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Football Gear For Kids

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Football is a game that is popular worldwide. This game is an ideal way to learn team spirit, dexterity and an excellent way to stay physically fit. Football gear for kids is very important. This is because football can hit any part of the body. This increases the chances of injury. The most common being the ball hitting the head and resulting in brain problems at later stages of life or brain injuries that are difficult to be treated.

Thus, many changes have been bought in the training styles and new rules that have been set also help in reducing brain injury risks. It is important for the players or the families to decide which is greater, the risks or the benefits.  Also is important to know the football gear that can be used for the kids which ensures their safety and protection.



Safe Football Training Tips

In order to play football safely, the coach needs to reinforce the importance of playing fair games, at practice or when the match is played. It is ideal for the coach to be around when any practice or game is being held. Apart from being the coach around, some other safe football training tips are as below:

  • It is important to keep a tab on the intensity of the contact at the practice sessions.
  • It is important for the players to follow all the latest safety rules.
  • One should not permit a helmet-to body or helmet-to-helmet contact.
  • Emphasize the importance of using the appropriate protective gear, especially the helmet with a good fitting.

How To Prevent Injuries During Football Practice?

Even after following the safety training tips, there are chances that one can have injuries, so along with the training tips, one should also try and inculcate the following practices.

  • It is mandatory to have a warm-up session and go for stretching prior to start the game.
  • It is important to use the apt techniques, especially tackling and absorbing a tackling as well as falling techniques to the ground but in a safe manner.
  • One should not undergo training in case of undergoing any pain or injury.
  • In case wounded or injured, always get checked by doctors, nurses, coaches, athletic trainers, etc, before hitting the field.
  • It is mandatory to keep one hydrated especially during summers and have ample amount of fluids prior to playing, during the play and even after the game or the practice is over.
  • There should be a team plan for any emergencies.
  • It is recommended to not stick to one sport but play several other sports within the year to prevent oneself from injuries.

Safe Football Playing Tips For Kids

Football is a contact game so injuries can happen, however, if certain steps are kept in mind, it helps the kids.

  • The players should follow all safety rules during the game or the practice.
  • One needs to be aware of the rules of the game and follow them strictly.
  • It is important to show respect to the referee and adhere to his decision.
  • If the opponent player is trying to injure intentionally, it is important to keep calm and inform the referee and let him take charge of the situation.

What Are The Important Football Gear For Kids?

Gears are being made for all types of fitness activity, whether it is a sport, yoga, dance, gym, etc. The football gear for kids will help them protect against any injuries and below are the list of the gear that is required by kids for playing football. They are:

1. Football Gear For Kids-Helmet :

  • All helmets used for playing football should have the following features;
  • The helmet should possess a thick padded layer
  • It should have a hard outer shell made of plastic.
  • The football helmet should be in accordance with the safety standards set by the Athletic Equipment Committee.
  • They even need to possess a stiff facemask that is made from carbon steel to which the helmet is fastened.
  • It is mandatory for all helmets to have a strap at the chin that should be tightened and closed while playing along with a secure chin cup.

2. Pants With Leg Pads:

It is important for all the players to wear pads on the knees, hips, thighs, and tailbone. Some of the pants have pads built inside them that can be tightened while others have pads that can be pulled over the pants.

3. Football Gear For Kids-Shoulder pads:

All shoulder pads used for playing football should have a hard-plastic shell with a thick pad. It is important to choose a shoulder pad of high quality for your child. The shoulder pad protects the upper chest and the back along with the shoulder. Choose one that fully covers the collar bone of the child.

4. Shoes:

Every league sets of rules regarding the shoes and the cleats that can either be detachable or non-detachable, so it is advisable to ask the coach and adhere to the league’s guidelines with respect to the shoes one needs to wear.

5. Football Gear For Kids-Mouth Guard:

It is mandatory to use a mouthguard while playing football. A mouthguard that comes with a strap that can be attached to the facemask in a secure manner is the best one. A mouthguard helps to prevent injuries to lips, and tongue. Mouthguards protect the teeth from injuries by means of a hard blow.

6. Athletic Supporter With Cup:

This cup can help to prevent the male players and offer prevention against any testicular injuries.

Apart from the above gears, other gear items that one can use are as below:

  • Forearm pads
  • Padded or non-padded Gloves
  • Padded neck rolls
  • “Flak jackets” to protect the abdomen and ribcage
  • Shatterproof glasses

Do Football Players Wear Jockstraps?

Jockstraps are advised to all players that play any sport which is played with contact with the body or great speed like, soccer, baseball, hockey, football or martial arts, etc.  These mainly help in holding the male genitals from moving and repress any undue motion. It is not mandatory for the football players to wear jockstraps as the same can be done with the help of any supportive briefs, although jockstraps are even more protective than the briefs.

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