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Game Of Thrones Music

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If you talk about the 21st-century popular television shows, you will have to include Game Of Thrones in it. This highly popular TV show captivated the audience of all ages. The plot, storyline, casting, direction, everything was spot on for this series. However, the icing on the cake has to be the music of Game Of Thrones. RaminDjawadi composed the music of this TV series, and it worked as an element that stimulated the emotions out of every scene and plot. Imagining Game Of Thrones without music is unbelievable. The series would never have been such a huge success without great soundtracks, and RaminDjawadi delivered that. If you are a fan of Music Games, then you know the role music plays to create an ambiance for the storyline of the game. The music of Game Of Thrones plays the exact role. Here are some of the best soundtracks from this highly popular TV series.

game of thrones

What Is Dead May Never Die

When it comes to some of the fascinating characters in Game Of Thrones, you will have plenty. However, the character of TheonGreyjoy is a character that fascinates us with its complexities. His theme song is a beautiful soundtrack that captivates the audience very much. Its tune generates both hope and despair, which is a bit oxymoronic. However, the soundtrack is quite pleasing to the ears.

  • Composer: RaminDjawadi
  • Release: 2012

The King Arrival

This is a memorable soundtrack from the season one of Game Of Thrones. The arrival of King Robert was well-documented with the ambiance created by this song. Apart from that, it is one of the happier soundtracks from Game Of Thrones. It transcended the audience masterfully to this wonderful world of magic. The tune of the song has a feeling of hope.

  • Composer: RaminDjawadi
  • Release: 2011

Game of Thrones Theme Song

When you are talking about the music of Game Of Thrones, it is impossible to ignore the theme song of the series. It is one of the best songs of this series and perhaps the best theme song of the modern age television series. It depicts the entire fictional setting quite efficiently and helps us to understand and anticipated what can happen in this series.

  • Composer: RaminDjawadi
  • Release: 2011


Generally, themes of a TV series and Video Game Music are not that recognizable to all. However, this soundtrack from Game Of Thrones is something that can be recognized easily because of the lovely and heart-touching sounds. This music pivots around the Stark family and their happenings. Game Of Thrones without Winterfell is unimaginable.

  • Composer: RaminDjawadi
  • Release: 2019

A Lannister Always Pays His Debts

If you are in search of a masterful portrayal of a soundtrack to depict the impending consequences, it is this one that you have to listen to along with the episodes of the series. This soundtrack revolves around the Lannister family and their impending future where they would be suffering from the horrendous carnage. It is one of the most memorable soundtracks from Game Of Thrones.

  • Composer: RaminDjawadi
  • Release: 2013


The word Dracarys means Dragonfire in the Valyrian language. Daenerys Targaryen is a character that has a very important role to play, and without her, the story of Game Of Thrones may not be complete. This soundtrack has a relatively masculine feel to it and also wonderful to hear. It depicts her character wonderfully.

  • Composer: RaminDjawadi
  • Release: 2017

Light Of The Seven

The music of Game Of Thrones had a pattern before this soundtrack came into the fore. The music composer of this soundtrack RaminDjawadi used piano tune in this track. When Cersei destroys the King’s Landingsept, this soundtrack creates a horrifying ambiance for that. You will not find such soundtracks in Music Games Free.

  • Composer: RaminDjawadi
  • Release: 2016

The Tower

This is a soundtrack that is very pleasing to hear. This was aired in the finale episode of season 6 of Game Of Thrones. The composition is very profound, and the grandeur in which the soundtrack is used makes it even more exquisite to hear.

  • Composer: RaminDjawadi
  • Release: 2016

The Winds Of Winter

According to many, this is the best Game Of Thrones Music from season 6. The composer has done a wonderful job with this one. It culminates the best plots of the series and brings out what is impending. It magnificently encapsulates the audience.

  • Composer: RaminDjawadi
  • Release: 2016


This piece of the soundtrack is something that brings a majestic environment at the beginning of season 7 of Game Of Thrones. When Dany returns to her ancestor’s house, this soundtrack portrays this momentous occasion quite wonderfully. This music is another example of the story of Game Of Thrones was enhanced due to its fantastic music.

  • Composer: RaminDjawadi
  • Release: 2017

Game Of Thrones could be regarded as one of the most popular shows ever in television’s history. Its soundtracks were incorporated in multiple Music Trivia Games. Every soundtrack of this TV series is wonderful to hear. Therefore, finding the best is a difficult task among such wonderful music. However, the ones, as mentioned earlier, surely deserve a special mention.

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