Garbh Sanskar During Pregnancy and its Health Benefits

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Garbh Sanskar during Pregnancy

Garbh Sanskar means “education in the womb”. As per popular belief, a fetus is not a dull and non-intellectual mass, but a sensitive being that reacts to extraneous stimuli. The intellectual evolution of an infant starts from the instance of conception. The benefits of garbh sanskar have been known since ancient times.

If you practice garbh sanskar, you will be able to deliver a child that is well-cultured and talented. According to Garbh Sanskar, every child is capable of reacting to external influences like music, sounds, thoughts, temper, and feelings of the mother. Therefore, every expectant mother should stay relaxed and optimistic during her gestation period. Read on to know more about it.

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Garbh Sanskar – What is it?

In Sanskrit, Garbh means ‘fetus in the womb’, and Sanskar refers to ‘educating the mind’. Thus, Garbh Sanskar literally translates to the activity of educating the mind of an unborn baby.

Traditionally, it is also accepted that a baby’s behavioral and intellectual evolution begins in the womb since it may be influenced by the expectant mother’s emotional state during her pregnancy. The practice of Garbh Sanskar has been a component of Hinduism since olden times and is proven by tales of how it had an extremely optimistic outcome on Prahlad, Ashtavakra, and Abhimanyu who were in educated the womb of their respective mothers.

However unusual it may sound, ask any expectant mother and they are certain to express that attachment to the child begins as soon as they conceive. That is the reason expectant mothers speak to the baby bump and try to think positively and do things that comfort the child. While it does have more profound benefits, few do it as a feel-good factor too.

Garbh Sanskar – When to Start, Common Practices, and Activities

Right Time to Start Garbh Sanskar When Pregnant

At present, there is an increase in the knowledge base that aids the activities affiliated with the consequences of Garbh Sanskar during pregnancy. Contemporary learnings have proven that an unborn baby can react to extraneous stimulation. In fact, the release of hormones activated by the thoughts of the mother also affects the child.

Garbh Sanskar doesn’t focus entirely on the baby. The practice ensures that the expectant mother is in an affirmative state of mind and flourishing. It also includes alterations in lifestyle and diet. The process is about the care during gestation and about preparing for it one year before conception.

It covers pre-gestation, gestation, and the breastfeeding period, directing parents till the baby is around two years old.

Different Prenatal Education Practices Across the World

pregnant women Aromatherapy

Even though mentions of Garbh Sanskar are cited in the Vedas and ancient Hindu Puranas the idea is not constricted to our country alone. Various civilizations around the globe support fostering the attachment between the expectant mother and the thriving child, which is related to the idea of ‘educating the mind in the womb’. Expectant mothers in other parts of the world frequently listen to compositions by Mozart to make their babies ‘incredibly sharp’.

Various modern-day antenatal activities are derived from the content of Garbh Sanskar. These include:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Colour Therapy
  • Hypnosis and Autosuggestion

What Garbh Sanskar Activities Can Pregnant Women Follow?

pregnant women listening to Garbh Sanskar music

Garbh Sanskar  during pregnancy is the best way to deliver a healthy child, according to the principles of Ayurveda. It focuses on the expectant mother keeping a stabilized mind, not just mentally, but emotionally, physically and spiritually as well. Garbh Sanskar proposes certain Ayurvedic principles to be religiously followed by the expectant mother. These are:

  • Channeling creativeness
  • Consuming herbal clarified butter
  • Healthy feeding habits
  • Keeping the mind unstrained and blissful
  • Listening to Garbh Sanskar songs in Hindi
  • Meditating on Garbh Sanskar music
  • Positive thinking
  • Practice yoga or light exercise
  • Praying and reciting Garbh Sanskar mantra
  • Reading reassuring or religious books like Garbh Geeta in pregnancy

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List of 10 Benefits of Garbh Sanskar During Pregnancy

pregnant women reading book

It’s up to the expectant mother to form the basic behavioral patterns of the child. Affirmative thinking and an optimistic posture can guarantee the physical and mental welfare of the expectant mother, which is connected to the welfare of the child.

While experts support Garbh Sanskar for the welfare of the expectant mother, it also has lifelong benefits for the child that may not instantly be realized. ‘Garbh Sanwaad’, communicating with the child, aids in building a powerful attachment with the expectant mother that creates an everlasting bond. Reading the Garbhadhan Sanskar book in Hindi and listening to Garbh Sanskar music can benefit the child in the following ways:

  1. Positive environment for the fetus and the expectant mother throughout gestation.
  2. Constructive arousal of the senses of the foetus in the womb
  3. The baby becomes more vigilant, alert, and self-confident.
  4. After birth, the baby begins breastfeeding in a better way.
  5. Also, the baby responds to stimuli better and becomes more progressive and calm.
  6. Garbh Sanskar during pregnancy contributes to the mental development of the child.
  7. It also improves mother-child attachment
  8. In addition, it helps in the development of EQ, IQ & SQ.
  9. It also makes the child a sound sleeper and induces healthier sleep habits.
  10. The process helps create a positive atmosphere.

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How Does Garbh Sanskar Music Help Your Child?

As it is thought that an unborn baby can react to extraneous stimuli, particularly from the third trimester onwards, the healing effect of Garbh Sanskar music plays an indispensable role. The nearest sound for the child is the expectant mother’s heartbeat, which is why a crying child can be consoled by keeping them near the chest. As the baby listens to the long-familiar sound, it brings a state of composure. The aforesaid philosophy applies to listening to music; just like the beating heart, the beat of the music has a lulling result on a child as well.

Garbh Sanskar considers that the music from the flute and veena can soothe the soul and the mind.

Garbh Sanskar Tips For Pregnant Women

pregnant women talking to her baby

Here are a few easy tips that can help foster the extraordinary bond between the expectant mother and the child:

  • A vacation in a beautiful property may help you unwind.
  • Staying optimistic is really crucial. Avert tension and awful thoughts.
  • Stroke your baby bump and talk to the child. Even the male parent should take turns in orienting the child with his voice. It may seem like a funny thing to do, but it can go a long way in developing the bond between the child and the parents.
  • Talk to the child about just about anything different every day. Inflect your voice and tell them how blessed you are to have them in your life, and how you just cannot wait to hold them close to you.

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1. Is Garbh Sanskar Helpful?

There’s not adequate information to show that Garbh Sanskar truly works. However, there is no harm in it. For many mothers, it is a beautiful means of connecting with their unborn child.

Research shows that a child’s brainpower develops up to 60% in the womb. Views, nevertheless, differ on whether one should actively attempt to stimulate a child’s physical process or not. Few experts promote several of the activities of Garbh Sanskar and express that it might be worth speaking to the child, hearing music, and reading educational books. They say this will make the child:

  • Be more vigilant and self-confident
  • Better at breastfeeding
  • Have a closer bond with your parents.
  • Develop healthier sleep habits
  • Stay more active at birth
  • Develop calmness and composure

There are experts on the other hand, who are of the perspective that the basic cognitive process should not be forced on a fetus. The unborn child has enough on their plate to try to develop inside the womb.

At last, it comes down to what you believe is correct for your child. Trust your instincts on this. If you feel the necessity to converse, go ahead. It will assist you bond with your child. Nonetheless, if you don’t want to, don’t feel culpable about it.

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