Top 7 Tips to Bond With Your IVF Baby

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Top tips to bond with your IVF baby

Conceived through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and looking for tips to bond with your IVF baby? It’s not any different from normal baby bonding, after all, it’s your baby. An IVF is a medical procedure to treat infertility using assisted reproductive technology. It helps in child conception by collecting the matured eggs from the ovaries and allowing them to fertilize with the sperm. 

Be it IVF or normal, the parents must create a special bond with the little one. In this article, let us discuss more tips to bond with your IVF baby. Let us get started.

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Is An IVF Baby The Same As a Regular Baby?

Yes. An IVF baby is the same as a regular baby. The difference lies in the way of conception. But, the baby is the same as a normal baby in terms of physical and mental attributes. The experts studied if IVF babies’ mental and cognitive skills are on par with babies born with natural conception. The research study concluded that these babies were active and healthy as naturally conceived babies.

Top 7 Tips To Bond With Your IVF Baby

mother holding her baby

It is essential to create a bond with your IVF baby. The following are some tips you shall follow for bonding with your IVF baby.

1. Understand That an IVF Baby is The Same as a Baby Born Through Standard Conception

Though not naturally conceived, babies born through IVF are normal and undergo the standard conception process. Understandably, choosing IVF is an emotional decision. But the babies are completely normal.

While infertility has gone up over the years, technological development in the country has given way through IVF for a couple to conceive and bear a child. The process of conception is still the same. Mature eggs are fertilized along with the sperm. Once fertilization is successful, they are sent to the uterus, which can bear the embryo.

2. Keep Post-Birth Insecurities at Bay

Though the method chosen for conceiving is IVF, the little life is all yours. It is very natural for you to feel insecure about the relationship that you might share with the little one. But keep all of them away and enjoy your time with the little one. When you lift them, forget all the worries and the past. It is your baby. They are going to give a new meaning to your life. Convert all your insecurities into positivity and enjoy parenting.

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3. Breastfeed to Bond With Your IVF baby 

mother breastfeeding her baby

It is not as easy as it is said. Women face several issues after an IVF treatment, including delayed lactation, low oxytocin levels, and no support from people at home. Overcoming all of them is the trick to keeping your baby healthy and having a good bond with your little one. Here’s what all IVF mothers can do to breastfeed after IVF successfully.

Stress is the primary reason for low oxytocin levels. Though you might have carried them along the entire IVF process, now you are holding your little one. Leave them aside and believe in your body. Avoiding stress while breastfeeding is the primary way to increase oxytocin levels.

Seek the help of a lactating specialist and your doctors right from the beginning to have a smooth breastfeeding journey.

  • Take the help of family and friends to help you with the chores
  • Continue your intake of folic acids post-delivery and consume fenugreek
  • Try to eat a balanced diet, including more vegetables and fruits
  • Consult a lactation expert

4. Spend Time With Your Baby

Spend a lot of time with your baby. The entire journey of IVF would have been more stressful. Now, it’s time to rejoice and enjoy yourself with your little one. Play with them and have skin-to-skin contact to make the little one more comfortable with you. Your baby could get familiarized with your touch and voice when you spend a lot of time with them.

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5. Kangaroo Therapy is an Excellent Way For Bonding

new mom giving kangaroo mother care to her baby

Kangaroo therapy is a unique therapy that helps to improve the bond between the child and the parents. The baby is held very closely on your chest. Both mothers and fathers can perform the therapy. When there is a skin-to-skin touch, the bond naturally improves. Further, it is also medically good for your baby’s health.

During the therapy sessions, your baby will be bare, except for a diaper, and placed on your bare chest for a few hours. This allows for skin-to-skin contact to happen. A long cloth or t-shirt will be covered around both of you together. This therapy looks similar to how the Kangaroo holds its little one, hence the name Kangaroo Therapy.

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6. Don’t Hesitate to Ask Family And Friends For Help

Never hesitate to ask for help from family and friends. You will be surprised to know the extra time you would have to spend with your little one when there are people to help you out with the chores. Hesitation could kill time, and you would end up doing chores and miss out on time spent with the little ones.

7. Stay Relaxed And Focus on Your Baby

Understandably, the baby’s birth is a magical moment in your life. Instead of enjoying it, do not take more stress and ruin the mood. Stay relaxed and focus on your baby instead of the situation. Play with them and spend a lot of quality time with them.

Bonding with the baby begins even before delivery. For that, you must try to talk to your baby even when they are in the womb. Sometimes, the bonding happens instantly after the little one is born. Sometimes, it takes quite some time to bond. If it takes quite some time, relax and take your time. You will get to know each other very soon. The parenting journey has just begun. Some pass through the easy path, while others wait for the excellent way to come. Happy Parenting!


1. How Do You Take Care of IVF Babies?

The IVF conception is different from the usual way of conception. But, the babies of IVF are similar to any other normal babies. You need to take care of IVF babies as you would look after a normal baby.

2. Will Breastfeeding be a Challenge With IVF Babies?

Breastfeeding can be a challenge for IVF moms because the hardships they endure can take a toll on their bodies. But, it is not impossible. take the help of a good lactation consultant, and attend breastfeeding classes. It is all same once you have a little one growing inside, your body takes you through the same ride as a naturally conceived mom. 

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