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50 Lovely Names That Mean "Luck, Fortune Or Destiny" For Girls And Boys

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Expecting your new born any moment and have not yet come up with a name befitting the little prince or princess? There is no doubt about the fact that your little darling is going to be your lucky charm and you also want all good luck bestowed on him for his entire life. So wouldn’t it be a wonderful idea to name your little one something inspired by luck or good fortune? Given below are some wonderful options for you to choose from for your little boy or girl.
lucky baby names

50 Lovely Names That Mean “Luck, Fortune Or Destiny” For Girls And Boys

  1. Felicity: A sweet name for your baby girl that has the meaning “good fortune” . It became quite popular in the 90s after it featured in a television show
  2. Machiko: Try this name for your little girl which means “fortunate child”. If you like original yet traditional names, then this is an apt name for your princess
  3. Fortuna: This unique name means “luck or fortune” and would be an ideal pick for your baby girl and name her feel good when she grows upfortunate baby names
  4. Kiaria: An exquisite name of Japanese origin that means “fortunate” and it’s quite rare too. But don’t confuse it with Kaira or Kiera
  5. Fausta: This wonderful,fanciful and exotic name that seems lilting to the ears may be an excellent choice for your girl baby and it means “fortunate”
  6. Fayola: A stylish name for your baby princess which means “lucky or good fortune”
  7. Faustina: A very unusual and old name which has the meaning “good luck” which may be ideal for your little girl
  8. Destiny: A simple and straightforward name that has the meaning “fate”
  9. Dalia: A beautiful choice for your daughter which has the meaning “fate or luck”
  10. Bedisa: Another rare name for your princess which also means “fate or destiny”
  11. Machiko: Another beautiful name that has the meaning “fortunate child”
  12. Evangeline: This name that actually means “bearer of good news” is a wonderful pick for your little girl
  13. Shreya: A bright and lovely name of Indian origin for your little princess that means “fortunate” and quite popular too
  14. Taaliyah: A beautiful name of Arabic origin that means “lucky or fortunate”
  15. Zaida: Of Arabic origin, this is another wonderful choice for your baby girl that has the meaning “fortunate or prosperous”
  16. Yuki: A short and sweet name for your little girl that means “lucky” in Japanese
  17. Asher: A beautiful and popular name for your baby boy that means “fortunate”
  18. Ventura: An exotic name for your princess that means “good fortune”
  19. Urd: A Norse mythological name of goddess of fate. It means “fate”
  20. Sadiya: A name of Arabic origin that means “lucky or fortunate”
  21. Moira: A sweet name of Greek origin that means “fate or destiny”
  22. Lakshmi: A lovely Indian name which is the Goddess of prosperity, charm and grace. It means “lucky omen” and is just perfect for your angel
  23. Halona: A sweet name for the little princess that means “happy fortune”
  24. Felix: A nice pick for your little boy that means “fortunate or happy”
  25. Fortunato: A Spanish name that has the meaning “fortune” and is just right for your baby boy
  26. Kader: With Turkish roots this is another name for your boy that means “fate or destiny”
  27. Kismet: Another name for the little prince of Turkish origin and means “fate”
  28. Modoc: Another nice name that means “fortunate” and has Welsh roots
  29. Fausta: One lovely name for your girl that means “fortunate”
  30. Felice: With Italian roots, this beautiful name has the meaning “lucky”
  31. Phylicia: A sweet name which is actually a modern version of the name Felicia and means “luck”
  32. Behrooz: A perfect name for your baby boy that means “good fortune”
  33. Edmund: A very popular Anglo Saxon name for your boy which means “fortune protector”
  34. Saad: A very conventional Arabic name which has the meaning “fortunate”
  35. Sadah: A wonderful name for your prince which has Arabian roots and means “fortunate”
  36. Venturo: A nice name for your boy that has the meaning “fortunate”
  37. Parviaz: A unique name of Persian roots that means “lucky or happy”
  38. Boniface: If you are looking for something rare for your little boy, name him Boniface that means “fortunate or good fate”
  39. Bonaventure: With Latin roots, this beautiful name for a boy has the meaning “good fortune”
  40. Faust: A short and sweet name for your boy which means “fortunate”
  41. Lucky: A very straightforward name that seems perfect for your baby boy
  42. Veasna: A classy name for boys that means “opportunity or good fortune”
  43. Syntyche: An unusual name for your little girl that has the meaning “fate or fortunate”
  44. Serendipity: A sweet name for your daughter that means “luck or chance”
  45. Ottilie: Quite a rare name that might be perfect for your princess and means “fortunate in battle”
  46. Fausto: This name which is actually a Latin one has the meaning “fortunate one”
  47. Karma: A Sanskrit name which means “fate or deed”
  48. Prosper: A very popular name in France which means “lucky”
  49. Venturi: Quite a funky name which means “fortune” for little boys
  50. Merrit: This is a lovely name that can be used for both girls and boys and means “deserving of fortune”

We hope our list of baby names meaning luck, fortune, and destiny will help you find the best name for your little bundle of joy. If you have any more, please add to our list in the comment section below. For more baby names view here.

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