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Top Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Flies

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Looking home remedies for flies? Flies are a nuisance. Flies are that one pest that everyone wants to get rid of. Not that flies bite, but because they spread bacteria wherever they sit on. On summer days, flies love to be in the house. Scientifically known as Musca Domestica, house flies are potential hazard and can give rise to diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery and diarrhea as they carry millions of bacteria on their tiny body hairs, called Tarsi. When they sit on open food or any surface, they transmit these bacteria and place you at a risk of infections and diseases. In order to remain healthy and well, it is imperative that houseflies be kept away from our homes. You can Get Rid Of Flies At Home With These Top Natural Remedies
Housefly on icecream

How can house flies be prevented?
Get rid of flies at home with these top natural remedies

How Can Houseflies Be Prevented?

Before we go to the natural remedies, let us know what preventive measures we can take to keep the flies away. It is important to know that flies like to hover around open food, garbage, fecal matter, moist atmosphere and unhygienic places. However, there are certain precautions which you can take to get rid of flies like:

  1. Always keep food covered
  2. Always screen your windows. Flies come in through open windows, especially when the weather is hot outside
  3. Always try to keep the house area dry including bathrooms and kitchen
  4. Garbage bins are the favorite hangout spot for the flies. Make sure you dispose off garbage every day and do not let it stink. A lid on the dustbin is an added advantage
  5. House flies tend to lay eggs in rotten manure or compost, hence always cover your dust bins and try to dispose the trash at earliest
  6. Get timely pest control done to keep flies in check
  7. Use disinfectant to clean floors and kitchen
  8. Do not place any cut fruit open on the kitchen or dining table
  9. Do not over water your plants, standing water is a magnet for many flies and other insects
  10. If you have pets at home, clean the feces immediately else it can be a potential attraction for flies

Get Rid Of Flies At Home With These Top Natural Remedies

Flies are annoying bugs. Sprays are available in the market to combat flies. But it might not serve the purpose, as one has to be careful while spraying in the kitchen. Here are the lists of natural remedies which are safe to use, economical and will help you get rid of flies at home:

1. Cucumber:

Cucumber peels are the natural repellent for flies. They hate the smell of cucumber. When placed in garbage cans, the flies cannot lay their eggs inside the container
Cucumber peel for housefly

2. Tulsi:

Tulsi is an excellent home remedy for flies. It keeps the flies at bay. Planting tulsi plant at home reduces the flies at home

3. Cloves – a home remedy for flies

Flies do not like the fragrance of cloves. Cloves when pierced in lemon are the natural repellent

4. Eucalyptus oil:

Eucalyptus or Nilgiri oil is also efficient for getting rid of flies. Flies detest the smell of eucalyptus oil and hence when applied on skin. But it must be diluted with water before applying

5. Vinegar:

Mix a bowl of Vinegar and 3 drops of dish soap in a bowl. Keep it uncovered. The flies cannot resist the smell of vinegar and will come to smell it. That way you can trap all the flies together

6. Ripe fruit:

For this experiment, take a bottle and place vinegar and a ripe fruit inside the bottle. Then roll the paper in the shape of a cone and place the narrow opening in the bottom. Flies will come smelling vinegar, but cannot get out!

7. Apple cider vinegar:

Heat apple cider vinegar and pour it in a jar. Now you can either place a funnel or make a cone out of paper. Place the narrow side down in the jar. Flies come to smell the vinegar, but they cannot get out and get trapped inside the jar

8. Camphor:

Just keeping the camphor piece in the flies infected area is enough to shoo the fly. For stubborn flies, light the camphor, and spread the fumes
camphor for houseflies

9. Wine:

Flies love anything that’s fermented, Hence wine – red or white works here. Simply place the glass of wine in the area with most flies. This acts like a trap as flies would be attracted and drown themselves

10. Milk, sugar and pepper is an excellent home remedy for flies:

This remedy has been used for centuries in olden days. In a sauce, heat half liter of milk with one-fourth cup sugar and 4 tbsp of pepper. Stir well and let it cool for 10-15 minutes. Place the bowl in the area with most flies. The theory behind this trap is: Sugar attracts the flies and pepper kills them
Despite using home remedies, it may be difficult to get rid of house flies but we can always keep it under control by using precautionary measures. You can opt for non-toxic insecticides. Maintaining a good hygiene and cleaning kitchen sinks and drains regularly will help in reducing house flies. Keep diseases at bay by keeping the house flies away.
Housefly spray

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