bleeding stops. You could apply a mild ointment like Neosporin that will avert infections and heal the hurt quickly
    2. Burns: Show the burnt area under running water for a few minutes and then cover the area with a light gauze or loin cloth. Ensure the wrapping is not too tight as the affected skin needs to breathe. Make sure you take your little one to the doctor as he may require pain relieving medicines
    3. Sting by Insects: Very often, your little darling may get stung or bitten by some insect. The best remedy for this is to cover the area with an icepack in order to reduce the swelling of the affected part. Another remedy is applying calamine lotion that is excellent to provide relief to swelling and irritation caused by the bite. If you find your little one suffering from acute symptoms, the best course would be to rush them to your doctor at once
    4. Choking: This is something that often occurs to little babies. This happens when your little darling’s airway get blocked by some object or food particle. You need to first maintain your calm if something like this occurs and handle the situation calmly and expertly. You require tapping with your palm between the little one’s shoulder blades and this will immediately bring out what has been choking the little mite. Chest compressions are also proven to be effective provided you are trained to do it perfectly. However, you need to rush your baby to the ER if nothing works
    5. Head Injuries: This is yet something that can happen any time to your baby and the most tried and tested remedy for this is applying an ice pack to the part where the injury has occurred. Suppose your little one does not stop crying for a long time, take him to your pediatrician. You need to keep vigil and also watch out for vomiting or seizures of any kind

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  1. Injury to the Eye: Suppose the little one’s eyes get injured by some kind of irritating particle or substance, you need to wash the little one’s eyes at once with cold and clean water. On the other hand if some particle has entered the eye, take him or her to the doctor immediately. Never commit the blunder of trying to remove the substance by yourself as one requires an expert to do this
  2. Poisoning: Suppose this untoward incident occurs by any bad luck, you have no other choice, but get your little one immediately to the ER. There is absolutely nothing to be done without expert medical attention and so you need to the hospital as soon as possible. Although you may find you baby quite fine, it is necessary to let a medical expert examine your precious darling and pronounce everything absolutely fine
  3. Nose bleeding: This is quite a common occurrence in small kids that is triggered when the little one sneezes violently; nose picks or gets a sharp blow on the face. The first step is to ensure the bleeding is stopped at once. One needs to bring your baby’s head forward and go on pinching the nostrils with slight pressure for around ten minutes. Suppose the bleeding does not stop even after ten minutes, rush your baby to the hospital at once

These above mentioned tips are sure to help you deal with most of the emergency situations that can occur to your baby. Given below are some of the important things that need to be stocked in your baby’s first aid kit.

What Should Be Kept In Your First Aid Kit?

Every parent needs to keep a well-stocked First Aid kit at home and on the go. Parents can have a full-fledged kit for the house and car that can hold a wide range of supplies, but make sure not to overstuff it. Stroller kits can be a tiny handy one. Your baby’s first aid kit should include:

  • Adhesive tapes
  • Plasters or Band-Aids
  • Sterile dressing and gauze
  • Antiseptic cream to treat minor grazes or cuts
  • Antihistamine cream
  • Thermometer
  • Calamine lotion
  • Cotton
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Scissors and tweezers
  • Gel packs or ice packs that need refrigeration
How To Calm Your Baby In Case Of An Accident

As parents of a baby, you need to keep your expressions and tone of your voice as relaxed as you possible as your baby can sense any kind of tension in your voice and can become cranky. Also try these tips to calm your baby:

  • One parent or a relative can comfort the baby while the other parents attends to the wound and covers it with a bandage
  • Try to distract your baby with her favorite toys or books
  • Use age-appropriate words. Your baby will not understand what a hospital is instead you can say that you are taking him to a place where boo-boos get better

From the moment your baby his born and learns to take his first steps, he is bound to have some tumbles which you can’t prevent. Your little dare devil will be ready to experiment a lot and learn but can get hurt in the process. The above tips can come handy during that time to make your baby feel better. You can also refer to our first aid guide for kids


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